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  1. Those who have played Jaws of the Lion solo - did you play it with 2 characters or 4?
  2. Always great to see this thread "up there" on the Discussion forum. This was one of my favourite and memorable single-player experiences of the last generation, such a shame it wasn't more successful - it really deserved to be. With my gaming backlog I doubt I'll get around to a second playthrough but if there's ever a re-release I wouldn't hesitate jumping in.
  3. The Witcher S2 - 9/10 Bloody excellent stuff. Only downside is it is only 8 episodes long. On par with S1 for us. PS for anyone who has seen this, recommend the Netflix mini "Witcher - Bestiary" episodes - two of em at 10mins apiece. Sex Education S3 - 7/10 It was fine and very watchable. Just felt it was a tad predictable and the writing a little flat. Still enjoyed it regardless and it didn't outstay its welcome.
  4. Had some very amusing games of Cockroach Poker Royal, Anomia and Just One tonight with friends we don't see very often. They loved the first two, and promptly bought a copy of each online as we left! I had also brought Quacks (w/Herb Witches expansion) and Sheriff of Nottingham neither of which sadly made it to the table - next time...
  5. Did AVGN ever open up as to why Bootsy left? I know it doesn't strictly matter now but just thought of it when I saw this thread pop up. I'm currently on an AVGN binge during lunches. On Season 5 at the moment, most of his earlier videos stand up really well today I must say.
  6. I'm playing Twilight Imperium (4E) - 4 player in a couple of weeks - my first time...any tips? The other guys I'm playing with have played at least once before so after a leg up! Suffice to say I'm cramming up on rules videos, but any general gameplay tips or factions etc?
  7. Sadly for a casual PC gamer like myself, the digital version is quite the specs hog. My relatively modestly powered laptop falls short on the GFX minimum specs, sadly.
  8. Mini bump before I brave listing these on Facebook / BGG
  9. BAP would be back in some form if EA allowed some sort of Online Team Play with real players option again. I know the league might have waned anyway for numbers, but that was the true nail in the coffin.
  10. Hello gents, selling a few games that will go towards Wedding fund for next year. Will pop this in the main trades sub-forum too. All prices include delivery w/Hermes, payment via PayPal. All are in great (or better) condition! Links point to BGG pages. Any Qs hit me up Captain Sonar - £22 Burgle Bros - £28 Welcome To (German language but is language indepedent, includes English printed rules inside) - £12 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (in shrink) - £22 Harvest Dice - £10 Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle - £25 Gloria Picktoria (in shrink) - £8
  11. Jaipur, Stone Age, Targi and Patchwork are all big favourites at 2 player with me and my relatively non-game playing g/f
  12. Amazingly we persevered until the end, desperately trying to find when it got good. It never did. It was as if the story writers took a holiday and drafted in some work experience to write it. 4/10 is being generous. Watched the Trailer for S3 and it doesn't look like it gets any better. Officially binned off now.
  13. @Dudley I'm literally on the earlier part of that mission and it is a bit of a Krogan hell hole. I'm saving after every enemy encounter.
  14. Playing this on Insanity and having an absolute blast. Difficulty is just right - challenging but not unfair (yet). ME1 does show its age in place but some of the missions and set ups hold up extremely well. Loving it.
  15. Amazingly, Stone Age. Waiting for a reprint, it's been rumoured for a whie...
  16. I'm PS5-ing (when some retailer has one in stock for longer than a nanosecond) and gonna get FIFA, so count me in at some point. Save me a space in wide midfield for a washed up pro searching for his final paycheck.
  17. Any folks here play a bit on Board Game Arena? Wondering if some of us fancied arranging a few turn-based matches Been playing quite a bit turn-based stuff on there recently. Some games work better than others, but it's a great offering considering it's a free membership (keep meaning to upgrade to Premium). The games I've been playing most on it is Nippon (which has the really cool coloured worker mechanic, and which BGG lists as on the heavy-side but I would say it's more middle-weight), Lords of Xidit and Puerto Rico to name just three. Every time I log onto BGA a few new games have popped up, it really does have a great range at the moment.
  18. Same exact thing happened for me, and Carcassonne. Even bought the damned big box version. My g/f does veto random 2p games that I expect she'd like too. Not annoying at all when you've paid out £30 or more for a game... Welcome To was the latest one!
  19. Many thanks sir, astutely summed up. Sounds right up our street. Will stick it on the "to buy" pile for post-lockdown funs.
  20. We watched this episode tonight. I genuinely phased out for about 5 minutes and still it was going on. Jamie is bloody annoying. I hope she's dead.
  21. So would you say that JooL is recommended for a very experienced Gloomhaven group? I'm just wondering if it's more of the same (albeit more refined) but ultimately the story is similar. Or would you say the whole experience is different enough?
  22. Interesting... would yourself (or anyone who has played both) say that vs standard Gloomhaven, JooL feels "too dumbed down"? Or is it adequately meaty enough?
  23. Been hammering Board Game Arena with my regular gaming crew the past weeks, playing: Russian Railroads Keyflower Puerto Rico La Granja ...and multiple quick games of 6nimmt and Colt Express. Really enjoyed all the above to be honest. I do think Russian Railroads is a bit OP for whoever goes first (and therefore whoever gets the first engineer - especially if he/she is a good one!) but otherwise very thematic, easy to follow and a enjoyable Euro game. Keyflower is great, but I have only played it once so hard for me to comment too much, other than love the multiple scoring mechanics, and the fact you 'build' your own town separate from the main board, taking planning to a level higher than I was able to get to grips with! Maybe next time. Puerto Rico I have forgotten all about tbh (long night!) but I did enjoy this, a fair bit more than I had any right to on my first play. La Granja...unfortunately I did not enjoy quite so much. I think it suffers from the excessive amount of "free actions" that each player gets to do - I get that doing so allows everyone to "do" what they want (at a resource cost) but it's just too stop starty and also very hard to see how well you're doing vs the other players. The theme and art style didn't grip me too much either tbh (Mediterranean farming) but that's super objective I admit! Also been playing a good amount of 2p games w/ the missus during past few months, will post again on that at a future date... TLDR: games, they is good.
  24. Jamin


    Just finished it, we're both absolutely raging. Watching stuff like this makes you think "lets burn the world and start again". I see that Linda Fairstein has launched a lawsuit against Netflix against her unfair portrayal and casting as the "chief villain".
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