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  1. From that it seems like they said they wanted to do it*. But it doesn’t sound to me like they have done it. It opens a can of worms I guess around how many paths can it do and what are the additional processing and network overheads of doing that. * lots of “we will” in 2019 and one Reddit discussion last year suggesting it wasn’t done
  2. Most of all it's a sign of what the Kotick interview someone quoted earlier was implying: that pure gaming companies and publishers don't have the resources or expertise in non-gaming things that modern platforms, services and even games need. Data centres, AI, tooling, dev ops, big data analytics, etc. The idea that gaming publishers either need to grow these areas rapidly or import them through outsourcing, partnerships or flat out joining forces. These are things that the big tech companies have in spades. Big players like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Meta. Others like Netflix offer much of it as well given their history as a big online services/media provider. If you're Sony or a big publisher you either buy companies that might help you in the services space or take them from elsewhere. Meanwhile for MS that's an area they're already huge in because they're not a gaming company but a technology one.
  3. Why do they need to? I mean I would probably like them to but why do they "need" to? Is it killing them in the markets that matter. I can probably see it with Spiderman and Last of Us, I can see how those appeal to a wide audience but does Returnal move the needle in terms of platform sales?
  4. I think what's hard to understand from "inside" the hobby is that most of the biggest games to people here aren't even known to the majority of people who play games. And most people who play games play one or two a year. Tops. See hardware game attachment rates which seem hilarious. Most owners buy fewer games per generation than most here buy every 3-6 months. I guess the exact reverse of here really. If you were introduced to gaming via this forum you'd have no idea what COD was, or a whole bunch of the biggest games on the planet. Because we've turned our noses up at them. We know of something "better". Or maybe we've played these things too much and need something new.
  5. It was RaoulSilva who said equal quantities by volume and I do the same. so it's not "50g of flower/milk" it's "however much milk and however much flour matches the volume of egg I've used. So I crack my eggs into a measuring jug. Check how far up that came. Throw them in the bowl. Then pour in flour to the same depth. Add to bowl. Finally milk to the same line and into the bowl. All rough. The accuracy of this phase just doesn't matter. As per everyone using different recipes and claiming success.
  6. I'm sure you don't want too many lumps. Clumps of flour aren't doing anything for the baking. So a few is not an issue but many is bad. I'd suggest an electric hand whisk as it makes very light work of it obviously. I think hot as it goes it probably reasonable, but maybe actually turn it down after putting them in. so they get hit hot but don't burn too quickly before cooking through. I suspect most ovens aren't even that accurate at temperature. Is it really 550? Hence above just "really fucking hot". Sizzling... I suspect that sizzling is a result of impurities or something to sizzle around, something that actually causes the release of gas. A pure oil might not actually sizzle at all unless you drop something in it. This isn't like water where it's the breakdown of the water molecules into gas, producing bubbles. I've never flipped a pud. The other variable might be thinking about how much batter you put in each case. Maybe an experiment where you do each one with a different step amount and see how they vary. In the same vein maybe don't use the middle holes of the pan and only the edge ones? Maybe those surrounded by others don't get heat the same way.
  7. I think those look pretty close. I suspect colour is influenced more by the quality/type of eggs than number. Some eggs have very yellow yolks. Others don't. Slightly hotter oven. Veg/sunflower oil will be better than canola (and both are better than lard in terms of smoke point).
  8. Make portions based on a whole egg and use as much batter as you need. Any left overs could make some little pancakes for pudding. Or a snack Yorkshire pudding tomorrow for lunch. Or just make a few extra for dinner. And what is "an egg" anyway. Large? Medium? Even then they vary. It is not an exact science for something like this. The hot oil and cooking approach matter much more than precisely weight ingredients. Rough proportions will work (as you can see from this thread everyone does it slightly differently and has success).
  9. I saw Jimmy Carr do standup on the Comedy Central tour back at uni (2002 or so I guess). Before he was famous. Before Channel 4 put him on everything ever. And his act was literally reading jokes from a clipboard. No personality. Yes, they were pretty good one liners. But so little presence and I guess it’s not really changed at all in 20 years.
  10. Always make your own garlic bread. My experience is that all shop bought is weak ass crap that skimps on the garlic. 1. Make garlic butter. Take butter left out to soften a little. Mix in crushed garlic (to taste - i.e. shit loads) and chopped parsley. You now have garlic butter you can use for lots.of things but garlic bread in this case. 2. Choose bread Whatever you want. Part baked baguette or roll. Ciabatta. Pizza base. Soda bread. Crumpet. Sliced white. Bagal. Literally anything. 3. Assemble/Cook Spread or dollop garlic butter on bread and bake. Whether garlic butter goes in from the start of cooking or part way can vary.
  11. This is pretty much my exact approach. That recipe is basically what I’d use for Yorkshire’s, pancakes, anything batter based really. Simple to remember and I always do it as you do: eggs first to give me my quantities. Only thing I’d add (and assume you do) is that you should put oil into the tray and in the oven to get it really hot before adding the batter to cook.
