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  1. I'll have a look, thanks. I remember joffocakes going on about that game too. Last night I set my xbox up and went to buy mvc origins only to find I already own it. Money well spent. I have darkstalkers too, apparently, which I hadn't even remembered existed! I might just buy £12 worth of avatar costumes with my remaining funds so that I at least can't pretend I didn't waste my money. Off topic: I watched some SFV from ceo and enjoyed it.
  2. I have outrun and pacman already. I have scott pilgrim and mark of the ninja too but didn't like them (by which I mean I played each for ten minutes and forgot to go back). I had forgotten about garou and also mvc origins (and also forgotten I have mvc2). Thanks team!
  3. If I might be forgiven for dragging this wildly off topic for a moment for the sake of addressing my trusted fighting game advisors: I just noticed I have £12.08 still sitting on my xbox account, and have no idea what to buy with it. I have mvc3, sf4, 3soe, hdr, sfxt, vf5fs and skullgirls - any recommendations for how to spend those pennies on stuff I'll never touch? Should probably just play those games and let them keep the money.
  4. I won the witcher that year the sale game could give out prizes. Think I played it for half an hour or so. Opening cutscene was ok. I never buy any game now unless I know I will play it the same weekend. It's cheaper to pay full price but only buy things I actually end up playing.
  5. They already did one patch to eliminate a few OSes or make them less effective so it's not beyond the realm of possibility they might patch this, it seems like they were more concerned about not making "balance" changes than addressing "bugs" or game-wide issues. They don't seem to have vast resources to throw at that work at the moment, though. About that OS, not that it's not a good option, and indeed one that runs counter to the game's design philosophy, but presumably it loses completely to meaty command grab, and also "loses" slightly to well chosen meaty buttons, so you could do a tick throw for example - stop the jump out and throw tech happening by making them block a light attack during those inputs and then do what you want because you have frame advantage still? I guess they could just enter the OS again after the tick if they were well practised though, haha. It's funny, I'm not good enough to test it but I think that same OS would have worked in SF4 - it's not dissimilar to the momochi offensive block/tech/uppercut OS - and even if not there were plenty of OSes which somehow didn't make the game feel "wrong", probably because the game was designed to give players lots of options in any given situation anyway. With SFV though everything has been so tightly designed and there's so clearly supposed to be this set number of options and scenarios that when something like this is discovered it feels like it shifts the game in a direction you might not want. The game design says "if you score a knockdown, guess their wakeup and you get to do what you want, and they have to take a sizeable risk to escape without pressure", but the OS says "if you score a knockdown you are technically in a mixup yourself as well and might end up eating wakeup jab". And because in this case the game design also says "you're definitely only supposed to have one best option in any given situation in this game" that becomes more significant a difference than it would be in another game.
  6. Eeexcellent, the SF4 revival is on its way ;-) It better hurry up though because I'm already bored of Rocket League. Nice to see that , anyway.
  7. ah

    The Valve Thread

    Significant in videogame terms yes (though personally I'm not really interested), but significant in comparison to the things with which that listing compares it? It feels a bit like suggesting that, I don't know, introducing electric guitars to folk music was the most significant thing people did in the 60s besides the equal rights movement. Significant for folk music, sure. Like I say though, I'm probably just suffering from progress overload.
  8. ah

    The Valve Thread

    I get that it's interesting but I still don't really understand why people think VR is so "significant" - but then I think human space flight is a ridiculous waste of time and energy too, so maybe I'm just daft in Valve's view. Weird to think that this company's games almost all take place in resource-constrained semi-dystopia scenarios and yet their corporate stance seems to be single-mindedly focused on the glory of incessant technological progress. Sorry, bit of a diversion there. We now return to your regularly scheduled waiting for HL3.
  9. Out of pools into top 32 in winners, j.MK all over the place. Also spotted that we were one game away from seeing Diago Umehara vs Diego Umehara: https://widget.toornament.com/tournaments/5764f4b3150ba0552c8b4569/stages/1?_locale=en_GB#group-8 It's cool seeing quite different character representation over here compared to the US/Japan consensus.
  10. Arcade release was last year. It obviously doesn't make any real difference to how good the game is! My bigger issue is I'm salty that I still haven't learned my BnB properly in Calamity Trigger. I will try and get -SIGN- on again at some point this week and see how training mode treats me. I did think it was a lot of fun when it came out. Are the different versions region locked? Do I have to make sure to get a particular region this time? I vaguely remember not being able to play with people who bought the original's EU release because I had the Japanese one...
