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  1. You could try putting up a sheet with all 100 core characters on it, have little images of the variations or whatever if you like, and number it, and more people would be more easily able to tell you, I don't know, 17, 18 and 41 are the best ones. Or whatever else you're interested in hearing. I scored 25 by clicking randomly and seeing all that flash past in a blur with occasional sounds reminded me more of Cannibal Ox than anything else. If you haven't got it you should give The Cold Vein a listen.
  2. There's possibly something wrong if you're getting that many errors on joining - restrictive NAT settings maybe? Try creating and endless battle and let someone else join you, if you can't find anything wrong with your network connection. PP is your player ranking and the one that matters, really. BP shows how many wins you have with each specific character, so it can give you a sense of whether your opponent is well practised with the character they picked or is trying out something new. The game has been around for eight years so most of the people still playing will k ow how to play already, and of course in any game you're most likely to get matched with the people who are most likely to be online playing, which means the people who play all the time and therefore know what's what. But if it was in the sale you'll run into other newcomers soon enough. My advice for online play is as follows: - play with a friend who can chat and offer advice/banter - if and only if that's not possible, play "endless battle" with a two player lobby so you get to play the same person a few times in a row - if and only if nobody is joining your lobby, try ranked matches and after each match reflect on a thing that helped kill you and decide what you will do the next time you see that situation Ranked matches are really only good for getting to play a wide variety of opponents and learn how to fight different characters. For learning the basics you'll fare much better if your opponent doesn't change after every single match.
  3. If you were in the middle of doing something when she goes into the little cutscene before her ultra combo, you probably won't have time to finish your thing and go back to blocking before she hits you. If you are doing nothing when the little cutscene starts, hold back and you will block the attack. The AI is very variable but there's usually a cheap way to beat any fight. Zangief for example can pretty much just mash all three punch buttons forever and he will eventually spin his way to victory in every fight. Try something different to what you're doing and you'll get there.
  4. Good idea - you will improve and get better at the game without bothering with the complicated stuff until you feel like you want to do so. With Ryu I would say you could comfortably practice and improve even by only ever using the following options: Crouching medium kick (cr.mk) Hadoken (fireball) cr.mk xx fireball (easy combo which is almost always safe even if they block it, just immediately do fireball input after pressing the kick button) Shoryuken (dragon punch or "dp") Throw (and the same input to break a throw when your opponent attempts one) Crouching block (hold down-back) Crouching medium kick when they're near enough, and do the combo if you feel like it. Fireball when they're far away, then stop fireballs when you feel they're about to jump over one and wait to dragon punch as they come down towards you, then when they're scared walk up and throw or do your cr.mk again.Block when you want. Pretty much everything else is just details. Seriously, read that again and practice it and you will get better fast as you learn how opponents respond. You'll still lose plenty of course! When you're happy with that, which won't take long, you can move onto the most fun thing in the whole game by introducing an occasionally crouching heavy kick (cr.hk or "sweep"). When your opponent is used to you walking up to then or standing in range to do cr.mk, walk there then step back a tiny fraction. If they do their own button to try and poke you away, they will miss because you stepped out of range, and you can do your longer cr.hk to hit the useless move they threw out and knock them down. This is called "whiff punishing" and it doesn't matter how fancy a 100 hit combo you learn, it will never feel as good as when you bait your opponent like this and hit them with the punishment. There is a fun video on youtube where gootecks and mike ross teach Japanese pro wrestler Kenny omega how to play Ryu in SFV using just cr.mk and sweep, or something like that, and he does win ranked matches by the end. Too many people get caught up in the complicated stuff too early, I think, because it's what they see most obviously in the opponents who beat them. But the only reason the opponent got to do anything fancy is because they already used this less flashy stuff to get in the right place first. Sorry for the wall of text, this is my favourite videogame and I hope you have fun with it :-)
  5. Look up vesperarcade on youtube, he did videos of all the combo trials with his hands in the shot so you can see the button timing. The timing for linking one attack after another isn't really that bad once you understand the general idea, and very often the same kind of timing will apply for lots of different combos across various characters. Try to only press each button once at first, then you'll know if the second button was too early because the attack won't come out. If it's too late, it will come out but the dummy will block it. We call it "tatsu" for short, by the way :-) but it's quite common to call things "upkicks" or "fireball" or whatever and people will get what you mean. Shoryuken is actually: Forward > Down > Diagonally down-forward > Punch button. The diagrams are definitely confusing sometimes. Also, there is a "shortcut" you can do for that motion which is to start in down-forward position, then move to straight down and back to down-forward. Because of how the game reads inputs it will count the down-forward at the start in place of the forward you needed when you press the punch button (basically, any time you press an attack button the game checks the directions you pressed in the moment before and if it finds useful inputs in among the mess it will use them. But if this is confusion, ignore it for now!)
  6. What platform? I will play with you if you're on PC. Each character has two ultra combos which have different input commands. You can choose one or the other before the game, or you can pick the third option which makes them both available to you, but they do less damage than if you'd chosen one. It'sa choice between whether you want lots of tools available during the fight, or you want fewer tools but your tools do more damage. There's usually a consensus for each character on what they should pick, depending on who they're fighting, but as a general rule you can get away with picking the first option as your default. There's a command list for each character if you pause during a game. If you've got a favourite character or two then tell us and we'll give you a quick primer on the most important stuff to get you started :-)
  7. You might get Portal 2 to run at low settings and it will surely be cheap in the Christmas sale. I think you could probably put together any two random strangers who've not yet played Portal 2's multiplayer side and they'd have a great time playing it. Left4Dead2 might be worth a look too, with the same caveat about low settings - lots of people I know who wouldn't normally go for hectic, violent games have fallen in love with that game. Lethal League and Nidhogg are good simple 2 player "fighting" games that aren't really fighting games. Both are brilliant.
  8. ah

