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  1. No problem, looking forward to the next one. Should be plenty of games I've not seen before given my top two picks were to be found languishing in the first video!
  2. ....yes, yes it will (just checked). New project > credits > type in the text box. It has a bunch of export settings for you to select quality, etc. The windows 8 version works fine in windows 10, or at least I assume that's what I'm using.
  3. Windows movie maker > import your video if you've already made it > scroll to end > select credits from top menu > type as many rows of text as you want with spaces between if you like > preview the video and you should see them rolling over black background at the end. There are several formatting options in there as well if you want to get slightly fancier, but the above will put a credit roll on the end of your video clip with very little hassle.
  4. I guess it depends who you want to trust! I've played through it twice and consider it a master class in making a short hard game around a satisfying core design. Play it until you've beaten the first boss and see how you feel. Not only does SFV not have an arcade mode, it doesn't have an arcade release - anyone still playing Capcom fighters in the great arcades of the world is still playing SF4...
  5. I'm with you. So many potentially fun indie games overextend themselves by trying to use the forbidden dark magics of "roguelike" and "skill tree" to stretch their core mechanic over more ground than it can necessarily cover in its own right. Not to say that there aren't any good roguelikes, but more often than not I'd rather have a nice short game where everything's unlocked and if I enjoy it I can play exactly the same game again and try to do better at it. Don't make me play for three hours before I unlock the double jump (or, worse, a score multiplier that renders my previous runs irrelevant), and don't make me fight randomised levels just because you think it will encourage me to play longer. It won't. Play Volgarr.
  6. I just went to add that to the first post, but as I was doing it I realised the times looked suspiciously civilised so went and checked. Have now added a different schedule to the first post which matches my own maths (event starts at 4pm on all three days and end way too late, as they should). Also updated details of side tournaments with better information. There is a SFxT tournament on the Saturday! And BAS is running a CvS2 tournament! Still no SF4 - I guess it is having at least one year in the wilderness :-( Oh and don't worry Joffocakes, I will make sure to text you the SFV result the moment it happens so you don't have to watch it (kidding).
  7. Long list of bug fixes, not sure if any of it is worth reading (should be in place in the game now): http://www.capcom-unity.com/harrisony/blog/2016/07/13/street-fighter-v-july-bug-fixes
  8. I may well be spending my Evo weekend with JLM and his Marvel-monster friend, so last night I put UMVC3 in for half an hour of training mode to remember how the game works and found that...I don't remember how the game works. I can't even remember my Spencer/Missiles combo, and I'm pretty sure it's one I invented because the real combos were too hard, so it's not like I can look it up. Something like air magic series, knee drop ground bounce, ground series into up grapple, missiles hit, ground series into air series, down grapple wall bounce, something something super. I couldn't get the timing on calling missiles right and couldn't get the something something after the wall bounce either. I think it was down-zip, qcf+S. And I think I had a second assist call somewhere. How time passes and memory fades. Hoping for KBR vs one of the gods for that grand final. I would say ideally ChrisG so he gets a last shot at the title but I'd obviously be lying because, as noted in my last post, I'm a jwong fanboy. Anyway, I was coming here to post about last year's USF4 fantasy top 8 because I just found the details and don't think I ever shared the results. It's a four way tie for most correct guesses - Curtis, Qazimod, Spuck and Camel all got in there - but only Qazimod had all three finalists in his selection. Mind you, only Curtis had seven top 32 players which is similarly impressive (well df0 also managed this feat, but he somewhat scuppered his own chances of winning by picking Kazunoko twice and thereby reducing how many of his picks made top 8 - I've checked the results can confirm Kazunoko didn't make top 8 twice in USF4 at last year's Evo). I give the maddest of props to Qazimod personally, but technically the game was to pick the top 8, not the winner, so all four guessers are to be congratulated on the quality of their reads. I've also added in a chart or two just to make the image extra purple. I'll happily run this again if people want to pick their top 8s for this year? It would seem like SFV would be the game to do it for. We can reveal the results next July. If you're interested then check the brackets (link in first post) and place your bets.
