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  1. We're currently running a Ruin Mode competition for a chance to win a Red Faction: Armageddon T-shirt and poster! All you have to do is play Ruin Mode on the Desolation map, get the best score you can and then let us know! The person with the highest score by Wednesday 31st August will win! For all the details on how to enter visit the competition page here.
  2. The Professor Genki's pre-order pack has just been announced! Take a look at what it includes and it's definitely worth watching the trailer for it! http://www.thqinsider.co.uk/2011/07/11/genkis-hyper-ordinary-pre-order-pack-announced/
  3. We're running a Ruin mode tournament from now up until 7pm GMT on Thursday 7th July for UK players on all formats. We want to see who can get the highest score on the Junction map. Simply play Ruin mode, get your best score and then post your gamertag, PSN ID or Steam ID in this thread to let us know how you are doing. The winner will receive a Red Faction: Armageddon T-shirt and poster.
  4. The THQ UK Events Team have set up a launch tournament for WWE All Stars which is to take place on Thursday 7th April at 7pm. There will be two events, one for the Xbox 360 and one for the PlayStation 3. It will be a standard 1-on-1 match and the winner of each event will win a WWE All Stars Brawl Stick. If you want to enter you can check out all the details and how to sign up here. The tournament is open to UK residents over 16 years old only.
  5. Check out this brand new screenshot from Space Marine over on our Flickr page here:
  6. All the match types that will be included in the game have now been revealed such as Fatal 4-Way and Steel Cage. You can see the full list here.
  7. Anyone play this competitively? We've set up a 1v1 knockout Retribution tournament for Tuesday 15th March if anyone wants to have a go. There's 32 places available on a first-come first served basis and the winner will receive a copy of Homefront on PC. The tournament is open to UK players only, all the details can be found here.
  8. Brand new Space Marine trailer from gamescon is now up, you can check it out here. It has got a very cool opening sequence
  9. A Red Faction comic which was created by DC was given away at comic-con last month. It serves as a prequel to the events of Red Faction: Armageddon and it has now been made available as a free download via the DC Comics iPhone app. More info here and the DC Comics app can be found over here.
  10. UFC fighters will be touring the UK this month to take part in signings at Game and Gamestation, where you can get your copy of the game signed. The first signing will take place tomorrow at Gamestation Newcastle between 5 and 7pm with Ross Pearson and Dan Hardy. Also at each of the signings a pair of tickets for UFC 120 will be given out at random to one lucky person. The full list of dates and venues for the signings are here. Please note that the fighters for each signing may be subject to change. Couple of pics from last nights signing at Newcastle with Dan Hardy and Ross Pearson. http://i36.tinypic.com/nyeg5z.jpg http://i35.tinypic.com/iwn2pd.jpg The PSP version of UFC Undisputed 2010 is planned for release this September 17th in the UK. The system will include a 100+ roster along with the Career mode, Ultimate fights mode and more. First screens of the game can be found here along with more info.
  11. The DLC is now up on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for download. PC users will have to wait a bit longer, the pack should be up on Steam this afternoon. The PC version is also half price today on the THQ E-shop if you haven't got yourself a copy yet.
  12. It has just been announced that the DLC will be released on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Steam on the 3rd August. The Ranger Pack will cost 240 MSP on the Marketplace and on Steam it will be free as an auto-update. It will add new weapons, achievements and new "Ranger Mode" game rules.
  13. Gamespot have more impressions about Red Faction: Armageddon that can be found here. Talks of an alien infestation that covers all buildings, leaving it up to you to make sure that everything is destroyed! A video interview with Volition's Jameson Durall is also included in the article which shows off some of the weapons you can use to help you destroy and kill.
  14. Joe Mad talks Dark Millennium Online in this interview here. Not much info is being released at this time but he does go on to say "I think it's pretty safe to assume there will be PvP"
  15. Brand new Space Marine trailer from E3 has just gone up along with some new screenshots! You can take a look at the trailer here!
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