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  1. thesnwmn

    Xbox Game Pass

    But would turning it on/off or even just down the volume count as synchronisation under Spotify’s licensing terms quoted above?
  2. I did all 300 points last time. I probably had about 100 bait but actually enjoyed it a lot more once I’d run out, just ran around and had some good and som bad runs. If I saw a balloon I took time out to pop it. No prizes for high scores in individual runs so if you want the gold it’s just about being able to play for a fair while and you’ll get there easy enough.
  3. thesnwmn

    Xbox Game Pass

    I just finished it today (second session with it). Really loved it. Interesting story. Some nice puzzles. Doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Some of it is a little confusing as to what you’re supposed to do and I got a bit lost a few times but had a blast.
  4. Maybe it’s the first time you’re getting to play today and so doesn’t apply to you and even if not then no offence but... This boggles my mind! I see it from some of my friends and occasionally others on here who get surprised by things very late in the day. “Oh I have Redd, lol” at 6pm despite playing for hours earlier. “Just found Celeste” at midnight despite being on all night. It’s right at the top of my internal daily AC checklist. Who is visiting today? My house is next to the square so I move there to see if it’s a square visitor. Then pop open the map to check for Redd. If not found then I search whilst on my fossil hunt (plus bottle and money tree) lap around the island. I can sort of understand Celeste because as a wandering visitor who can appear any night who can be tricky to find you might not dedicate time to finding her. Or forget. I can also sort of forgive the wandering visitors a little because they can be hard to find (I once failed to find Saharah for about 2 hours - not searching constantly - because she was on a rock at the back of the island where I sort of assume is inaccessible it there’s actually a one tile path). But even then I know there must be one somewhere so I generally want to find them. Obviously everyone’s mind works differently and everyone plays differently. This is just one of those little things that demonstrates that so starkly.
  5. Plot twist: Apple Silicon exclusive. Edit: didn’t notice this thread started that long ago
  6. Yeah. You need the full range of personality types to get all of them and get all of them to best friends to get the chance at the top one from each. I'm missing just two now I think.
  7. Ah the fun of PC gaming... decided my existing 24" monitors weren't big or high res enough. So now two 27" 1440p and 165Hz jobs on the way
  8. It’s funny because the same happened in pokemon Go. Kids accounts (under 13 on creation) couldn’t trade when the feature was added. They eventually fixed it (many many months later) but not before many kids basically had to start again with an adult account to play the full game.
  9. Which is clearly terrible design. A bit of random is fine but it needs a putty timer. So on the Edd week you’re guaranteed to see the one visitor you’ve not seen in the last weeks. That way worst case you see him once every three weeks whilst if lucky you see him once every two. As it stands bad luck makes it possible to actually never see him.
  10. After getting held up by finding a baby bat on my landing and getting someone out to take care of it I finally got my build done. Booted first time and all elements reporting as expected. No flashing lights here (I specifically picked a 'black' motherboard) and cables pretty tidy first go. 
  11. Well I’ve had one meteor shower (heavy). Celeste comes once a week is my understanding. Maybe if you have no light meteor showers. But looking through weather seeds that’s quite rare. So you’ve had her pretty much every week, likely just missing her.
  12. 8... Eight!!! Fucking hell (no offense). See, this is where it breaks down. I'm okay with the game being slow paced. But imbalance is infuriating. I know it's not a race but it's demoralising. It makes me want to play less. Much less. I've had one fake from a villager. Got about 5/6 pieces in my museum (2 from my own island from three visits and 3/4 from friends).
  13. Should have skipped buying a case and built one instead.
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