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  1. The advantages of having basically ducked out of TV outside of streaming for the last 5 years or so I guess.
  2. Having never seen an episode before or heard of it I watched the series 10 episode 1 today in absolute hysterics.
  3. Quite an achievement. Both drivers in one team get it (in separate incidents) before any others.
  4. X’s use seems odd but I don’t think their new quick resume thing is really an option to reduce it. Regardless of that features impressive capabilities it’s much slower to get into a game off disk (8-10 seconds) versus the immediate resume of what’s already in memory (same as existing consoles do). If the reported numbers are real then it seems Series S is using much more for some reason.
  5. This to me is the streaming problem isn’t it. The core tech seems like it’s there or there about for most people in terms of image quality and latency. But it’s going to depend very heavily on the quality of both the customers connection to the home (relatively easy to solve over time) and the customers hardware inside their house. That crappy ISP WiFi router might not cut it for this regardless of what it says your bandwidth and ping are in one off tests. You need stable good connections.
  6. No. Because the issue is not technical but business. Apple allow remote streaming from your own device but not from a cloud system. Hence xCloud wilL use a different (web browser based) solution to sidestep the restrictions on apps using cloud streaming.
  7. I wish I had the will to cancel over shit like this. So so fed up of shows thrown to the wind. Why bother. Just make a fucking film if you're not prepared to back an idea. The only positive is...
  8. I think any take on the S and it's relative power/output compared to X is fair game right now I'm impressed with all Microsoft's messaging in this area but in the end they don't actually have control here. Maybe they'll do what they say for first party titles but it's completely free for a third party to decide the experience they'll offer and how they use the respective capabilities of the S and X. I think we'll see all sorts of variable performance gaps between the S and X. Sometimes just res and other times effects so that the res gap can be narrowed or maintained depending on a
  9. And cancelled... https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/tv/netflix-cancels-away-after-one-season/ar-BB1ac3x3?ocid=msedgntp
  10. I invite you to look at PC games. Where they run passably on 5 year old hardware and then blow away the as yet un-released next-gen consoles on latest hardware. Games are scalable beasts these days.
  11. That is not this. This is local streaming. The browser solution is some way off
  12. Remote streaming from your own console is fine on iOS (which is what this option is about). iOS won't allow streaming from the cloud in the app (with the rumour being there'll be a web based implementation for it).
  13. That’s fair. Reading the translation I think this is the case. I think there’s nothing more here than... we will collect data on PS5 temps to make sure we’re keeping it cool enough in all cases and can update the system to tune the fan curve if necessary.
  14. From the Ars article Nothing, literally nothing there even hints at why collected data is useful. Like holy shit they think they just invented a variable rate fan. Imagine that as load continues you may be able to increase the rotation amount (I’ll assume the mean RPM and not that they can do 760 degree rotations). Like every damn PC fan in almost forever does as temps go up. I don’t say any of this to knock the console but my god Sony are terrible at discussing technical stuff.
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