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  1. Haha, I think I said "ugh" to myself when that Cody st.HP connected. Delicious. Oh I meant to ask, I remember you showing me a combo video ages ago which had all sorts of weird stuff in it but the only bits I really remember are some stuff with Ken (maybe setting up the ultra or st.HK or something to hit backwards?) and a bit where it cuts to the song "im da bes". Maybe it was called bits and pieces or odds and ends or something like that? If you happen to know what I'm talking about, I would enjoy rewatching it.
  2. Nine minute compilation of the very best tricks from the very best online SF4 players. If I had to pick one bit to highlight, it would be the Vega thing at about 5:10 which I've never seen before in any form and which is just delightfully dirty. I had to rewind about four times.
  3. ah

    Rocket League

    Play whichever car makes you feel good. Octane and Dominus are the most popular for gameplay reasons, I think, but it doesn't make much difference at our level.
  4. ah

    Rocket League

    Every time you hit the ball, reset your brain, stop chasing it, and retreat a little way to see what's happening now and let your teammates take a turn. Once you get better you'll figure out when not to follow this rule, but if you treat it as a rule at first then I think you'll improve much faster because you'll be spending more time watching the game and less time mindlessly ball-chasing. It also makes you nice and predictable for your teammates so they know it'll be their turn to attack the ball after you've taken a swipe. Practise predicting where the ball will land, and who will get to it first, even when you're just hanging back yourself. This helps you learn the angles it will bounce from different bits of the wall, etc., and get a feel for when it's your "turn" to hit the ball. Worry more about making the right decisions than about the fancy technical stuff. That stuff will come with playing, in large part, but plenty of people manage to play for hundreds of hours and still be making daft decisions - chasing a ball when it should be their teammates' turn, leaving the goal open, following teammates into a corner, trying to fly for something they'll never hit, etc. There are probably loads of beginner guides out there but that's the stuff I wish I'd known a hundred hours ago!
  5. ah

    Rocket League

    You can cross play, but it's a pain. You can't queue ranked or casual matches, only private. I'm on PC and play occasionally, but I was never good and now I'm out of practice too.
  6. Man I got bored an hour into To The Moon. I loved Gone Home, though.
  7. One such game that we recently played and loved, and which happens to be free on steam, is Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald. It's short (15 minutes or so) and daft, and very good fun. We didn't like the Telltale games but did really like Life is Strange (except for episode 4, grrr). Oh, another one we loved was Her Story. Again short, maybe two hours this time, and cheap.
  8. I need a copy of that spliced with the one where Mike Ross shouts "FOOT-SIES".
  9. I played Super with an old friend who was playing for the first time since 2010 the other week and, yes, it was fairly joyless by the end of the second game. Probably about as joyless as an Edge magazine review of a colourful but sub-par Nintendo game. I still made him play for another half hour or so, obviously.
  10. Not in general, it's just they made such a fuss last year about how you'd only ever buy SFV once, and after that first purchase you'd never need to pay anything more. I wouldn't mind! I have four sf4 boxes in my 360 collection.
  11. At this point I think only Super SFV can really get them more sales. Maybe Hyper SFV. The drip feed of new characters is, for me, a f2p mechanic in a game which costs money to buy - if the game was free then each new character would be a chance to lure in new players, but it's not. If they'd sold 3 million copies and people were raving about the game they could potentially make it work anyway, but at this point it looks like a gamble which failed: "Buy once, and get everything" was a great message for launch day but it isn't useful now. I'd say they could almost afford to risk the bad blood by selling a big new version with a bunch of extra stuff which existing owners don't get without upgrading. Let people keep playing without buying the new stuff but make it look tasty - 10 new characters, big single player stuff, something cool like dramatic battle or 2v2 or edition select. Perhaps most importantly give it the new name. Obviously I personally want gameplay changes too, but even without that, maybe with some points and rewards tweaks I definitely think they could still make it work for other people. It just needs something a bit more radical than a new character every two months and more costumes, unless they're happy with the playerbase staying this size. It's certainly possible that they decided they're not committed to growing it further.
  12. ah