    Rocket League

    There are rocket labs arenas in the casual playlists and everyone quits out every time it happens! The proper new one is fun though.
  9. With the name being Infinite I wouldn't be surprised if it's intended to have a constant drip feed of new characters and little bits and pieces over time. They're probably still too scared to try a real f2p game but fake-f2p like SFV and SFxT at least. Imagine the new Marvel movie coming out and the lead character/stage/costumes releasing around the same time. I would hate it but I can see how Marvel would love it. I'm kind of salty UMvC3 is out on PS4 but not PC until March. I want to push all the buttons against you guys and it won't have cross play anyway.
  10. Glad to see they've patched it so that losing wifi connection doesn't kick you back to the menu :-)
  11. That first gameplay trailer makes it look more like SFxM than MvC4. Or TvC with Marvel characters. I'd love to have an active SFxT-alike game again, though it's probably pushing it to hope for 4 player fights. As for Infinity Stones, Qazi... http://www.gameinformer.com/games/marvel_vs_capcom_infinite/b/playstation4/archive/2016/12/03/two-on-two-fights-are-made-more-chaotic-by-infinity-stones.aspx
  12. Given there are six of them they could make them like CvS2 grooves... I am hype to buy 3 again on PC in March and play it as often as I play it on Xbox (i.e. never).
  13. ah


