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  1. Nothing clever in terms of AI primarily because that's a loosing battle. Imagine each time the captcha style is updated the AI needs fixing too. So... they send them to people to solve. So your bot sends a picture of the captcha to their service which routes it to a human who solves it and then returns the result to caller (the bot) to apply to the page. I've dabbled with this one before for a pet project: https://2captcha.com
  2. Correct for the most part. If a bot is doing its job it should be undetectable, or at least very hard to detect and any measure you put in to do so will be ironed out so it isn’t any more. Things like captcha were created to try to stop them but circumvented so that bots can now solve them too. Imagine you spot that bots always press the add to cart and checkout buttons 10ms apart so you flag those orders for checking in some way. Well the bot makers will now just randomised that time between the events to hide again. Limits like number per address or per card are (I’m sure) easily
  3. Yeah, I could have just asked (from your other post) but it was inspiration rather than a directed question. That sounds completely insane to my ears. I guess fine if it's not taking a loss but otherwise it seems like money down the pisser* when in the back of my head I know I'm likely to buy it again when selling. Selling games makes more sense generally to me although I went mostly digital very early because I have too much stuff. * Not that I should talk given the crazy Lego collection I guess the most interesting (maybe in a horrible w
  4. There's been a few posters in the last few days (@Ry and @denisb spring to mind) talking about rebuying PS5 or Series X having sold their launch consoles which peaked my interest. It's not a mindset I understand in such a short period of time. They've been out 2/3 months and I can grasp selling quickly due to a) a pre-order you made and kept but were then unconvinced by wha to play or b) money to be made by selling to crazies above RRP. But what drives buying them back again so soon? What has changed to bring you back after deciding it wasn't for you a mere few weeks ag
  5. Oh yeah, don't doubt it. But some timing issue between two systems would need to be in effect. And it strikes me that net performance seems the only likely differential (assuming both players are on the same hardware model and running the game from the same source, i.e. internal SSD).
  6. That all sounds like a massive ballache to the retailer, and even the consumer to a lesser extent. And unworkable unless both Sony and MS both agreed to the exact same system. Else as a retailer I might consider just dropping the more onerous system entirely, or at least not promoting it as hard. Surely everyone would be on most retailer lists. So a drop to multiple retailers gets confusing. What will you do if you get one from Argos but then Amazon (who you prefer offers you one?). Cancel Argos, who are now back to their list running around to sell it again.
  7. At a guess... Internet performance characteristics. If the game is always online behind the scenes and it cannot resume it's internet session, or takes too long to respond during resume then it gets screwed up.
  8. I think it's a bit of both but really neither. Given the way it works means anything online is always going to be at least partially fucked up by it. It obviously cannot resume a firefight or lobby you were in three days ago. Many games I suspect are just a little brittle if they have online functionality in the background. You'd expect most to cope because they will always have to deal with blips in internet connections. From the games perspective QR is exactly the same as standby/resume. At some point before I was running, and now I am again. I
  9. You do wonder how many people are really willing to buy a console at mark up. I don’t know how much that mark up is but do they really sell on in large amounts? We have to remember that the other impact is that the ‘normal’ consumer is also behaving like a scalper in some regards. Discord’s with stock trackers and notifications, posts on here, etc. So we ourselves are creating this environment in which everything disappears immediately when stock is available. Maybe in the old days we’d just check once a week and the demand would fall away a little faster as people cannot be bother
  10. I’m going to love this. It doesn’t really matter if it’s good by any reasonable measure. The humans will be mostly pointless and their plot will be dumb. But it’s monsters. They’ll smash things up. And I’ll enjoy that. The only thing that might worry me is when it turns out to be 2 and a half hours long because it’s a modern blockbuster. So I’ll take a piss break whilst some humans are chatting about pointless shit and return for shit being smashed.
  11. No absolutely. It’s completely unworkable in real life. Particularly when, let’s say MS decide to do it but Sony don’t, then we might see retailers prefer advertising Sony for not stepping on their toes.
  12. The only approach I can think might work (but not really) would be to somehow limit resale prices on ‘reputable’ sites. Like CEX shouldn’t be able to sell one for more than RRP or eBay has a max price. But particularly for auction sites that sort of undermines the whole concept obviously.
  13. Things can be done but doing it well requires money and is a constant race. Develop a mechanism and watch it get circumvented pretty sharpish. For example, for captcha tech there are paid services you can use to solve them. And most retail web sites just aren’t worth the investment... the retailers get paid either way. So they don’t care to invest in that war.
  14. There was lots of praise for it in here when it was released.
  15. Next up, Gold scrapped but online play requires Office 365 subscription.
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