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    Rocket League

    Scored two goals in the next round!!!! Life goal accomplished. Got absolutely murdered, of course, but still! How is team rllmuk doing?
  2. ah

    Rocket League

    Progressed to round 2 via opponent disqualification: YES.
  3. ah

    Rocket League

    My friend entered this so we are handing out free wins in D10. We don't even know how to create the match... Current ambition is to score at least one goal between us across the four games we'll get (assuming I've read it right and it's FT2 double elimination!).
  4. He was pointing out that Dark Souls III is out on PC. Either that, or he was expressing surprise that you're not interested in Bloodborne.
  5. Super Hang On is my favourite of the 3D Classics games, by some distance. It's so good with all the control and screen options, etc.
  6. Joffo loves 5. Imp loves it better than 4, as of the last time we spoke which was too long ago. Both of them can handily bop me in either game but I still say they're wrong and they should be forced to dislike 5 because my view is the correct one :-) Honestly though I'm sure I would still be putting hours into 5 if I was still a carefree youngster, and I do feel a bit bad every time I post about it because it feels like trolling a thread for a game I don't play. But hey, if it was irredeemably bad we wouldn't be sitting here analysing it so much!
  7. I think in terms of the game they're actually in, and measuring them against other characters in that game, they're all too similar is the thing - everyone has similar strengths and weaknesses and a balanced game doesn't necessarily make a fun game, because the interest comes in large part from the specific imbalances. So I think making some characters worse at the dominant strategy and better at other things in return will make the game better without the character being less viable. But if they can find a way to introduce those imbalances by just giving characters stuff without taking things away then that works for me too :-) Probably do need to do something to help with the reaction times, though, if everyone's keeping their dashes! Maybe just making the animation at the start more obvious, like you hinted. I hope KOFXIV is godlike but I'm definitely missing the boat. I'll see what's good to learn when my infant starts sleeping normally but for now I'm stuck with games I already know how to play...
  8. ah


    I didn't get on well with Luftrausers due to upgrades. Also wasn't particularly keen on Waves or Scoregasm, though in fairness I didn't give either of them much time. And I got Steredenn a couple of months ago but couldn't get my stick to work with it so never gave it a proper go. Looked and sounded nice, though. Downwell is brilliant and extremely cheap, though it's not a straight-up shmup and is similar to Mirror's Edge in that you have to commit to going fast for the game to shine - it can take a few minutes to get used to the idea that you're supposed to dodge the platforms rather than jump on them! And Mushihimesama is one of my favourite Cave games.
  9. You'll still have a cast of characters who share very similar optimal ranges which in itself can diminish the importance of neutral depending on the character, but reduced input lag would certainly help. It needs system changes as well as character tweaks, I think. Nerf Ryu's dash and walk speed but give him a proper long cr.MK with a blockstring into fireball. Make all Mika's buttons shorter. Keep Chun's buttons the same but give her less frame advantage so her combos are worse for damage and pressure (e.g. remove combo to SBK outside of v-trigger). Make Nash's fireball terrible or something. Make some characters have good low moves and some have good mid-height moves. Fang is good, Gief is good, but almost everyone else needs to be more... more... more less! Or at least more different. As for system changes, I don't know yet what I'd suggest but I agree with you guys on the general issues. I would love to see a version of SF4 where you can only FADC on hit, so that would be one option I'd probably consider, maybe as an extension of v-reversal instead of an open play option? e.g. allowing you to FADC reversal timed moves for a v bar, or something, but only on hit. This would extend the meter management and balance between offensive and defensive uses and give a bit more reward to the risk of waking up with tings at reversal timing, which basically doesn't happen in this game at the moment. As well as that, I love the SFxT evasive roll so might think about that - with a back roll, rise in place and forward roll there's more chance to reset the neutral by tricking the aggressor into reading that you'll wake up quite far away from where you actually wake up. That would stay in keeping with the general philosophy of reads being more important than tech, too, and there are few things more satisfying than correctly scouting a SFxT roll and having the opponent roll right into a bad situation which only exists because they rolled. And lastly I wonder if they need to give in and bring back crouch tech, because the other OSes people are doing in its absence are getting a bit silly, and throw bait is so boring a thing to be the game's defining tactic. Putting crouch tech back would make the throw bait less braindead but still possible, and would make actual footsies more attractive by virtue of the dumb pressure being less good. But like I say, unless the characters change ad well it's only going to be half a fix. And I kind of feel they're damned if they do and damned if they don't at this point, anyway. Like you say, fingers crossed they find some magical tweak which just helps everything fall into place. It's not totally beyond hope for me yet even if I haven't played it since May (according to Steam - I played at two other people's houses more recently). I don't follow the game outside this thread any more though, so all my critique is based on the game as it was at Evo weekend and before! Maybe we all just liked SF4 too much and no game will ever compare, and as such we're just insanely critical of everything similar.
  10. "I've been playing tonnes of Breakers/Karnov's" = state of the fighting game scene in 2016. I almost bought a second hand PS4 to try this out yesterday but just about avoided it. It looks fun.
  11. You can play it on pretty much any PC made in the last 10 years on Fightcade. I'd happily play a few games with anyone else who doesn't know how to play - the regulars on there are way too good for me :-)
  12. ah