  11. I'm stuck in the Arcsys loop of having not really learned the old game before the new one comes out, then seeing it's going to be out for ages in another region before it appears here, then realising I'll never be good at it even if I do get it and the next version will doubtless be along before I'm ready.
  12. I bought the humble monthly bundle this month because it was the cheapest way to buy Rocket League to play with my friend the other weekend (I am now addicted), but I know I'm terrible at playing new games so, having already offloaded a couple onto people who've given me stuff in the past, I have the following available to any cheery regulars who will actually play them: The Forest (gone to Mentazm) Wasted Oh, and I still have these from previous bundles (sorry for the poor formatting):
  13. I haven't watched any of them for a while because I started to find the whole thing increasingly depressing, but I did watch this one and generally liked how it was laid out, especially the counterexamples and explanation thereof at the end. With the usual disclaimer that I'm a man so my opinion on appropriate presentation of fictional women is less useful than that of most women, though, that opening bit feels like quite a facile reading of an advert for Perfect Dark which could prompt some interesting discussion - I could see it as intentionally playing on tropes itself, with "what will you wear to work?" being a visual joke hinging on the explicitly made point that the clothes are of course unimportant, it doesn't matter that you happen to play a female character in this game: you're a shooter and so it's the weapons you care about. Granted it's not 2016-vintage feminist awareness, but for 2000's cultural context it looks to me to do a reasonable job of playing expectations with the point being that this character's gender is not as important as you might think. That she ends up wearing pretty inconspicuous military/police uniform would support that reading. Maybe TvW's point is that those expectations shouldn't be in the first place for the advert to subvert them, but if so it's not clearly made. The rest of the video all makes sense, but given it's all about revealing clothing it does seem a bit strange to lead off with Joanna Dark's N64 incarnation. Seems like they were looking for an advert to pastiche. I still find the Bayonetta thing weird, maybe because I think Bayonetta looks more like a Daddy Long-Legs than a sex object, so I can make the satirical reading quite easily, but I do see how that reading becomes conflicted if you actually think she looks like a desirable sex object while she's pulling all those ridiculous poses. But maybe that's partly the point - if I was a straight woman I presumably might just be seeing another female character doing weird "sexy" stuff for no discernible reason. This whole thing is about having the distance to be able to see things like that from someone else's perspective, after all, and here that perspective tells me that even if I do think Bayonetta is just really, really into herself, someone designed the character that way and it's a way which will support TvW's reading quite as well as my own. The other thing I was thinking about during the closing comments, which I've not thought about before, is how severely opposed the TvW worldview is to that of their loudest detractors, and how that probably has a lot to do with desensitisation and acclimatisation to sexual titillation. If you spend your time - as I do at the moment - looking after your child, listening to folk music, reading old books and occasionally playing a new videogame, then your social conditioning makes it quite easy to see how weird it is from those last counterexamples that sex in games is almost always for titillation rather than for saying something about the world. If on the other hand you spend your time - as I know not every TvW-hater does but suspect is more common than I'd like - playing a lot of videogames, watching youtube, being exposed either intentionally or casually due to your internet time to lots of pornography, I can see how it might become quite difficult to get over the roadblock of your own particular normalised and conditioned attitudes in order to engage with the TvW arguments and actually even understand the key point of it - not that sexualised characters should be "banned", but that it's really not healthy for them to be in all these places. Of course you'll struggle to hear that. I wonder if it's a block that anyone can help diminish, especially given that the people with the critical distance necessary to really identify those issues are almost necessarily those people not as entirely immersed in videogame culture, not as obviously speaking from within the culture.
