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  1. Haha no worries, it'll probably be £2 or something by the time I get round to playing it anyway, it's gone to a better home!
  2. I'd probably play TWIM if you have a spare code. Full disclosure: I haven't played the pinball tables you gave me yet!
  3. Ranked match strats! The thing you're not seeing (hopefully!) is the half of that super silver player's matches in which their repeated unsafe jump in is never challenged, or in which it succeeds often enough to feel worth doing. Play too many FT1 or FT2 sets against random players who never get a second chance to figure you out, and you end up with plenty of bad habits. There are definitely a few players out there who convince themselves of their superiority and elect to troll and try for one button wins, etc. instead of playing "properly", but I suspect not as many as are genuinely just stuck in this mindset which chains them immovably to occasionally successful, highly ill-advised strategies, and it's a real struggle to break away from that even if you do happen to recognise that your opponent has an answer to what you're doing. Incidentally that's why we always recommend local play - or lobbies with friends - as a better way to improve than to play against strangers (especially in SFV where you can't even add a friend if you have a great set with someone). Not just that it's more fun, and not to say the people you play will necessarily be better than ranked opponents, but just the fact that you'll play against the same people over and over again forces you to develop your game, abandon strategies that aren't actually good once the element of surprise is gone, and think about actually responding to what your opponent is trying to do instead of doggedly running your flowchart, win or lose. If you lose, you'll lose the same way next time if you try the same approach. If you win, you know they'll probably have a bit of a think about what they could do differently before you next meet. And you'll start to hone safer or more effective strategies which will translate into more consistent wins if you do go back to ranked to chase points.
  4. Haha yeah Spuck, I saw the ultra platinum badge and 47 win streak and was fully convinced. I was more just amazed to be honest, it was great to watch even as it was killing me. I think it's harder in this game than in most others to really know if someone is good unless you are the one playing against them. Sure you can see as a spectator that they've got the clever setups or whatever, but I often can't actually tell if someone is godlike or just ok. I feel like with SFIV it was always much more apparent to the spectator if someone was ridiculously good, but maybe it's just that I don't know this game as well. But I fought this one and knew they were ridiculous.
  5. I've lost plenty of games of street fighter in the last couple of months, including to several rllmukers who are plenty better than me at the game, but this morning I fought a Cammy player called beni_best and it was probably the first time I've felt entirely, hopelessly outclassed in this game. Aside from all the usual stuff about my bad habits and inconsistency, it was just abundantly clear that my opponent was playing the mental game at least ten times faster than me, and there were so many things that I have to think about which were just automatic at this point for the other player. Basically playing a different game to the one I'm playing. I need the replay system back so I can try to glean some meagre learning from the experience. So, so free.
  6. ^ Yeah. I think Laura - and Mika - are both basically this game's two versions of Makoto, and by nature of that design then they can never really be top tier but will always pose a threat. The other thing about that character, if you think about SF4 history at least (and this fits for Abel too) is that she really wasn't dominant early on and despite early exciting tech from people like VRyu it was something like 5 years into the game's life before Haitani really showed what she was capable of doing (or in Abel's case, 6 years before loads of people suddenly appeared). I think maybe that kind of character just isn't that good in the first year or two of a game's life and the competitive scene gravitates either to the genuinely cheap and high damage stuff or the characters who let you play safe a lot of the time in pools and let your opponent kill themselves. So I think by that logic that if the game survives a couple of years Laura will do respectably well in tournament at some point, but it will be a while before people worry about her. By the same token, now we're past the first month shenanigans of Birdie and Mika then the next year or so will probably belong to high damage on one hand (Ken) and safeness on the other (Chun, Nash). Or both together in Ryu's case, haha. You should probably try Guile. He allows you to play the safe game you enjoy, he has a few decent buttons, and he can put tings on the screen. He's also a bit broken.
  7. Jonster means business:
  8. Yeah I remember seeing that before, possibly SFxT. Edit: yes here's desk, with notes in the video description: Ahhhh I loved SFxT dearly.
  9. Thought you were taking a break from ranked! I actually tried to play ranked last night but got three matches in about an hour, so yeah it's taking me forever to rank up too! Anyway, anyone can throw anyone out of v-reversal (well, I don't think it's quite the same with all the "escape" v-reversals actually). The common bait is to jab and then wait rather than continuing to press, and if they v-reversal the jab you recover in time to block it - or indeed throw it, since v-reversals are vulnerable to throws. V-reversal only really beats you if you're pressing lots of buttons or heavy/long attacks. Moodmon welcome! If you're new to fighting games ignore everything I just wrote for now! If you're ever around early evening and want to do a training lobby to learn the mythical arts of footsies, not jumping, and pressing all the buttons, let me know (if you're not new to fighting games then pick your man and come beat us all up).