    clippa I missed you. I think Mushihimesama on steam currently has a bug relating to big friends lists. I have fixed it on my PC, so if anyone struggles to launch the game let me know and I'll find my notes on what I did. The game is very very good - it and its sequel are my favourite shmups by a fair distance.
  14. Arcsys loop! Give it a month and they'll announce the next revision. I am too old for it but might get the PS3 version anyway, since Jonster actually paid for my copy of SIGN. Combo practice is fun in this game (last time I played I was still working on getting instant air dash consistently).
  15. Oh, I think I have a key for Wasted if anyone wants it for about £3.99 less than the sale price. Halo very kindly gave me Life is Strange which will occupy my new game capacity for the rest of the year (I still haven't finished my first run through Thumper either).
  16. You know, when I was writing this I was wondering if anyone would care, and I thought: "Qazimod will care".
  17. David Sirlin, infamous for such previous masterworks as the slightly unnecessary re-balance of SSF2T:HDR, the fighting-game-themed card game Yomi, the "Playing To Win" eBook about how to approach playing fighting games if you care most about winning, and of course Chess 2, is working on a new fighting game designed with the aim of dramatically reducing the various dexterity requirements of fighting games and allowing players to focus on mind games and character diversity. It looks atrocious but also like it might end up being fun. If you were interested at all in Rising Thunder or Divekick, for example, or you loved SFIV (or I suppose SFII) at some point but could never quite get around to learning another fighting game, you might be interested in this when it eventually materialises. And here's a long twitch archive with gameplay and discussion (if you just want to dip in, maybe skip to somewhere approaching 1h30 and see how you like it): https://www.twitch.tv/sirlingames/v/101107817 The basic idea is that it's very simplified - no difference between crouching and standing, every move is a one-button input, etc. The most interesting mechanic to me was seeing how throw techs work - to tech a throw, you press nothing. At first this sounds overpowered - just don't press anything and you automatically tech throws? Better yet, you actually counter the throw in a way which hurts your opponent, and you get a full stock of meter as a reward? Why would anyone bother even trying a throw? But think of it like this: I'm on the attack, and I do a jumping attack, then press a ground button, then press throw. If you're defending, then to successfully defend against this you have to hold back to block the jumping attack, hold back to block the ground attack, and then.... take your hands off the stick because you're sure there's a throw coming. You've got to be really confident about that throw being on its way before they hit another attack button, or you're going to eat a full combo. The game might be terrible and I don't even know if it's PS4-only or what, so I might never play it.
  18. ah


    You've only had the game for a day! Give yourself a chance.
  19. I just feel sorry for the dog. Finally gets the master's attention and then it turns out he's brought his bloody games console to the park.
  20. ah

    Rocket League

    Did I hear someone say "1v1 round robin"?
  21. I spent this weekend eating (and occasionally cooking) very curious meals, and inbetween playing Halo 3 Legendary co-op from start to finish with my good friend who never bought an Xbox 360, and had therefore never played this despite loving first two games. It's really, really good! Co-op can feel a bit like cheating at times if you exploit the spawning mechanics, but for the most part we played it straight with the goal of pushing through such as a genetically modified supersoldier might attempt to push through unending hordes of enemies on his way to a specific goal. We ran the gravemind bit with limited fighting; we hid out in the trees sniping snipers; we danced with brutes in the fields, in the towers and in the barracks; we flew around and deliberately spawned each other into instant death situations (or in one case stranded each other on a remote island...); we did a lot of throwing grenades, pinging out bullets and following in with a rifle butt. While playing, I came to the tentative conclusion that I had slightly spoiled Halo for myself by playing too much deathmatch/competitive in Halo 3 and Reach. I think for me the real magic of this game is in the interesting configurations of terrain, tools and challenges which reward creative thinking and problem solving - the only real reward being the pleasure of engaging in creative thinking and solving problems (and of course the physical pleasures of dexterity and cause/effect when it comes to the aforementioned grenades, bullets and rifle butts). I thought I enjoyed the competitive playlists while I was playing them but my true love when it comes to Halo evidently involves a sofa, a friend and a lot of trash talk. We finished up around 1am last night and my friend was outraged to see he hadn't been awarded the little skull and crossbones for the first two levels, so we ended up blasting through those ones again before bed. Now I'm back home and rested I'm wondering about going back and finally giving the campaign scoring achievements a shot (which I suspect would require some significant improvements in my/our standard of play...), but I think next time we get a spare weekend to waste then we're going to try Reach. Then maybe ODST sometime towards the end of 2019... Anyway. I just wanted to say: play Halo 3. It's a good game.
  22. ah

    Edge #299

    Do issue 300 without a month, and make issue 301 the January issue.
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