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    If anyone is still after a good copy of Mushihimesama Futari then please check my trading thread, I listed it at £42 delivered because that's cheaper than any other I could find for sale. Weird to be selling my favourite shmup, but I just don't see myself setting up my 360 any time in the next five or six years at least, and by that time I'll obviously be a billionnaire so I'll just buy another copy then. I've not posted here in years, but I've been lurking, and obviously especially loving Stanshall's Mushi adventures. Hope you're all doing well.
  2. Lately I've wasted pretty much every other evening watching Marlinpie on YouTube. He pretty much just plays the game and says "oh no!" or "oh I got lucky!" and occasionally does a doom ting. I'm sure I would suck at actually playing sf4 now, but recommencing watching mvc3 is like riding a bike, except easier. Oh hi guys.
  3. Training mode innit. Still practising that dash ultra.
  4. I thought I was going to have a bad last night on this, at first: I lost my first game heavily and was immediately kicked from the lobby, then spent half an hour waiting for another match and it was so free the opponent quit midway through round two. But then I eventually ended up playing a great little set against a 4k/16k chun player and getting the upper hand by the end of it. I think with a couple more games he would have adapted again but he won't get a couple more games now - nor ever, I guess, since that's my last day of home broadband done and dusted. GG, no runbacks :-) (I'm still around to press buttons at someone's house, of course!)
  5. I just did my second ever real-match dash ultra with Chun ...but I did it too slow and my opponent blocked it. But for that brief moment as the ultra flash happened after the dash, the fireball hanging useless in the air between Chun and my opponent, I felt truly godlike. Earlier I played against a man with a Russian flag who changed characters every game, won 3 lost 3, and then switched to his main and began taunting while winning the second round, only to lose it and then go on to also lose the last round in hilarious fashion and kick me from his lobby like it was 2011 or something. I also played a bunch of games against that man Gen Kan who used to post GIFs on the reddit before it became so SFV-focused. He is a good man and imparted many words of wisdom. USF4 Revival is doing right by me.
  6. ah


    Mushi is brilliant fun, though. I think I'm at about the same place as you - in most of these games I get some way through stage 3 and maybe see stage 4 once before I drift away from it.
  7. ah


    This is pretty much how I feel about every Lightning Bolt album!
  8. I love Rufus's little crab-walk so much.
  9. Haha, I spent it already, but that's actually exactly what I spent it on! Looks very good. I cleared out my inventory, though, and now have something like £4.69 in there. Half tempted by Killer is Dead on sale, and half tempted by One Finger Death Punch, but I'll probably just waste it entirely and buy Verdict Guilty which looks like one of the most broken fighting games I ever saw. It doesn't even have pushback on blocked moves! Other recommendations welcome, of course.
  10. Definitely up for the button pressing. Pressing the buttons is fun.
  11. I fell asleep repeatedly during last year's Evo.
  12. 1. JLM, that video clip is actually godlike! 2. Spuck, it's heartwarming that I disagree with you quite strongly on most of your points above, and yet we can still agree that SFV is boring. Well, I say "heartwarming" but maybe I mean depressing. 3. We're cutting our internet connection this month, so if anyone fancies a few games on steam (or even potentially on xbl if I can find a free month ticket) one evening before I'm gone forever then let me know.
  13. I love all this stuff, even the truly rubbish ones like Cast who I hope I never hear again in my life. I don't have a favourite, but nobody has mentioned Sleeper yet, so I want to fix that by mentioning them myself.
  14. I would love it, purely on the grounds that Curtis loves it and a man who loves dark souls that much couldn't possibly be wrong....
  15. I certainly like buying shmups.
  16. I have £1.33 in my steam wallet. Any suggestions on dirt cheap games? The last game I bought was Space Moth on clippa's recommendation, and...I haven't played it yet.
  17. Who would have thought that I'd ever again be sitting here on a Thursday night skipping through the stream archive from last night's Wednesday Night Fights. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125788517 Online Tony, Marq Teddy, Chris T, Brentisn'tcool, Iansanity, etc. etc.
  18. I liked the two short tracks, but to be honest I don't much remember it.
  19. I haven't ever catalogued my records, and I'm wary of Discogs' prices, but these are a couple I noticed recently are apparently worth more than I would pay for them, if I didn't already have them: https://www.discogs.com/The-Tuss-Rushup-Edge/release/975346 https://www.discogs.com/Radiohead-In-Rainbows/release/1158751 Threads like this really make me want to just get rid of everything valuable and rebuy cheaper editions. Do I really need a big boxed copy of In Rainbows with a bonus CD (which I don't even like)? I could get the standard vinyl as a replacement for about £10 now! I don't even like it that much!
  20. Just do a few character trials until you find something that feels right. If you just want to avoid Ryu/Ken and need a shorter list to choose from, though, you might look at Chun, Juri, Oni, Sakura, Sagat, or maybe Fei. All of them offer a little bit of everything from the delicious plate that is sf4. Or if you like to be different Hugo, Balrog, Blanka, Yun, Adon, Cammy and Rose are probably all fairly good unconventional beginner characters who will still let you learn the important bits of the game before getting bogged down in the less important bits. Enjoy your game. That's the key thing.
  21. Thanks, I'll take a look. I suppose if I really wanted to be sure I could just unplug and launch each game in turn again, but I might just be too lazy for that!
  22. I'm taking my PC offline for a while and I have been installing some games before doing so. I'm just working through loading them all to make sure the installation is complete and there's no online authentication which might trip me up later, but several of them are installing different versions of DirectX redistributables. Does anyone know if this is going to cause me problems? Or do the different versions they all install sit alongside one another without issue?
  23. This kind of thing might help: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/desks/desk-computer-desks/svartåsen-laptop-stand-black-art-40242177/
  24. Either get an external mouse or just get a gamepad. Don't try and play anything fast paced on a touchpad.
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