  14. I do usually buy stuff when you say you like it. Do you prefer it to Yatagarasu, GG and KoF, though?
  15. (Partly in reply to DBL, partly in reply to Let's Measure). Sure some canny marketing would help, but I honestly think the real issue behind all the grumbles and the lack of hype is that the game itself is SFxT/CvS2/3s-tier, not SF2/SF4-tier, where people clearly hoped it would eclipse 4. I like those three games fine but not enough to abandon 4 in their favour, and SFV feels the same for me (to be honest I think at this stage SFxT is a slightly better game, but I loved that game more than other people did). I've already written on this page about the core gameplay thing which I think makes the game marginally less fun than it could be, and that's far from a deal-breaker just yrt (as an aside, I think that's part of a wider bid to replace obvious F2P mechanics as shoehorned into SFxT with general design principles which make people more likely to buy extra content - SFxT's derided gems are gone in favour of cosmetic stuff, but the generally reduced physical challenge and more similar spacing and tools of most characters itself seems like a more sophisticated attempt at what SFxT's autocombo purchases were supposed to offer - an easy way in to picking up lots of characters and wanting to play them, and by extension wanting to buy all the DLC. It's quite clever and I like the logic they must have followed in figuring out how to encourage purchases without selling game modifiers - it's a very elegant solution, with the one caveat that for me it actually makes for a core game which isn't quite as satisfying as its immediate predecessors), but I should still probably clarify that I don't think the game is bad, or even that it's beyond saving. I do think that, beyond just being not the game for me, the relative lack of spectator hype - which it incidentally also shares with SFxT - is the biggest reason the community isn't embracing it wholeheartedly, and it's that which makes a poor candidate for the king of fighting games they obviously want it to be. I don't like the move towards encouraging people to watch instead of play, but the world is how it is and that's a factor in your game's success now. I suspect that unless they throw oodles more money at it and make some significant changes then it will quite quickly find a niche and secure a good sized set of dedicated players, but never set the world alight like 4 did. How that translates into what tournaments decide to do after the first year is hard to guess. As for me, I've come to terms with the fact that I am old and prefer stuff I already understand, so at this point I'm likely going to play this occasionally and SF4 occasionally more often. Transitioning properly to SFV for the sake of attending maybe two tournaments a year if I'm lucky just seems like effort at the moment, given how I feel about the core gameplay, so I'm more likely to dig into GG or something if I do want to learn something new. Or Rocket League, haha. That game is ridiculous.
  16. Played again last night and got another perfect I don't need but still nary a chip win. As such I've been theory-fighting this today and I think I've got a viable strategy to attempt, based on the theory that even if people refuse to block in open play, they will at least try to block during combos (unless they're mashing an invincible reversal). Right? So, given that combos are hard on 3DS online, and given that I need to ensure I've signposted to the opponent that they're getting comboed so they have time to think about blocking before it's already done, I'm thinking focus crumples are my best bet. If I can get the opponent somewhere between 125 and 200 life remaining and land a focus crumple, I can wait a fraction of a second before pressing a button to reset them into the air, then do a chip ultra into which they will hopefully land having had time to decide to block but not time to realise that no, I didn't actually mess up my combo, they're getting chipped to death. It's theoretically nice and flexible, too, because you can pick a button for the reset depending on how much life they have left hand whether you landed a level 2 or 3 focus attack, etc. L3 crumple and they only had 150? Just reset with a cr.LK. Or if you get a L2 crumple in the same situation? Try a medium instead to reclaim that extra 25 or so damage to put them in chip range. Etc. It'll be Sunday before I get a chance to test it though so I guess I'll think on it some more. ...Just realised that not only am I in the wrong thread, I'm entirely wasting my life.
  17. Haha, that's the thing though - the fun of playing Rufus is the battle to get in against your opponent's defences. There is no equivalent to something like Rufus-Guile in SFV (which incidentally is probably in Guile's favour at most levels of play beyond absolute beginner, but which is great fun to play). In broader terms you could define it as being the fun of each player having a different goal in mind, and that creating the "conversation" of the match with each character trying to insist on their preferred strategy. When both characters are trying to do pretty much the same thing the game is usually dull - this is why the only interesting mirror matches are with characters like Ryu who are well-rounded enough to still allow the two players to be attempting to do different things. When your whole game plays like an Abel mirror, and both players are trying to get close with frame advantage, then you've got problems! (I am of course exaggerating). On a lighter note, I'm playing SSF4 3DS at the moment. I need 1 more perfect and 25 chip wins and I'll have unlocked every title. The chip wins will take forever though because nobody blocks online in that game :-( Edit: Yep, just got my last perfect. Still no chip wins in sight. I need to develop some serious 3D chip setups. Remember when people started finding un-unblockables? I need some of those.
