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  1. The odd thing with speed golf (other than the running being boring and a distraction) is that speed doesn't really matter. The shot clock so far has been generous so it's not even achieving a pressured environment. Just wish it didn't exist. Did my first XC holes. Erm, yeah. Why? It's like they had these ideas, implemented them and forgot to reconsider if they were actually fun.
  2. I’ve watched about the first 45 minutes so far and really into it. The new DM is fantastic, really paints a picture of the little details and love the little ability check rolls thrown in in reaction to the small events the players describe. Letting them weave their initial tale but adding to it and playing off of it.
  3. Timing is in the power. There's a range of the bar at the top that makes it less accurate. That range increases in bunkers, rough terrain, etc Its pretty simple overall so far (not played much myself). I could probably do without the speed golf in adventure mode. Doesn't add much really.
  4. And for most people viewing it the community doesn't matter. I've listened on and off to the second campaign. Started ages ago but only got about 25 in and now up to 40 something. No idea what the community is like because to me it's pretty much just a podcast.
  5. Enjoyed this. It’s got some lovely settings and scenes. A few too many jump scares for my liking but managed to get through it. The only annoyance to me was one of the three parallel explorations… Oh and maybe…
  6. I enjoyed Luca. Good fun, touching ending, lovely setting, looks great. But I also think it's pretty forgettable. Which if I'm honest has become true of much of Pixar's output. I think they've crafted some great moments that stick with me (bits of Up, Wall-E, Soul) but overall it's all become quite familiar.
  7. I've only had it about 3 times but I think it's great. I think the burger is much better than your average takeaway. Yes it's more expensive by quite a bit. But I think it's also more substantial feeling to me. The toppings are much much better than the shitty excuse on McDonald's or Burger King. Yes it's messy but that doesn't really bother me at all. I think the chips are fine (I mean they're a million times better than the shitty McDonald's ones) but nothing special. The only win there is that there's lots of them. If I was with someone else I'd only get one fries between us, maybe even between 3. Freestyle cola is attractive to me. I mean I wouldn't go there for it (and my local BK does the same anyway). But it's a better range of drinks than McDonald's offers. Price wise it's definitely not cheap and I can see what you're saying about families and the mounting cost but to me you get a lot more food than a McDonald's meal.
  8. I'm sort of there with you on mango. Sometimes it utterly disgusts me. But then sometimes it's just right so I keep going back.
  9. Great showing. Mario Golf Super Monkey Ball Advance Wars BOTW 2 Fab
  10. Yeah, I've been a bit stunned to find that potatoes aren't bad at all. I guess it's just that my default is roasted in lots of oil, chips, mash with lots of butter, jacket loaded with stuff, or salad with all the mayo!
  11. In what way does it look great. I guess from that you can like the idea of the setting. But surely there’s literally nothing you could take from that to understand what the game really is or how it plays is there?
  12. Well I guess I’ll buy a Series X for Horizon
  13. Must still be very worried about Halo visually if you’re not prepared to show campaign gameplay.
  14. I wonder how many MS expects are shaking their heads wondering exactly why they bothered buying Bethesda
  15. Is the sound sync out for others? How do big budget things get this wrong
  16. 3 or 4 down and enjoying it. It does have some good insights into the what I believe the real difficulties of farming are. And, strangely there are some reasonably touching moments through some of the bluster. Where his mask slips a little, he stops trying to play up so much and let’s a little more emotion and thoughtfulness show. I think if he could curb some of that a little more there’s a future for him to develop beyond his existing pigeon hole. I think it would be better if it was a little less “Clarkson” at times. It’s not bad when he just does something big and brash with a machine but I’m not sure it adds. Although it often really ends up in a “there isn’t really a simple faster way” lesson so maybe it works well enough. There’s what I imagine is some interesting editing which sometimes worries me. Go to buy sheep suggesting no prep has been done at all. Same with chickens. I was frankly worried he’d have killed them all. The reality is probably a bit more considered but played to make it look like he’s just jumping in.
  17. The seed is a number generated on starting a world that is used in all generation activities. So when you start the world for the first time it uses that to generate the first few local chunks (the 16x16 areas). When a new chunk is needed because you travel to it the same seed number is used to generate that too. So the seed is important but each new chunk generated uses the latest version of the generation algorithm with the existing seed number to produce the new areas and can hence include the new stuff.
  18. Feels odd that reading/contributing or watching/streaming are consider the same level "engagement". I'd consider producing something to be 'more involved'.
  19. Really enjoyed the few I read today. The little bite sized news (or gossip, or whatever) combined with a little ramblings (no offence) of industry internals and opinion suits me perfectly. Ive little to no interest in mainstream games journalism any more. Good luck and I’ll be reading.
  20. Id agree on the chocolate/raspberry thing. Feels like someone felt the strawberry combination had become too common and needed a twist.
  21. I think the concern of the Pro would be that the normal versions ends up with a poor frame rate because they cba to optimise for it. But then that may have been the case anyway.
  22. As much as I'm sure I'll enjoy it I don't have much faith that they'll really deliver something as good as I might hope. The performance worries me a lot. BOTW felt like it was pushing the machine too hard at times and I wouldn't say the performance of Sword/Shield fills me with confidence that a Pokemon game is going to run better.
  23. thesnwmn

    I Am Fish

    Definitely interested. Looks good although I'd say for a game with water as a primary component the splashing water looks terrible. Like a moments the game looks great then a bit terrible. Won't matter as long as it is fun.
  24. I leaving aside the streaming part of it (which I’m sure will vary for players and situations, and continue to improve)... I think we can look at something like Fortnite; a ‘proper’ game that’s available on mobile. Before being pulled from the App Store it was at 2.5 million daily users, 73 million people tried it and had/have never done so on another platform. Theres clearly a market for more complete or classic gaming titles on platforms other than consoles or PC. Im also not sure we need to fixate on the phone side (I realise you’re responding to comments about that specifically). That seems like a stupid straw man. It’s also tablets, browsers, TVs and basically anything with a screen. Cloud gives users options. For some it might be a supplementary way to access the content alongside their XBox. For others it might be their only way. Im continually amazed people seem to watch things like YouTube or Netflix on their laptops sat on a coffee table rather than through a TV (directly or via a dongle). It seems crazy to accept the small screen and even crappier sound. And yet people seem to do it all the time.
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