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  1. I'm still dipping in and out of Freelancer, which is excellent, but also the main campaigns to mop up some of the achievements if in the mood, or need those 50 rewards points for an achievement that day! As @Garwoofoo says, do lean into the mission stories, and then the challenges. Once you've done 3/4 stories on the same map you'll have a solid orientation of where everything is, enabling you to have a bash at some challenges or silent assassin suit only runs. Proper satisfying when you do a solid run without mid-mission saves (the way I tend to do it). Even if you get spotted and it all gets a bit shooty, it turns the game into an enjoyable side mission of getting the job done and getting out intact.
  2. Given your profile emoji, I just wanted to check that's *not* good...?
  3. Not a review, but would the good folk of this thread recommend Peaky Blinders? Not seen single bit of it and we're after a new series to get our teeth into. The imdb score was higher than I expected when I looked it up.
  4. Thanks both. Bullet dodged (serves me right for browsing at 1.30am). I guess I'll go the eBay route.
  5. I'm looking to, yep. Surprisingly expensive everywhere! Does anyone know whether this key would be redeemable / work on a UK Switch? It seems pretty cheap. Was suspectful of the 'Worldwide' region.
  6. Ah yeah, fair fair. I know someone who took the redundancy money and happily moved to Denmark to work for IO (a tiny sample size admittedly!).
  7. Off topic but Sony didn't shutter Liverpool, they just moved HQ from the old site to a new one in the city centre. Only know this as I used to work at the old Sony Liverpool site. I think it was primarily cost saving, the old Psygnosis building was bloody massive and whilst I was there at least they weren't using a lot of the space.
  8. Yeah. I've not played a previous version before, there are 4 routes on it included, and each seems to have a shit ton of stuff to do on them.
  9. I started playing Train Sim World 3 at the end of last week, and I regret it now as I'm addicted. I just did the stopping service from Strood to Gillingham, arriving 45 seconds early no less, and I genuinely punched the air. My wife has given me at least two disapproving looks this week and I genuinely don't give a shit. Would recommend.
  10. It fucks me right off that we got this and not Prey 2. Also, after a quick dabble today, yes it's not good. I've uninstalled it for now. Will I try it again in 6 months or so when it's going to be in a better state? Yes, probably.
  11. Really loved this game. I listen to the soundtrack pretty regularly too, super beautiful. I must play the sequel soon, keep meaning to but getting distracted by other Game Pass offerings.
  12. Nice, yep I loved Alan Wake, and Control (to some extent, though I felt it tailed off a bit). Will definitely be giving QB a go then.
  13. Is Quantum Break worth playing? I'm coming off the wave of swapping between Hitman, Civ 6, Tunic and Rare Replay and ready for another focus alongside the above, perhaps something chunkier.
  14. I'm sure they do know. But if MS do clamp down on the trick in the next few months the good news is we all have a scapegoat, with irrefutable evidence to boot.
  15. Great shout this @Timmo. Fully enjoyed this so far, one episode left to go. We usually get tired of the normal "cop dramas" but ploughed through this. Would recommend.
  16. Yeah, definitely do not leave an alerted campaign until last, you're asking for trouble! If I get a campaign with a map I know really well I tend to leave that until last. Sapienza, Paris, New York are my faves for this. Freelancer is brilliant and I really enjoyed reading your post - I haven't ventured back to Freelancer since my post above where I got absolutely schooled on Hardcore mode, may revisit this week...
  17. 100%. I've played (and enjoyed!) so many different types of games I'd never have played otherwise. It's like being at the world's best gaming buffet.
  18. Jamin

    Apple TV +

    Yeah we finished Black Bird last week - we really enjoyed it although neither of us were 'hooked'. The build up / pay off was just about worth it I'd say, but the direction, acting and tone were spot on for the type of thing they were going for. Would recommend.
  19. Freelancer is incredible. I managed to complete 3 full 'normal' campaigns (after many many failures), but Hardcore Freelancer mode is literally insane. You lose all your tools when you start. All territories are alerted, all targets are enforcers, and whichever prestige requirement you select is also mandatory. It's brutal. I've taken a break for now and gone to do some of the excellent escalations. I think I prefer this mode to the elusive targets.
  20. Just caught up on the past two pages of this 'ere thread. Pretty surprised to see people say they prefer the PS5 dualsense controller. Picked up a Series S in the autumn (with Gamepass, obvs) and after owning the PS5 since launch I vastly prefer the Xbox controller... just sits more comfortably in my hands, triggers are nice and punchy. Mainly I just prefer the feel of the right stick being slightly lower. Personal preference and all that but I just naively assumed I was with the majority!
  21. Same! And double same for Cities Skylines 2, when that is out. May need to hit up YouTube as I have no idea how either work currently.
  22. Interested to hear your thoughts when you play it @Billy Brown. I've just finished my run through Hitman 1 to 3 (even paying for the £18 upgrade and getting the excellent bonus levels - New York Bank and exclusive Tropical Island paradise) and it properly sunk its teeth into me, it's really great. Don't pass up on the Sniper Assassin level in the Side Missions section too! I'm now thoroughly deep into the Freelancer mode, which remains a tough learning curve for someone who really isn't super familiar with the maps yet. But having a blast. I love how unforgiving the game is in regards to you making mistakes - it really does hone your skills and strategies. Freelancer is so very more-ish (hence this post at 3am!) and filled with really colourfully memorable highs and lows. Had an amazing Silent Assassin run in New York earlier and it went absolutely perfectly - ID'd the boss, lured him to a toilet for the safe murder/dispatch (infront of an on looking courier - he truly had a front row view to my antique knife in the head shenanigans), and then professionally cleared out both the safe and the lock boxes in the basement, even stopping off to knock out a Mercer carrier for some extra monies. It truly was *chefs kiss*. Immediate level afterwards - in Chongquin - had an absolute nightmare, spuffing 14k on an Epic silenced sniper only to die in a firefight in the mainframe due to my own sloppy stupidity. Didn't even get to use the gun. Sensible play was to buy it on my way out, I've since analysed. Lost all my tools too naturally - absolutely devastating not having a lockpick or Sieker style gun after hours being used to have one. I wonder if IO will support / update Freelancer mode in future. It doesn't need it but tweaks and additional content would be real nice. I'll be back on tomorrow. This game is bloody excellent.
  23. I'm on an absolute Hitman rampage (game-wise, obvs) at the moment, really loving the fact this is on Gamepass after only dabbling on Hitman 1 back in the day and playing no more if it since. It piqued my interest when they brought out the new roguelike mode (which is also great, albeit hard if you don't know the maps). The base campaign mode is truly excellent alongside the Sniper Assassin and Elusive Targets. Such a brilliant package to have sat there on Gamepass, once you "get" the mechanics the game really opens up with all its options and the thrill when a specific method comes together or you go for "Silent Assassin" rating on each level is like nothing else.
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