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  1. Very true Luseth. The division of the last gen played it's part of the death of the league. That and also that the game was utter shite and is arguably much better now.
  2. Jamin


    Thank you all chaps, will jump on the Xbox this weekend & see which of those are available.
  3. Jamin


    Hi guys. Any decent shmups on Xbox GamePass does anyone know/can recommend?
  4. Artful Escape left GP last month unfortunately.
  5. I'm pretty addicted to You Suck at Parking. Even the harder levels are very moreishly satisfying when you finally 'perfect' them. A great filler game when you have 10mins or so, or are feeling burn out from your 'main' game.
  6. Dicey Dungeons Played over 15 hours of this but the punishing RNG based difficulty has finally done me in, when there are plenty other gamepass distractions. Did the first two episodes of every character but the 3rd stages seemed masochistic for me. I could have checked a guide, I guess, but rinsed what enjoyment I had from it. I wish they'd graduated the difficulty a bit more as I really enjoyed this one until it hit the oppressively hard point.
  7. Same. I never saw the Outer Wilds hype. I really wanted to like it. Elsewhere on Gamepass, am really enjoying You Suck At Parking still. Not fussed on the online vs mode, but the single player campaign mode has an inbuilt challenge to perfect every stage on each island, and it is very satisfyingly moreish seeing that gold symbol appear next to the overworld map. I also have been replaying every stage / perfecting them until I hit a sub-1000 on the leaderboards, which hasn't been as arduous as it sounds. An arbitrary number admittedly, but based on a guesstimate of what is obtainable and what I can do. Am on Island 3 now and basically any perfected level gets you under 1000 no matter how slow you are, I assume because it's gotten balls to the wall hard (the unlockable Arctic world even more so). My best has been top 20 on two stages and top 50 on another, I believe. It can be a bit grindy but you genuinely do feel like your control and skill increases with the practice, aiding you in future stages. Great 'quick blast' gaming fun. PS one mini criticism - the overworld navigation is dogshit (nothing like falling into the sea forty times even just trying to navigate yourself to the next proper stage, ffs) and why they thought it was a good idea boggles my mind.
  8. Jamin


    Played about 10 hours of this on gamepass now and I'm enjoying it, but to echo most people's comments above, the AI really is an issue. I know the game tries to explain it away within the story but it does detract from the experience. That said I am enjoying the 'puzzle FPS' elements of detective work, where you can investigate best tactics and opportunities on one cycle and then act upon on the next. It reminds me a bit of Hitman in this respect, but I think this is better implemented (or maybe I don't have the patience with Hitman). I do think this Groundhog Day idea is a fantastic basis and idea for a game, I just sort of feel like the execution might be slightly off. Hard to pinpoint how or where - the floaty guns & ropey AI are certainly a big factor though. The combat reminds me a lot of Bioshock (I replayed the trilogy recently), where if things go to shit then it's not only bad news damage wise but also as the combat isn't robust enough to be wholly enjoyable. It's still good mind, but not quite near the heights of Prey (which I adored) and Dishonoured. That said I'll still finish it I think. Only done 3 of the targets, 1 diabolically amateurly (where I immediately killed myself with noxious gas seconds later) and the hook of the gameplay as per above - detectiveyness with satisfying stealth ideals, will keep me on the hook for a while longer yet.
  9. This happened to me today too for You Suck at Parking. Less painful than your loss I suspect.
  10. Just started Immortality, and I have no idea what is going on. It could be due to the mild migraine I have but was struggling to understand even how the game works. Can some kind sir summarise what I need to be doing and how the game works?
  11. Tinykin is absolutely awesome. That is all.
  12. Good times indeed. I think alongside Online Team Play being stopped, PS4/Xbox split and the game getting less enjoyable it all whittled away. Afew of us are still on and play on PS5 Clubs irregularly, you and anyone are always welcome to join. Hope all is good Harbey
  13. Excellent, thanks very much. Presumably for headphone use you connect your headphones through the vacant USB port on the phone? I'm new to all this - any recommendations for which emulator is the most stable?
  14. Hiya chaps, does anyone here have any experience of buying and using an Android gamepad/controller? Going to be doing a lot of long flights in the next fortnight and looking to turn my new Poco F3 (Android 12) into a game playing device. Looked at the Razer Kishi and a few others, but nothing perfect seems out there. The big drawback from the research I've done is because the phone doesn't have a headphone jack, and the controller would plug in through the USB3, you're only left with connecting audio via Bluetooth. Which again, people are reporting audio delays. Anyone have suggestions/recommendations from personal experience the best route to go down?
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