  9. To help get in the mood I've been dabbling with a few different games over the last couple of weeks (Revival will be delighted to hear that I even gave Killer Instinct a try - or Arbiter vs Raam single-player as I might as well call it in my case - and didn't immediately hate it), and today I spent a happy morning working through youtube and pulling together a list of my favourite matches from previous years, trying not to overlap on games wherever possible because otherwise it would just be all SF4 matches. I'm a filthy 09er so anything before that is based on hearsay rather than personal memory of what was good (unless otherwise noted, where I've included two videos it'll be the full match followed by a highlight cut from that same match). Would love to see other people's favourites. Fall down the youtube rabbithole with me and waste your evening :-) 2015: Woshige vs Ogawa (Guilty Gear Xrd: -SIGN-) - Woshige goes toe-to-toe with the GG great and pulls out a clutch win, only to realise too late that there was one round left to play. 2014: Dogura vs Garireo (BlazBlue Chronophantasma) - Inarguably the greatest match of 2014, this is a study in mid-match adjustment, emotional control and the will to win against the odds. 2013: Justin Wong vs Chris G (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) plus the following year's runback - I am a jwong fanboy. The comebacks, though! 2012: Bala vs MadKOF (King of Fighters XIII) plus bonus Floe playing a one-player game - the match that put KOF on the map for a new generation of street fighter fans. 2011: Poongko vs Daigo (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition) - you keep rolling the dice and they keep showing sixes until it starts to feel like magic. 2010: KBeast vs Marn (Tatsunoko vs Capcom) plus bonus mike ross hype - seeing a great set in a game you never played is half the fun of Evo. 2009: Justin Wong vs Daigo (Street Fighter IV) split into two videos - SF4's first year and arguably the closest the US came to a win, this shows how involved the crowd has always been in the flow of key matches. With "no standing at the front" a rule for this year's top 8, who knows if that will continue. 2008: John Choi vs BAS (Capcom vs SNK 2) plus bonus nuki hiding behind a table in 3s finals - bu... but I thought BAS was unbeatable?? CvS2 is very fun to watch. 2007: Justin Wong vs Yipes (Marvel vs Capcom 2) - never give up. Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid. 2006: Afrolegends vs Daigo (Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting) - oh you want two comebacks in one round? Watch some SFII. 2005: this one's a blank for me, how about the ST top 8 (Super Street Fighter II Turbo) - I'll never understand this game but it's always good stream-monstering fodder. 2004 Justin Wong vs Daigo (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike) - you'll have seen the highlight clip before. Let's go Evo hype! 2003: I'm done... Maybe some GGXX would be interesting? The video ends with "and Daigo wins", anyway, so there you go (Guilty Gear XX) 2002: This tournament was actually held before videos were invented sorry, and in any case they only played games I've already picked for later years' selections. ggs
  10. Evo 2016 is THIS WEEKEND!! If you like sitting at home watching people in another country play children's videogames from the fighting genre, it's time to get excited!! Overview Ever has Evo been the main event in the fighting game scene's calendar, and this year excitement for SFV, funding from various publishers and a lot of Smash players promise to make it the largest fighting game event yet held - by a significant margin. Expect to see great play in games you didn't know you liked, news and hype for games current and forthcoming, and generally lots of happy faces. Best enjoyed in the company of fellow fighting game fans, this thread is here so you can chat away no matter which game you prefer. It's four days long and at the end a grown man cries - what's not to like? Suggested thread etiquette Use spoiler tags when discussing match results or player names once brackets are in progress - say what you like, but don't spoil the fun for people who want to watch the footage later Don't be too rude about the games you don't like - don't spoil the fun for people who have bad taste in fighting games That's it! Schedule and stream links for main games: https://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1 https://www.twitch.tv/srkevo2 https://www.twitch.tv/srkevo3 https://www.twitch.tv/srkevo4 https://www.twitch.tv/capcomfighters https://www.twitch.tv/tekken UK time schedule: Local time schedules: Schedules and links for side tournaments (all times below are local time not UK time): More useful google doc with stream links which may be updated if more stuff gets organised: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bbMHRl8AGHeFmCQ01X-jtjgakxsDXTARYUh0vfC-0_k/edit#gid=0 And here's the original stuff I posted before I found the above two items: Other stuff Brackets for main games: http://evo2016.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/index.html Player locator (find a player in the brackets): http://evo2016.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/players.html USF4 side tournament: evo pls
  11. "Mystery game tournament". UFGT (fighting game event in the US) used to run these and they looked like a lot of fun - there are a bunch of videos on youtube. SFO (Leeds fighting game scene) have run them a couple of times too, though in both cases they've been side events to the main game tournaments. Based on my experience of watching other people try to set up fighting game events/scenes, you can either try and set something up from scratch and do all your own promotion, venue booking, organising on the day etc., or you can start small with a dozen friends/internet friends first to test the concept and slowly build it by word of mouth, or you can try and get involved with an existing scene (e.g. sometimes when a bar or venue wants to host a videogame event they ask a local fighting game scene to run it to save them the hassle). If you've not done this kind of thing before you probably don't want to go for the first one straight away unless you've got an idea who's going to help run it - especially with mystery game the logistics on the day are going to be quite involved - but maybe you're more daring than me! Good luck though, it sounds like a great time.