  10. I want to see someone start that kind of combo with a lifelead and 20 seconds on the clock. Now that would be a timer scam worth getting hit by.
  11. Looking forward to landing getting hit by this kind of stuff:
  12. It's definitely annoying and it seems like their next attempt at a solution doesn't actually solve the problem. You should play with us and practice/learn stuff in battle lounges though. Up that win rate and it won't matter if you get a few quitters along the way! Better still, you get to play with friendly people like Imp and Choo who will maul you to death politely, and people like me who will call you a scumbag mid-match :-) Best moment yesterday was Imp doing EX hop grab and meekly saying "hel-lo!" as it started up.
  13. I wonder if the character shop will be ready too. It doesn't feel right to give people Guile without charging.
  14. Yes! It was so good to be talking again. I used a cheapo clip-on microphone on my PC and just had to set the game volume level to 2 so I could hear the chat properly. Definitely better than 360 xbox live quality and actually worked without messing unlike steam voice chat which I can never get to work. Also I say everything I say here in the discord chat first so if you join the discord you effectively get to read all my posts twice by default. Speaking of cheapo clip-on microphones, I have spare cheapo clip-on microphones for any PC dudes who are willing to pay me back by agreeing to play the game with me. I bought a five pack by mistake and while I might be happy to have a spare or two I can't imagine I need four spares. They have quite short cables though so if you have to plug in at the back of your PC it might be no use. I have my PC on my desk and a mic input on the front of it.
  15. Since I keep banging on about it being important I thought I may as well write up how to practise it. Of course training mode in this game is really boring so I haven't followed my own advice yet for more than five minutes before getting bored and going looking for battle lounges! Practising throw bait timing in training mode Pick a character with either a 3 frame jab as your opponent (Chun is fine). Record "guard recovery" actions of cr.LP, block down-back, and throw. For the LP and the throw you should see the red "reversal" notification pop up to show you did it on the earliest possible timing. Turn on all three actions in "guard recovery playback". Also change the dummy's blocking setting to "first hit only". Now use you character of choice to approach the dummy and attack with a normal button, say cr.LP. You should see the dummy play back either a reversal button or throw as soon as they come out of blockstun, or just downback because you also recorded that as one of the options (the reason I included that one is so you don't get too enthusiastic about using unsafe attacks as your throw bait punish - they won't always take the bait). So now you can try using different normals to walk up, have them block an attack, then immediately walk back half a step and press something else to hopefully punish their reversal button or throw attempt. Or you can do what my Ken friend from the other day did and walk half a step back to dodge my throw and immediately walk back in and throw me while I can't tech. Practice makes perfect. This is what they're talking about when they talk about "the shimmy". It works because the opponent is so used to defending against tick throws where the attacker stands after their button is blocked to step forward and throw. They see you stand and throw/mash jab on reaction, so if you anticipate that happening you can stand to prompt their reaction but step out of the way of their retaliation and punish it. Better players than me can sometimes visually confirm and select a punish accordingly, but for now I'm sticking to stuff that will be safe on block because I don't trust myself to look for the hit confirm. Practising meaty timing in training mode Again pick a character with a three frame normal but this time use the "record wakeup actions" setting to just record a wakeup three frame button (e.g. Chun cr.LP) in one slot, a down-back in the second, and a throw in the third. Again you want reversal timing. Set the dummy block to "after first hit" and turn on your three recordings in playback settings. Also set the dummy recovery type to random so it moves between quick rise, back roll, etc. Knock the dummy down and try to get close and press a button which hits them before either their button or throw can happen. Technically you can do this exercise with just the cr.LP recorded but I like the variations because it reminds you what things your opponent might do in a match (I stopped short of adding in wakeup invincible reversal haha). Remember that different knockdowns give different wakeup timings/distances so there's no one setup for every situation. For me the purpose of this is less about memorising what to do right now than to get used to seeing wakeup animations and recognising when I don't actually have time to press a button to challenge them. For example after a forward throw with Chun I know now that I can't dash up and press a button because if the opponent quickrises then their reversal jab will win.