    Probably you can just download the original PC release and run it with dosbox. I would do that because clones and reboots always annoy me if I have clear memory of the original. My partner loves the snes version but I don't know if it's significantly different. Apparently alongside a million other ports there were also PSP and PS3 remasters.
  13. As you might know, I only work part time at the moment because in the wake of SFV's release I thought it was important to reduce my office hours so I could dedicate more time to SFxT advocacy. I actually played for the first time in ages the other night. Someone befriended me on Steam and we played for about two hours and - despite the netcode being bad, my new friend being in Italy and me being genuinely terrible at the game (can't remember the combos, always drop the simplest of tag combos, etc.) - it was a lot of fun. I'd love to get a bit of a revival going but I don't have Xbox Live any more which is where I think everyone would want to play. Everyone being maybe one other person in the world.
  14. Ahh sorry if I'm getting your hopes up, that one's not in this current bundle it's just in my list of unclaimed keys.
  15. Just bought the current Humble bundle to get Beginner's Guide for $1, so now I have steam codes from Humble sitting around for: Lethal League Galak-Z gone gone Samorost 2 gone gone Gotham City Impostors Professional Kit And Trine 2 and Torchlight still sitting in my steam inventory. PM if you want.
  16. Most gamecube games. Street Fighter X Tekken. Mortal Kombat X. Just kidding on that last one, it's the second worst fighting game ever made. SFxT though is surely a classic example of a game which had a bad launch and some weird extraneous ideas (DLC gems, custom combos) which led to it dying before anyone actually sat down and realised it's up there with the very best Street Fighter games. By the time people realised how good it was the community had moved on and it's never been given a second look.
  17. There's also a Capcom sale on Steam but it appears SF4 isn't included, and obviously all the "online edition" style re-releases didn't come out on Steam. SFxT complete pack is £7.79 on Steam this weekend at least (game without dlc is £4.59) - despite complaints on the forums/steam reviews page it does work, but there are a few gotchas you might need to deal with on a new installation. Here's what I wrote on the Steam forums for someone who was struggling with it immediately after I had worked through a fresh installation: The dlc pack limit thing is particularly funny in a game explicitly designed around selling you as many dlc packs as possible. It goes without saying that if anyone does pick it up then I'll happily play online with you despite the reportedly terrible PC netcode. I'm around most evenings before 10, but not always on Steam so you'll have to hunt me down.
  18. This happened to me with the Destiny beta - I played about as many hours of that as it was possible to play and by the end I really felt like I could see the joins and inner workings of the game showing in all sorts of places where they weren't supposed to show, and it highlighted to me the way that in fact most games are (obviously) designed explicitly to keep the player coming back despite their continuing to play having no positive impact on them beyond the invented in-game rewards. I say obviously, but while I already thought I knew this to be the case, I don't think I really understood it properly until playing Destiny, and thereafter I found it hard to stick with (or in many cases even start) a game because I could see the cogs behind it working me and I just kept thinking "what are you doing with your life?" I remember my partner visiting the Harry Potter studios and regretting it, because now she spots bad wigs and green screens in almost every movie we watch.
  19. It's not the state of fanboys, it's the state of human interaction in tech/commerce-driven society. As it becomes increasingly removed from the real world of bodies, consequences, community and affection, discourse between strangers becomes ever more broken as a human technology. In parallel, the value systems which for millenia have defined and instructed human life are marginalised in the name of individual choice and freedom, eventually providing everyone who desires it (and can pay for it) the freedom to sit alone at a computer terminal all day and pour far too much of their love and energy into weird things like specific niche videogames, animated pictures of cats, and the repeated assertion of their consumer identity - mostly enacted, of course, by way of the aforementioned discourse between strangers. This is part of what is commonly referred to as "progress".
  20. I thought this thread might have appeared and hit five pages so quickly because it was housing a vibrant discussion on the nature of pre-release hype, and taking No Man's Sky as a case study of a small studio doing something cool but falling into the money trap and getting chewed up by the enormous machine of Big Videogame Industry - and of course its audience. You know, some enthusiastic players are explaining what went down, other people are having interesting thoughts about how it went wrong and what it tells us about videogame culture, internet culture, etc. Great idea for a thread. Never mind. Maybe there's still time. On the plus side I learned two things: 1. This game looks really interesting and fun, possibly moreso in the OP video than the scripted/cherrypicked trailer I watched on Steam. I'd dismissed it but now I'd love to give it a go at some point. 2. It's made by Hello Games, whose previous credits amount (in full) to four Joe Danger games. I mean come on, I played Joe Danger and it was woeful - ugly to look at, annoying to listen to, almost remarkably boring as a play-it-once game and seriously flawed as a score-attack game. Any sane world would be celebrating a small studio for doing something ambitious and creative at last and actually getting it out the door. Of course that same sane world would also have known before release not to go into the Joe Danger guys' new game with any level of expectation that you'd see something good. (Apologies for the Joe Danger hate - usually when I don't like a game I just don't talk about it, with special exceptions for certain fighting games - but I think it's necessary here to make my point).
  21. Tuesday is hereby declared Random SF4 Videos Day. Bonus Marvel memories (MarlinPie air dash swag):
  22. SFxT is good but hardly anyone plays it (online or off), and so the game will be pretty much impossible to learn at this stage if you want to compete online. As a single player game - or for multiplayer with friends - it's pretty excellent, though. There's lots to do in training mode and decent challenges/arcade, and a great mix of characters and playstyles. Plus it has the hype meter on the replay viewer, which should really have been a mandatory addition to every fighting game released since. In local multiplayer with a teammate it really shines, and you can do all sorts on nonsense with cross assault. Ahhhh the memories. The DLC characters (all 12 in one pack) are the only DLC you would want to get unless you're a costume monster.
  23. I think I'm the only person (well, along with my siblings) who prefers Twisted Edge to 1080. Vote Other.
  24. I went looking for a combo video I remember JLM showing me ages ago with some crazy Ken stuff with Ultras juggling from behind, etc., but couldn't find it and ended up in a youtube loop watching BasedMonster clips and random SF4 stuff. So here are a few miscellaneous things to get you all hype for SF4's inevitable return to glory.
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