  12. Bear in mind that without Wiper's/voters' commentary it's pretty much just a list of games which (mostly) came out in 2015: Wiper, you could look into these tings as a couple of the easier ways to up presentation quality:
  13. Some would say that by picking Mika you effectively remove Fang from the game, but in your case that might be counterproductive.
  14. Last year I thought about Destiny a lot more than I played it, and this year I've thought about Street Fighter V without playing it to a similar degree. Both have meticulously designed core gameplay, both have forgivable content issues which the world used as excuses to dismiss them as bad games, and both also have inherent - and significant - flaws locked into those meticulously designed cores which filter out in all sorts of interesting ways. I feel like both Destiny and SFV have taught me a lot about games and a fair amount about myself, which isn't bad for a pair of games I claim to dislike.
  15. ah

    The Valve Thread

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt that this is a clever joke.
  16. This is cool: That last hit says it all.
  17. Also Juri looks like fun and also dangerously like she might be a midrange character? Not sure if I dare get my hopes up again but with her and Balrog it almost looks like they're trying to bring back whiff punishing?? I might actually play at some point :-s
  18. This shows how much damage the early release did. There are a bunch of tutorials and combo trials now, as well as two different story modes with interspersed fights and narrative, but because the game launched without "arcade" mode it's not worth £30. It's a shame survival mode isn't much fun but arcade mode would pretty much just be survival with a difficulty option. Not having a go at you, shrew, but rather at Capcom!
  19. I thought imp's video was going to be about Birdie's can becoming a hidden missile on the seaside stage...
  20. We can always play Karnov's instead.
  21. The best thing about Brutal isn't the character name puns, nor the way taunting after a knockdown gives you time to rebuild your life bar, nor the fact that it's the only game in which I've ever genuinely and comprehensively bodied you (I'm now retired from competitive play, so hold that), it's the excellent, excellent music. I could listen to the main menu music on a loop for hours - indeed, I just did while trying to get it to work on my PC. Did you have to do something to unlock special moves? I didn't seem to have any tonight when I finally got it working. The internet thinks you have to unlock them by playing the single player but I'm sure we didn't do that last time, did we??
  22. Of course this game is almost too well designed in some ways, so I'm wary of ever assuming something I don't like is there by mistake. Given all the talk about removing barriers to entry and levelling the playing field you could well assume that it's part of the design philosophy that you can't react to dashes - you have to make the read the same way you do with other areas of the game. That kind of stuff (along with the other things you raised) is part of why I don't think the game's quite up there with SF4 but it's at least consistent design and I can appreciate what they were trying to do even if for me it didn't pay off.
  23. I think you could fix the power of forward dashing just by making them slow enough to react to with a jab if you're looking for them. In theory (and on v-sync-disabled PC) you can jab Bison out of his dash on reaction but only if you're waiting for it. So either fix the input delay or make the dashes slow enough and leave the game as it is. (I would of course be delighted to see some proper low forwards in the game just because I feel like it needs everything it can get to re-establish the importance of whiff punishing over prediction, speculation and jumping!)
  24. Do you not think heavy into v-trigger is worse for the metagame than light into v-trigger? Things like Ryu having a safe sweep, Karin/Necalli just doing st.HK with a v-trigger buffer, etc. all seem way more damaging to the game because they dramatically swing the risk/reward balance in neutral play. I think the strength of that option is a large part of the reason that jumping has become so prevalent, too. My change might be to make v-trigger cancels only possible on hit, not on block. I think it's a bit mad to talk a lot of trash about FADCs offering people free escapes and free damage for low risk and then give every character FADC combos off their normal attacks with no risk. Make heavy attacks unsafe on block and keep the light attacks with the pushback they have and you'd be forcing people to actually react with a whiff punish if they wanted to get that delicious st.HK xx v-trigger combo. You'd dial down the cost of mistiming your meaty attack against Haitani and perhaps most importantly you'd provide a space in the game for medium attacks to be more useful outside of combos, because at the moment they're just not as rewarding as lights or heavies. I would have loved to see a version of SF4 where you could only FADC on hit. Combo extensions off confirms, and big damage off big gambles if you guess right, but no free escapes from legitimately earned pressure.
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