  16. Haha willei if a silver player on a 30 win streak popped up on my screen I would by 99% sure they'd been v-cancelling their losses. I'd play you anyway because the 70-odd seconds of gameplay would be more valuable to me than the points after spending 90 seconds waiting for the game to load, but I wouldn't expect a real match. I think I'm nearly ready to give ranked another go just to see how I'm doing. I figured out training mode options yesterday for learning meaty timing and throw bait timing. I feel like Chun is comparatively quite weak in them if you're bad like me - her best meaty button, st.MP in my opinion because it leads to real damage, doesn't stay out long which makes the timing more difficult than something like the classic sf4 ryu cr.MP. Other Chun options b+HP and cr.LK seem easier to time but lead to very little damage. On throw baits, her best option seems to be cr.MK which again doesn't really lead to anything. b+MP works but only combos into v-trigger, for example. Actually thinking about it she might get to walk back in and throw if they whiff a throw attempt. Hmmm... Neither are disastrous weaknesses but I'm even more convinced there's good reason she's not winning tournaments yet despite being theoretical top tier. Time to learn Cammy because Ryu is too hard to use and Nash is the worst.
  17. Funnily enough I have a friend who never played videogames as a child/teenager but bought a 360 and Fable II, and ended up 100%ing Fallout 3 over 200 hours after a shaky start before moving onto the Dark Souls games and never looking back. The last videogame conversation we had, she was inviting me to a co-op SL1 run of Dark Souls with another friend using some matchmaking mod I don't understand, and I had to decline because I'm basically not good enough at games to hang any more.
  18. As with so much of modern fantasy, I suspect you can trace its lineage back to The Lord of the Rings:
  19. Been playing FT2 against a Ken player called Shintoken for nearly 2 hours, and I just won my first FT2! I've had the odd game along the way but in matches it's 15-1. Must be something like 31-5 in games. It took me about eight games not to be losing to the same two things every single round - the standard throw bait, and v-skill into throw. Either Shintoken is a lovely person happy to help people learn or Shintoken just really, really enjoys winning. I'm happy anyway, I feel like I just crammed about a week of learning into one morning.
  20. You know that really you ought to just be picking Ken and yoloswagging all over the place. I don't know why you try to hide from your destiny - you can't play keepaway vs fate forever.
  21. ah

    Star Fox Zero

    Are you getting this? I'm stuck halfway between on one hand "n64 star fox remade by platinum" basically being a good effort by Nintendo at describing my dream Wii U game, and on the other hand just feeling entirely unmoved by the couple of videos I've watched, so a datadave opinion would be most welcome if you are playing it. You'll just say I should finish W101 instead I guess.
  22. I never knew that 3500PP sweet spot... Had an excellent set with Imp this morning (apologies for rushing off mid-match!). Birdie seems to suit your more "serious" style of play really well, you can really control the match without taking many risks and force me into increasingly desperate attempts at regaining control through bad gambles. Not sure how much of that is the character though, as it reminds me of fighting your Ryu in tournament, feeling very frequently that I'm the one who has to take risks and force the issue even in the rounds where I get the early advantage. Looking forward to more :-)
  23. I feel like I must have completely failed to make my point because this doesn't really read like a reply to the post I thought I had made, sorry! I was saying explicitly that censor is obviously not an accurate description but that I can understand his point about the challenge of engaging in web discussion with a viewpoint at odds with the majority. The thing I'm talking about isn't at all undermined by a Mentazm neg, because the whole point is that the minority view has a dramatically different experience of the discussion and a very much more limited toolset. To put it simply, Mentazm's one neg is not the same tool as the majority view's fifteen negs. Maybe you just don't care about the imbalance in this context and maybe you're right not to do so, I don't know. I'm not for a moment agreeing with the anti-censorship viewpoint and I agree like I said in my first post that crying censorship is inaccurate and doesn't help one's cause. But I would rather try and unpick where that comes from than shout "idiots!" or "sexists!" or "hypocrites!" when to me there's pretty clearly more to it than that - as has been discussed by numerous people here previously. And yes, it is definitely something that other groups do as well. Like I said, I think it's just an innate property of group discussion.
  24. "Censor" is a poor choice of word but it's not entirely absurd as a grumble - if you have one view on a sensitive issue and the nine other people in the room all disagree with you in strong terms, there's a definite effect there discouraging further attempts at discussion even if the other nine people are umwaveringly welcoming and interested in your view (which isn't always the case here). There's not a lot you can do about that, though. If you hold an unpopular view you can either work tirelessly to promote it carefully, or you can be rude and dismissive, or you can stay quiet. The first option is hard work so I can see why people would equate being in that position to feeling like they can't say what they think. I have views on the EU which are wildly at odds with the general consensus on rllmuk, for example, and I know what it would cost me in time and effort to discuss that here so I choose not to do it. I understand it well enough to know it's nobody's fault that it's harder to share a minority view than a popular one so it doesn't upset me the way it does some other people, and no, it's not censorship, but it is a phenomenon of group conversation which is very different from simply having someone disagree with you. I'm not sure what any of this has to do with presentations of women in videogames, of course.
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