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  1. I love 6 Nimmt, simple but exhilarating! Found that some people struggle to understand the core mechanic, but have fun when they get it. Has quite a different feel with different player counts, much more cerebral at the low end but chaotic with loads of people!
  2. Man, that is impressive! Not just the general accuracy etc, but how he always seems to know where people are, reacts instantly with exactly the right move when coming under fire, is constantly on the move, and so on.
  3. I had a hell of a run last night, smashed all my personal bests! Not really skill, more like lucky perk quirks... It's probably a bit spoilery on some level, so:
  4. I feel like the gods were a bit easily angered this time (I think I just knocked down a lamp and set the ground on fire...), but things ... escalated. Multiple nukes were involved. The temple may need some work.
  5. Helpful guide to wands and spells etc: https://www.steamah.com/noita-wand-spell-interactions-guide/ (SPOILERS)
  6. Latest patch gives you a starting item to make getting across lava much easier! Is there any point to doing that apart from ? Also,
  7. Tangentially relevant, but I just happened upon this, and it gave me a slightly Noita vibe! Not all the interactions quite work (lava + water = ...nothing?), but the smoke and wind are lovely! https://maxbittker.itch.io/sandspiel
  8. THE FLOOR IS LAVA! Also, that fireball is ... oh.
  9. Is the new map replacing the old one, or an additional option?
  10. Really enjoying this so far, it's scratching the same itch that Caveblazers did for a while, except with some of the variety replaced by ALL THE LIQUIDS. There's something special about the way the unpredictability of everything is both enchanting and annoying, fair and unfair, all at the same time. I like the idea of the wands in principle (and have found a pleasing range of them, I'm going to miss the awesome bouncy ball gatling gun that recently got me several biomes further than I ever had before, until I got completely swamped by about 4 gangs of those jetpack dudes), but the whole customising thing isn't quite clicking with me yet. I find the stats a bit overwhelming, can't really see myself combining several spells in one wand (are you even really meant to do that?), and the effects don't seem to stack in the way I'd expect. Oh, and crazy things like rainclouds are all very well, but I can't really see myself equipping one on purpose. Love the teleportation spell! I need to learn to actually use spells with a finite number of charges, although to be fair hoarding things like that is a common affliction for anyone playing an RPG.
  11. Yes, and yes, that isn't great. And even once you've rearranged things yourself the extra stuff almost but doesn't quite fit in the main game box (unless maybe one removes the insert).
  12. I got a "shipment dispatched" email yesterday, quoting 2-4 working days for delivery. Now I'm unreasonably hoping for it to arrive today!* *And immediately go on the Shelf of Shame...
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