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  1. Polished this off on Saturday morning and spent the last two days clearing up to 100% it. I've loved it. Yes it's a bit wordy and has a few too many lengthy cut scenes (the first hour is a really bad intro, taking too long to give you freedom). The combat isnt all that engaging but never really hard. I just ran around with my massive Combustion orb and using Psyic Blasts to finish things off for the most part. I hate bosses but for the most part they weren't tricky so no bother (only the bastard cooking trio can go do one). But the character design, level settings, effects, perspective warping are glorious. Moments when you walk through a door and world has changed on the other side is amazing. When you get the hang of all the abilities I really enjoyed just hoping around. Feels great. The hub world's, particularly the quarry and questionable area, were a joy to explore. Getting all the collectibles wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Mostly I just ran around the now cleared areas with a little more care. There were 8 figments I had to look up. 3 in PSI King world (2 turned out to be easy but somehow I'd missed them but the last I'm not sure I'd ever have found). And 5 in Bob's Bottles. Those were all actually on the island hub of the level, just very blended into the world. Enjoyed my time with this immensely. Sad it's come to an end.
  2. I use fire all the time out of combat for bringing everything for money.
  3. I read the second one as a bullshit way to say we can draw lots of different looking clouds and have spent more effort than was necessary for it.
  4. First Quick Resume annoyance last night around game updates. Was playing Psychonauts 2 earlier in the evening and when I returned later it forced an update on me. Once the 3.6Gb update was downloaded (WTF at why patches are still huge - this should be a priority imo for platform holders, engine developers, and developers to reduce) I had to restart and lost my current progress, reloading my save. It was only one room it hadn't saved in this case but it feels like Quick Resume shouldn't force updates. I wouldn't be forced to update if I had kept playing so why would restoring out of memory require it. I take some of this back if there was a menu option to skip the download and I mashed through it. Although the default should be not to update.
  5. Variety of gameplay rather than setting. There were what, two games (three if you count whatever the Radiohead thing was) that weren't first or third person action games? I think lots of it looked good, maybe not mind blowingly pretty. But a sizzle of some puzzle games. Or RPGs. Or just anything. I mean it's unfair to say they don't do that stuff (Astro, Bugsnax, Ratchet) but this showing was extremely one dimensional.
  6. PlayStation: For the (third person action game) players.
  7. By 2023 you might be able to actually buy a PS5 in a shop
  8. Now this I want to play, whatever the fuck it is.
  9. So depressingly action heavy for someone who really doesn’t enjoy shooty or fighty games. Some variety please
  10. No where has stock consistently of the X (it's easy to get an S). You'll need to use something like Stock Informer or other services to get notifications when some become available. In the end I got lucky with Currys and ordered an X yesterday, arrived today (replacing the S I only bought last Thursday ). I've spent about two weeks monitoring for them, but decided an S was an okay stop gap, just didn't expect it to be such a short gap. At least I'm ready for FH5 now.
  11. Has anyone wall mounted their S using some of those mounts you can buy? Interested in recommendations (although imagine they're all pretty similar).
  12. What do you mean? I've got a game (Carto) that it doesn't work with. I don't mean it's odd and broken, it just never goes to the quick resume list. It always boots from cold. So is it just the reverse... game can have it specifically turned off but otherwise they will use it?
  13. I may have just got an X from Currys. Not sure I trust it but fingers and toes crossed. Having only bought an S last week it's a bit crazy but meh, only money and I can move the S upstairs to play in bed.
  14. Monkey Ball feels like it's too easy for corporate and/or market research types to look at and say this feels like it should be a popular more casual thing. And they're probably not wrong in terms of styling and basic gameplay being approachable and pick up and play friendly. But what made it special was that balance between being approachable and extremely challenging. The marketing and Twitter stuff right now feels oddly the same as I imagine the remake development is. Pulled between announcing a thing that changes something (without enough detail because they're trying to be mysterious and not "spoil" something) and then reacting because their messaging steps on the toes of the group who actually care about the fact that this is coming out. You often wonder who those behind Twitter accounts and publicity think is paying any attention. I doubt many who would would be unwaveringly in favour of their announced tweaks will be following their accounts or even know about the game. So all it serves to do is put the original players into a position where they'll wait for release and see rather than grabbing it day one.
  15. Almost the first game I played, Carto, on my new S didn't work. Thought I needed to turn it on initially until I tried some other stuff and it "just worked". It's fine because this game is fast to load and doesn't have a lot of menu guff but even so it's just a little more friction than when it's there.
  16. I feel like this is where achievements, or some in-game equivalent stats/awards/completion percentage works. I don't need the game to block my progress with limited lives but I appreciate a small tick or something to tell me I've done the harder thing.
  17. Holy shit. Just got to this. Utterly glorious. My jaw properly hit the ground. At times I'm conflicted on whether I think the game is a looker or not. It's beautiful at times but at least appears technically basic at others. But it has the ability to look absolutely stunning at times.
  18. And then it wins back all my love with Strike City.
  19. I was thinking that. Just straight up give it to everyone who currently has a game pass sub. No action required even.
  20. One thing this game is reminding me of... Bosses are the worst. I hate them. In everything. Take a game that's working and out some shit in that doesn't use your best mechanics. Just done the food judges. Fucking awful. From loving exploring and soaking up the game to this cluster fuck of a sequence. Far too much going on. And you can tell the devs know it because nothing does any real damage. You can ignore half of it and it's meaningless noise. Add to that half the health power ups falling from the arena and you just have a bad taste of a sequence. Doesn't help that the cooking area before it was pretty dire too after cooking the first recipe.
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