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  1. Welcome to the 4-0 away win club Cosmic Guru. That's two in a row for us. A nice turnaround following 3 losses including a 3-0 against an excellent Stockport. The key has been a new big fella called Gold Omotayo we've got up front now that brings back the balance in our side we had before Kwame Thomas got injured. Plus local lad with shit loads of potential Jordan Davies has been ludicrously good in midfield, scoring a hat trick and then another one today. We're all obviously quite excited by that. 3 points separate the 6 teams realistically going for the last 3 playoff places. We'
  2. I expected McElhenney to throw in a subtle Wrexham AFC reference or two into the new episodes, and he definitely delivered.
  3. Haha brillliant. I was wondering how frequently these messages would get updated. We'll probably lose our third game in a row tomorrow, but at least the boards are delivering.
  4. It was a bit yeah. I thought we at least started the game very well and Notts County were as dreadful as I've seen this season, but after Ponticelli went off injured after 25 minutes we were pretty clueless in attack. They did improve slightly, battled a bit, and ultimately got the winner, but the injuries are the bigger blow from yesterday. That's Ponticelli and Kwame Thomas both out for the season, two of our three strikers. And, unlike every other National League club, we are bound by the transfer window rules so will have to scrape around for one or two out of contract players to bring in
  5. Yeah The National League have really surpassed themselves. In an ordinary season they'd be just getting stick for being stupid enough to put Macclesfield in a league they had zero chance of finishing. The fining of a club for stopping playing because they can't afford to carry on playing is so unbelievably fucked up.
  6. Probably my favourite too. We deliberately timed our first goal so that viewers of the National league highlights would get to see that one scrolling in front of the Kop end. I do wonder if we'll see opposition players doing the shhh goal celebration at their faces as they pop up. I'd be disappointed if that doesn't happen to be honest.
  7. Excellent job milko,the LED boards looked fantastic. I'd imagine all the local businesses will be chuffed to bits with it, and you've finally allowed our owners to have some constructive input on match day. An ace 3-0 win for us featuring two superb finishes by Dior Angus.
  8. I've been impressed by their approach so far, but that's particularly good to hear from someone with some involvement. A really tough bunch of games coming up for Wrexham next against 5 of the top 8. First are Bromley who have just sacked their manager despite only losing 2 in 9 games, both against Sutton, and then we've got Notts County who have also just replaced their manager for some reason. Then Torquay, Stockport, and Halifax. If we are still in the playoffs after that 5 then I expect us to finish there.
  9. Yeah I read that, all ready for Bromley on Saturday too. Congratulations on making The Leader. They don't just write about anything in there you know! Our executive director Humphrey Ker being a Liverpool fan might have had something to do with that Man United comment. Those weekly columns are good, although he is an Eton educated comedian with a load of Radio 4 appearances so I'd expect them to be fairly well written. Top architects being brought in to draw up ideas for a new stand on the long closed Kop is pretty exciting news at the end of that piece. The recent c
  10. Ah, is this the electronic advertising that one or two on our forum have been saying we're having? Looking forward to seeing your work. That better be Peter Gwyn Potatoes by the way. They are The Chippy's Choice after all. Funnily enough, I was thinking of getting a new hat for when we finally get to go to games again in case I ended up on camera.
  11. Nice one. Thanks for your services. The last Rllmuk member to admit to having involvement in Wrexham was the Wembley direct train driver who took me to a grisly FA Trophy final defeat against North Ferriby. I trust you are involved in something a bit more constructive.
  12. Our 2-2 was a bit action packed last night. Eastleigh clearly coming for a scrap right from the off, to which our more feisty players responded. Although the only player sent off was mild mannered Kelleher for us right at the start of the second half when he accidentally fell over and brought one of their players down. We swiftly gave away a penalty for an unlucky hand ball, but we were ace from that point after, thoroughly deserving our equaliser and should have had a penalty for the winner. It's weird how that happens sometimes, players lifting their game a notch and playing with a little bi
  13. 0-0 a fair result I thought Cosmic Guru It was the everyone behind the ball tactics from Keates that pretty much dictated the game and I thought we defended really well to be fair. I think one Beautyman shot from distance and the Bugiel header at the end were the only shots on target from Sutton, both straight at Dibble. And then we could have nicked it too with a couple of our own. I'd have liked us to have been maybe 10% bolder, particularly getting Hall Johnson on the ball down the right, but a point against the form team in the division at a ground we've never won on in the lea
  14. That was a brilliant win for you. Have you booked the diggers in to pull up your pitch yet?That table's looking really good. It's quite a sustained run of form you are in now and you were hardly losing many games last season after getting over your shit start so there's good reason to think you can keep it up. Not a bad night for us in our battle for 7th either. Potentially it could be a decent match on Saturday. Wrexham have been better and more balanced in attack since signing Angus in the transfer window, and when on the front foot we do look threatening. We're also still sittin
  15. It's definitely a structure that doesn't quite work as well when you drop levels into an openworld. I think the game also gives you an idea of how a single world can constrain creativity a bit when it comes to creating those "levels" within the big world. The most interesting element for me was having a load of different power ups at my disposal all at once. I quite like having the option to flip between them at appropriate moments to negotiate the game's bigger challenges. It was intriguing and enjoyable if not 100% successful.. The speed in World makes a fucking huge difference d
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