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  1. Thing is, Criterion haven't released a racing game since 2013. In fact, since then, according to Wikipedia, they've not actually been the primary developer of any game. They seem to have become a support team at EA, helping out on Battlefront and Battlefield. They even had this project delayed when they scurried back to help on Battlefield 2042 last year. So how much of the talent still there is even from that period? These studios absorbed into massive publishers are, after some time, probably little more than a name. A husk of what they were. Particularly when they go quiet for a period and especially when they stop making what they were renowned for.
  2. Hadn't expected the Kart stuff. That got me. Otherwise, who knows. Looks like the classic "train a nobody to become the hero".
  3. No, because like all skins/holders/armours I consider it an abomination of a device's natural form.
  4. So like, a case. Around the deck. Like the one it came with. Or do you mean some disgusting skin to make it look like shit?
  5. Ah yes. I did need a /s there The first sentence did read weirdly but I just assumed it was the usual case of people cannot write a comprehensible sentence on the internet most of the time
  6. I have the case that came with it. But it has never been back in it. But then mine has never left the house so no need for a case really.
  7. Really? Fuck all? You're broken more like. Driven home by the hope they stop supporting something. What an odd and sad take. As of 30th September (21 days after release) it had sold 7.9 million copies. 13th on the system overall. For comparison: It's the highest selling game in Japan this year Splatoon 2 has, in five years, sold a total of 13.3 million. 7.9 million copies in 21 days seems like a pretty good start to me. Only 3 other Switch games not attached to Mario or Pokémon have sold more copies (Animal Crossing 40.1 million, Ring Fit 14.8 million, and Splatoon 2 13.3 million) It's a success. Especially when you could argue it's cannot have been that expensive to develop considering some of its similarities to the second game
  8. This just isn't true. Monkey Island. Vital to turn off all controller support. Otherwise you get highlighting of all interactable objects in the scene. I don't want that. To some extent a developer choice but one the Steam Deck highlighted for me. Last night I was playing Roadwarden for the first time. It apparently has controller support. But sometimes it seems impossible to get the cursor to highlight the actual story options rather than some menu stuff. Even the keyboard controls I assume would have the same issue. The only way I found it make it behave as I really expected was to change my controller to pure mouse input. I hope so but I'm suspicious if it'll really be true. It depends I guess on what happens with sales. Steam Deck doesn't need to be massive to make that happen, just massive with the right audience. Influential people need to expect it to work out of the gate. Anyway, not trying to be down on it.
  9. And it has to be actually seamless. The whole "it has access to Epic, GOG, XCloud" just doesn't fly for a big audience when it requires going near desktop mode or changing any settings beyond "performance vs shiny graphics". It's a lovely thing but it is not final form or even close to it if people think it's going to have any real impact on the market beyond a little more sympathy from PC developers supporting it. Yes, I know this is version 1. Yes, I know it can, will and already has improved via updates. Yes, I know its flexibility allows it to do so much more than any other platform. And yes, of course I love it. But it's also a bit "not quite" so often. I can normally tweak the controls to get something I like. Often starting with a community profile. But the fact I have to is a blocker to adoption. Luckily, I love tinkering so all of that makes me personally like it more.
  10. Nintendo are just a frustrating organisation. Wildly innovative and creative but also frustratingly conservative and repetitive. Some series churn out updated versions every few years with little innovation. Some series require an almost complete reinvention from one entry to the next. Some series get new releases with no new concept when DLC/patches could have been more appropriate. Some series get DLC to add new content but never a new release to offer new concepts. The result is that they're both easy to love and hate. And often as an individual you can think both about them. I love that they're their own thing. I love that they make some of the most amazing and polished games. I love that their games don't bow to grey/brown aesthetic and that everything must be a "mature" and violent experience (but actually just a pre-pubescent teen boy fantasy). But at the same time, I'm sad that there's been only 2.5 new 3D Mario games in a decade (and 7.5 in 24 years). The half is for Bowser's Fury: an incredible thing imo but smaller than what they've made in this space before. And two of these are 3D Land/World which some people don't really consider part of the same lineage. Whilst I appreciate their dedication to quality and innovation w.r.t. to mainline Mario games, I'd take just a little bit more of it. I wouldn't mind smaller experiences. Take that Odessey engine and let a few creators run a bit wild. A remix of sorts.
  11. The difference with PC is your concern is really the death of the service and not just the "standard" console hardware cycle where platform holders have traditionally just thrown everything in the bin. There's no incentive for Steam, Epic or even Microsoft to cut off old games from their store. So on PC the only caution is buying from a store with little foothold. Somewhere that might really disappear. But Steam is huge. It's a money maker. It's not going anywhere for a long time. There are individual game issues where they lose licencing rights or become unstable/incompatible over some OS upgrades but that's not really store related in most cases. And where it's happened so far I believe places like Steam have kept everyone available to download if you already bought it (at least for the most part). Of course. this has got worse over time as games become more connected and just stop working when services behind them get turned off but with
  12. But surely there'll be something. Like a one more thing? The logo for a new F Zero game? A glimpse of Metroid? Superman 64 coming to Nintendo Online? Or Mario will ride a jet ski so we know a new Wave Race is coming?
  13. In general, no. Much like for movies I think 3D on a TV is a pointless idea. In most cases the screen is too small in your vision to make it anything more than looking like something coming out of a small window. That's very different to the cinema experience where the screen fills your vision. PC, with a big monitor up close has the best possibility of using it in the way people tried. But, there are areas I think it could have offered interesting experiences.... Use the glasses for local multiplayer. Don't bother with 3D, just show each player a different image. A subtle story book layered effect. For slower moving story games could be nice.
  14. Almost* all Pokemon that evolve from cute animals into very humanoid forms are cursed. * There are exceptions like Ludicolo. It seems to have become a big thing in the more recent generations. Not just that they often become bipedal but very horrible human in cosplay vibes.
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