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  1. done, I don't seem to have had any problems with it freezing, maybe im just lucky
  2. yeah I will be unfortunately, going out to celebrate my university grade now that I finally have one.
  3. Can't make it tonight, Internet has been cut off for some "essential maintenance" I'll keep trying see if I can get on but rule me out for now
  4. Also, I'm currently waiting to get home from work, hence why I said I'm 50/50
  5. I'm in Sheffield on the 5th-17th August so I'll be missing the next two Thursdays, and I'm only 50/50 for tonight as well
  6. For anyone who has Fable 2 and is sad enough (like me)/ or has too much time on their hands (like me). I have all the hero dolls and the very rare chicken suit to get the two "impossible" achievements on the game (The Fowl Player and the Dollcatcher). I thought id post on the off chance that anyone may still be wanting to get these, so let me know if anyone is interested and ill send them over to you
  7. I should be able to make it, if I'm online just drop me an invite
  8. Didn't we get supercat and not dinobot?
  9. Surely not as bad as Disciple (Dinobot whatever the hell he's called), I'm not THAT bad am I?
  10. not sure if anyone will be interested in this but thought id post it anyway. Fable 3 free on 360: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/fable-3-free-xbox-live-gold-only-1575912
  11. I know, but at least I work in the rain (most of the time)
  12. apparently the issues were something to do with not having the same squads as the rest, I sorted it out and asked if there could be a restart to get in but apparently im not important enough to get a restart Good luck lads
  13. Yeah, looking forward to it. Haven't played as a striker since Sean was manager of Athletic in BAP, but been honing my skills as a striker in pro clubs over the last week
  14. I'm not so little, but point taken. I apologise for thinking you were just being a miserable cunt who had nothing better to do
  15. I'm sorry for not turning up at all but I just haven't been able to make it for these games. I still cant commit to anymore of these either at the moment, so I know its late and all but if there is anyone who can replace me then let them have the slot. Sorry again guys
  16. Im not sure whether ill be here next week or not yet. My stuff is being packed and picked up for next Tuesday as ill be moving out of my student house shortly, and I don't know yet whether im going with it or not. Not gonna lie, the prospect of living in an empty shell of a room with nothing but clothes will be a right laugh but it may be unavoidable for at least one week. I should be here tomorrow though
  17. I think Mackenie has a problem with most people, maybe its just jealousy. To echo what most people have said: Pilot you are very weird, this is a big fuss over nothing and BAP is for a bit of Thursday fun. Whilst what happened to United was harsh, rules are rules and they are there to be adhered to. Same with the City incident, once again the outcome seems harsh but Mitchell knew the rules and even if he thought there was some injustice behind the penalty he accepted it because those were the rules. In this case, I feel really sorry for Tommy as it looks like a genuine mistake. As with the previous punishments, the injury layoffs punishment was harsh, but deducting points for a genuine mistake is even more harsh. This pretty much seems to happen every time the steering group have to make a decision and its also unfair on the members of the SG that people have a go at their decisions. They're there purely for making these decisions and they should be accepted no matter how harsh they seem to a particular party. Whilst I also agree with what Mike has been saying, I think the SG have made the best possible decision as point deductions and fines would be ridiculous for a miss-click. Also Mackenie, grow up! Hating on Jazzy "because you're jealous that he's thinner than you" is ridiculous. As far as I can see he's being as fair as he can be by saying to you if you have a problem tell him and you can sort it out between yourselves. You do seem to pipe up a lot about Jazzy for no particular reason, you used to do it to me all the time as well (although I have to admit that some of the times it was warranted). This particular problem doesn't have anything to do with United so there's no need really to keep calling for Jazzy's head. I'm sure the SG will review the situation regarding the possession thing and hand out punishments as appropriate so there's no need to drop comments constantly about it. As Baring said earlier, BAP is supposed to be fun and to coin a Pant's phrase "played for lulz", so all this discussion is quite ridiculous really. The problem has been identified and its been dealt with as appropriately as possible so its time to move on.
  18. not sure ill be making it back in time, may only be around for the second game again
  19. I cant unfortunately, im already doing that this year (its a second year retake) and if I fail it again then its game over :\
  20. Sounds good to me, im about 50/50 for tonight though. Got an exam tomorrow and have been revising all day on lack of sleep, so if I don't crash I will be there
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