    Tekken 7

    Did the calendar change this year or is the man genuinely suggesting you download this four months before it unlocks?
  13. Southland Tales made an impression on me despite other people seemingly considering it a mess. I think I prefer an ambitious mess to a tidy success, to be honest. Anyway, the line your post brought to mind, just a great, poetic single line, was arguably The Rock's finest moment in cinema: "I'm a pimp, and pimps don't commit suicide." So much of what that film is "about" is wrapped up in that line.
  14. Surprised what you guys are living as the rubbish bit from the last episode too...
  15. Umm maybe gentle spoilers ahead but not about specific events... I liked this. Really interesting exploration of myth as both storyteller and living guide, myth tales evading single interpretations and neat shapes but holding larger truths, lives not following single courses, etc. Loved the weaving of the fireside storytelling with reflection time and daily life. Interesting ideas about magic and ritual. Nice structure for the first half. I loved how it keeps shrugging you off in the first half every time you think you've got hold of the main story. I was disappointed when the fifth episode seemed like it was pulling the same trick but then just stuck with the previous story - would have been really something if it could have kept pushing the idea. If it hadn't dwelt on that same thread for so long I think the ending would have felt less jarring - it would have just been the next shift of the shaggy confusing story which kept carrying me along and offering good nourishment along the way. Also enjoyed the stuff in the middle about needing to embody and actually live knowledge to know it - and the comparison there between the people doing that and the person/people trying to understand just by observing from outside who will of course never truly know. Almost a commentary on tv watching, or the blind belief that facts and data are all knowledge. Thought the ending would have been great if the previous three episodes hadn't dwelled on the one story thread and suggested a resolution which the ending couldn't really deliver, because the first half didn't ever promise anything of the sort and that was part of what I liked about it. I don't like tv but I liked this more than most tv.
  16. Totally agree. ...but of course options and buffs/nerfs are different things. The nice thing about having lots of options is that some will be naturally better than others, which enables mind games around whether or not you'll go for the best option or not this time, or instead go for something which is weaker but beats the likely counter to your best option. If all the options are godlike - if Zangief's normal attacks do the same damage as his SPD and also give a knockdown, say - it's not mind games any more, it's just guessing. That's where I think games approach if they insist on maximising buffs and minimising nerfs. Happily I don't think many games actually do this, rather developers just think it sounds nice to say it. Marvel has very few one hit kills if you allow that a one hit kill must kill the entire team, by the way :-)
  17. Grab attempt whiffs; grab attempt whiffs; grab attempt whiffs...........dash ultra. I respect it.
  18. I never understood that argument anyway. Would people like a new version of USF4 where Elena's hurtboxes got even smaller? Would they have wanted Sagat to do even more damage in SSF4? Do they think the best fighting game possible would be one where any character can one-hit kill off a low attack AND off an overhead? Fighting games are fun because your character has strengths and weaknesses. I strongly suspect that people who feel otherwise don't actually like fighting games in particular - they just like winning at things and have found that fighting games allow them to easily experience that.
  19. Took me about 10 minutes to do the very first Beowulf trial. I suck.
  20. This just got a big ol' patch, pretty much out of nowhere. Details: http://skullgirls.com/2017/01/sg2e-lobby-patch-notes/ It's up on Steam now in all regions, but the European updates for consoles are still working their way through the patch submission process. Coincidentally if you're thinking of jumping in and never played before, you can actually buy the base game for £1 here (expires in 40 hours): https://www.bundlestars.com/en/promotions/dollar-dash-3 If you want to also get the "2nd Encore" DLC package including all extra characters and a bunch of story/challenge stuff, get it here for £5.49 within the next two days: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/skullgirls-2nd-encore-upgrade I've forgotten everything I ever knew about this game but I'm tempted to give it another go if I get a spare minute soon.
  21. My first game was on the Amstrad side of a Mega PC, and it involved manning an AA gun while paratroopers, aircraft and bombs attacked you. I don't remember the name but it was a lot of fun. We rented Mega Drive games for a long time before buying one. After that: Goldeneye, Resident Evil 4, Project Gotham 4, Demon's Souls and uhhh SFV. Should have quit while the going was good.
  22. I've come to think "reached out" means "tried to send an unsolicited message via one of their social media pages but not sure if it got through." I really dislike it too, of course.
  23. Score challenge games with new abilities and multipliers which unlock gradually. I just know I'll be irritated until all the tools are available and probably give up before it happens. Most recently I've seen this in Luftrausers and Race the Sun, both of which I'd probably be raving about if there was an "unlock everything up front" option. Also, stuff that bills itself as a 'constantly evolving platform" or whatever. I'm trying to play a game, not dedicate my life to keeping up with it. Put the best bits you can come up with on a disc and send it me when it's done. Yes, I'm old.
  24. Yes, I actually edited my post before you replied to it because I agree that it read rudely which wasn't my intention. I'm not sure why you got the old post, sorry. But I stand by the general thrust of my comment - you said "it's hard and irritating, I just want people to go through it" and I asked why, because I didn't see how it helped you get the feedback you said you were looking for. This was me pointing out an issue I saw with using that presentation method when you were asking for very particular feedback (specific details of which character designs people liked from this long presentation) and suggesting an alternative way which would enable me - and by extension hopefully others - to provide the feedback you had said you wanted. It wasn't me saying that you shouldn't use that presentation method at all. On the one hand you're asking for specific feedback on a particular thing (the character designs themselves, to the point that you want people to tell you which specific designs they like best by keeping notes and sending you numbers which don't appear on the presentation) and asking people not to get hung up on the other aspects of the presentation in doing so, and getting frustrated that this kind of feedback wasn't forthcoming... ...but on the other hand (in my view) you're reluctant to make it particularly easy for anyone to actually give you that specific feedback without also wanting to comment on the whole "piece". Personally I wasn't particularly irritated by the piece itself or by the clicking, as it happens. It just stopped me doing what you asked me to do, i.e. provide you with details of which designs I liked. If you don't want feedback, that's not a problem at all! But you specifically said that you do want feedback. And that's what I took from the thing. If you can't see the ways in which you've structured it like a game (not only do you set a challenge on the first screen, you even have a "score" at the end and note in the comments that you made it "easier"), that's a whole other conversation. Again, I'm not trying to say you shouldn't be doing something like that. I'm saying that, in my view, the fact that you're doing something like that means that if you actually want someone to "Notepad open or a pen and paper, noting the number of any design which stands out as particularly better or weaker" then the presentation itself as you've designed it makes that feel more like work than it needs to be. And I was curious why that would be the case - my guess was either because you don't actually want the specific feedback you said you wanted (you in fact just want people to enjoy the cool thing you made), or because you didn't understand that to an uninitiated viewer this might feel like a needlessly complicated task you had asked them to perform. Anyway, I just looked through it again as an offering to assuage the offence I've unintentionally caused. 27 gave me what I think are traditionally termed the heebie jeebies. In conclusion: it's not my intention to be rude, any more than it's your work's intention to be irritating, so I hope that neither thing appears to be the case.
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