  12. Having caught up on Series 1 - 3 of Channel 4's bake off I was amazingly excited to discover the Australian version is on all 4 as well. I should not have grinned so much. It's a shame none of the BBC series are on streaming. I assume some odd facet of Channel 4 buying the rights. Oh, and All 4 might be the worst streaming service I've ever used. Makes me want to pirate this stuff really.
  13. It feels like he's sad/mad that he missed being the guy behind Star Citizen who basically out Molyneux'd Molyneux as well as finding a way to make a shit tonne of cash selling a very stupid dream.
  14. Closing ranks is what they will do with some hand wavey crap. There is no way they can allow the result to change. There is not enough egg in the world for that situation. And I guess it won't really matter. It's all tainted now. In a decade it won't matter. Probably not in a few years. But in the short term it's going to be bad press. I don't think it will be reported as the triumphant toppling of a dominant Merc or Hamilton they they wanted. It will be the old boys club of F1 being a bunch of fuck ups as usual.
  15. I'm not sure it's even easy to say. Or allowed. Would the rules or or precedence for that? I suspect we might see a knee jerk rules change to this though. Safety car in the final 5 laps is always a red flag and standing restart. Which of course will be dumb because of a whole bunch of unintended impacts. They'll try to use the VSC when they should use the full because they don't want to trigger the red flag and restart. It's hugely artificial in too many circumstances. All of this is really F1s core issue. Over the years they've complicated things over and over because the people involved in the sport seem constantly surprised by the obvious results of on the spot decisions.
  16. Oh dear. Regardless of your opinion this is a mess for the sport. It's drama over all else. I don't support either of these two (or anyone). But I'm simply sour on the way the teams and the race director behaved throughout. The begging. The responding. I hope this is protested. I hope the result is changed. Not because I want Lewis to win. But because I want harm done to the sport and management itself. I want people to be confused why the man they saw won the championship didn't. It's been a stunning season. It should be a crowning moment to have a championship go to the wire. But instead it's just said it's pointless. It's said that we should follow the movies rather than sport. Masi should resign after than response to Toto. Felt like an admission of needing to make a show.
  17. Hmmm, conflicted on this one. Okay with the messaging and idea (and being short changed) but they were too obtuse about it for my liking. After finding the drawer empty at 10pm last night I opened the whole calendar and puling our the insert to see if it was really empty of had just migrated to another section. Okay, properly empty. Still think I might have been screwed over. Finally read the 'story' on the inside cover and it sort of made sense. But even then it was more alluded to than stated. Still left wondering a little bit until your post now tbh. A simple message inside the calendar when you opened it would have saved all that strife. And because I opened the calendar...
  18. Sometimes a simple platter of stuff is the best. Combination of a few left overs and bits and pieces. Tsatziki Beetroot and mint hummus Roasted broccoli with a little parmesan Cucumber salad Lettuce, tomato salad with lemon and olive oil Pitta Chicken teriyaki thighs
  19. The pre-grated cheese thing is definitely an important thing to know. Not a problem in some scenarios but for the most place you should always grate your own.
  20. Almost all bosses. In so many cases the gameplay of bosses isn’t fun or a fit for the rest of the game. They’re a thing I have to do to get back to playing the game I’m enjoying. And I’ll have to do everything 3 times with slight variation as if this will bring me joy rather than wanting to kill every game designer.
  21. This is why I went with Chimchar as my starter. It's a tough gen for fire Pokémon I think.
  22. My play through has hit a brick wall for a few days. Having ground out shiny MewTwo in Let’s Go I feel the need to do it with Dialga in this. Much longer odds here. I’ve soft reset 479 times so far. Although the Switch is the greatest machine ever to do this on. It’s a one handed, single joy con operation. Detached joy come, console propped on kickstand on table, R on right joy con bound to ‘up’. Now I can interact with things (system and game), reset the game and walk forwards all with the right joy con.
  23. I think EXP share is probably a little strong, maybe 10-20% less sharing would make the game a little more on edge in terms of your team average level vs NPC team levels. But I appreciate not having the grind. I suspect that if you build a team with coverage from the start it’s never actually all that tough. My team is over levelled due to EXP Share but if it was more even there would still only be a small number of tricky fights I think. Meanwhile I think the Let’s Go model was a real breath of fresh air. Being able to see every overworld Pokémon (so no random encounters) and the speed of catching rather than battling was amazing. No wild Pokémon fight has ever been actually fun has it. The 100th murk row of the day isn’t a challenge, or fun, or variable in any way. So in the end I like Let’s Go because it requires no grinding and when you do need or want to encounter stuff it’s fast.
  24. That RS200 is great. Not Cosworth great but much faster so excellent for getting good starting scores on most PR stunts when you stumble through them
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