  18. I had a similar conversation with Imp the other day because I was grumbling about this game. The internet seems obsessed with how the game has a couple more frames of input lag than SF4 did, but the relative poke ranges are far more significant an issue in my admittedly limited view. Because the spacing differences between two characters' optimal ranges are so small - because the spacing differences between even one character's short, mid and long range attacks are comparatively less than in SF4 (note: I haven't tested this, just eyeballing it in-game and theory-fighting) - it requires significantly more concentration, practice and skill to play the traditional footsies game of dancing in and out of your opponent's good ranges. This leads to two key points: First, at low to mid-level play, the investment of mental effort to play footsies is less worthwhile especially when your opponent might not even want to risk putting out their best button at max range anyway because it's hard for them to judge too, meaning that with very few exceptions the classic struggle of one player to keep away and the other to get in is gone because it's almost guaranteed you'll end up at point blank range (the challenge is no longer "how to keep him out"/"how to get past his defence" but rather both players playing the same game of "how to make sure that when we end up at point blank range it's me who's at +2); Second, at higher level play, the footsie game becomes viable due to the players all having more skill, practice and mental energy, and knowing that their opponent is also sufficiently skilled to understand and want to attempt footsies in the game's narrower range, however that narrower range (and yes, with a little help from the input lag) makes the spacing game require so much effort that most players have to give up on scouting for anti-air to an extent they wouldn't have done in SF4 where great players could often play footsies and reserve just enough mental distance from the game to reaction anti-air a fair amount of jump attempts without thinking. Part of this is probably just that it's a new game, and players will improve with time, but I really do think to a significant extent this is a change that's pretty much baked in to the game design. They consciously decided to make poke range differences much narrower and this is one of the results. I think that this, far more than the complaints about restrictive combo options or input lag or lack of arcade mode (ha, ha) or whatever else, is the key change in this game which poses the biggest threat to its long term viability, in part because it's not easily fixed without major balance revisions which they've "promised" wouldn't happen anyway for a year at least. Even if top players get over that barrier I just can't see the denizens of ranked managing the same thing, which basically condemns much of the player base to a street fighter game where , for them in reality whatever the theory might say, the spacing game takes a back seat. And that's basically the best bit of the game.
  19. Ah... We are mostly middle aged men at this point who barely have time to watch tournament streams, let alone watch random celebrities play online in their living rooms! If you follow his stream channel you'll get email updates though, if you've exhausted all other options. Knowing max he surely advertises his stream on twitter too? I don't even play this game.
  20. What was the question?
  21. When Mario jumps into the pictures on Mario 64, the pictures say "that tickles!" in a cheesy American accent. Mario doesn't say anything.
  22. I did read it, I just have a terrible sleep deprived memory! As evidenced by me watching a replay and apparently noting I was struggling with shoulders when in fact it was the jab/strong/tick pressure as you point out. To which I guess my answer really is "don't let Laura be next to you with frame advantage in the first place". But yes, you're pretty much the only Laura I've fought so my knowledge has melted away in the few weeks we've not been able to play. I need to start a SFV matchup notes file and include all this wisdom within it. Thank you for the notes as always :-) I do feel like my brain is slowly grinding into sfv mode but it's hard work getting there. The number of times you wrote -2 and +2 in that explanation is great evidence of how much more clearly designed the "turns" system is, and how deliberately delicately balanced it is. That combined with the shorter ranges of most buttons means, I think, it becomes less a game of "I should stand at this range to use my best button" (though obviously that's still important) and more a game of "I should stand at this range to ensure that when we inevitably end up standing right next to each other, it's me who's at +2".
  23. Watching back myself, I was thinking that the biggest thing I want to think about is if I can do better at avoiding ever blocking a light shoulder, because the mixup after that is killing me. But checking the frame data it looks like it's -2, so maybe I should be claiming momentum after I block one?
  24. I still think that people who chose to pay £0 for In Rainbows got a duff copy of the album. It's the only way to explain why so many people said they downloaded it but didn't like it.
  25. This is the closest set I've had with Jellum so far (well, aside from the set against the Necalli he picked by accident because the timer ran out as he was moving across to Guile, which was way too close!) so since there was nobody around this afternoon to play with I figured I'd watch the replays and post them up to see if anyone fancied either calling me a scrub or giving either of us any advice. Dood, if you're watching, I think I follow most of my advice to you about this matchup, with the key exception that at certain points I seem to be just v-skilling like a lunatic, I guess because I got desperate. No excuse for it though, just weak willpower :-) I was going to post up one of the many excellent sets I've had with Imp recently as well, but it would appear that the replay list doesn't let you go far enough back in time for me to grab any good ones, so that will have to wait!
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