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  1. I think it's an example of this forum being quite out of touch with the wider gaming market as a whole*. My very cursory reading of topic titles for games I have little interest in would indicate to me that sports games and COD style shooters are dead in the water. Yet I doubt that's the case at all. As for the online stuff... I think there are a lot of games that find an audience who just stick with it but never really talk about it. I mean there are lots of people playing Fortnite here but the thread is probably bumped by a few posts a week most of the time. People ju
  2. Absolutely. The industry has taught us we can have basically unlimited entertainment for not much money. Be it through the scheduled and predictable price cuts not long after launch, Steam sales, Indie bundles, subscription services. It makes no sense for a consumer to pay £50 for a game on launch outside of FOMO (and that's FOMO around the discussion of the game nearer launch than the actual game itself which will be exactly the same - if not better due to patches - a few months later). As it stands there are just too many games that are too similar being made to sustain the price
  3. The core problem here is that whilst Sony end up with your £50 the developers/publishers didn't because we're buying at discounts. When you buy one Nintendo game at £50 they get full value and it pays for the development. When you buy 10 cut price games for £5 each on another platform we're covering a much smaller percentage of their development costs. Now obviously publishers hope the result is that they sell 10 times more copies at 1/10 price to create the long tail but I'm not sure it's really working. The constant closure of studios seems to prove that the mode
  4. His issue should be with the publishers and retail channels of his industry. They've collectively walked into a situation over the years where they've created a pattern for pricing. With cuts coming quickly after release and there being frequent sales. Their continuous and predictable behaviour means games are continually available at a fraction of their launch price. I mean put it this way... if a consumer didn't know about a game until 6 months after it's release they'd have no choice but to pay the cut price for it. This isn't like piracy or buying from abroad where the user is
  5. Really enjoyed this and so pleasantly compact. Made me smile. Made me oof. Really physical fights.
  6. This is still incredible imo and lovely on Switch. Years after my first and only play through on Live I remember enough to make progress a little faster but it's still so satisfying when you figure things out.
  7. They did not. I guess you can just handwave it away by saying he didn’t want to reveal he knew English. Really enjoying how the series has picked up now. As a show I think it does a good job of blending the ups and downs over an episode. This episode was tense but managed to weave in breathing room without just running off into other unrelated stories. The way they two countries are almost at each other’s throats but things like the joint mission still sort of move forwards albeit tentatively.
  8. It’s completely insane to me that they hurried it’s release in the montage part of the Indie World video at the end. Whilst I know it’s a re-release of an “old” game it seems like it’ll do great if most knew it was released. Sounds silly to say it but maybe the Indie World had too many games in it
  9. Really great episode. But couldn’t agree more about putting on the captains hat. Maybe it’s at that point they should have done the maze with luggage task.
  10. I think this is sort of the problem with Classic isn't it. This approach of preserving a server at the pre-expansion version is nice but means the userbase is going to fragment further and further over time. But forcing everything though the expansions would mean we'd need another restart at Classic in about 5 years time because no-one likes the game after such and such an expansion.
  11. I really want to play The Longing. But I don't think I can bring myself to because I just know I'll basically never play it (even after 400 days). But I also just want to give the guy some money for making something so "out there". Interested in "There is No Game" too.
  12. Agreed. Wasn’t a big fan of its opening but once the journey starts and it gets rolling I really enjoyed it. Fun stuff.
  13. Think I’ll have to pick up Fez again. Completed it all on Xbox but not since release so don’t remember much. But alongside The Witness I see it as a crowning achievement of puzzle game design. Edit: and with the sale it's £11. Add some points and it cost me a fiver. Perfect!
  14. Really good episode imo. Good set of tasks, and maybe the best socially distanced team task. I wonder if the team tasks were actually filmed with any restrictions in place even they all involve the boxes. Because we see Alex and Lee up close in the toilet doorway so clearly no restrictions at that time but could have been at team time. But I wonder if it was just an unknown if there would be restrictions so they made tasks that could respect the rules.
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