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  1. I think we possibly might have tried to get Alex Woodyard you know. It was mentioned last summer that we were attempting to sign him. Shit loads of names have been throw around, but I think that one was supposed to be a relatively solid source.
  2. Shit sorry yeah, I've edited it now. Boreham Wood do have a mean defense to be fair. To be honest, I'm sure I'd be in a massive minority, and it obviously wouldn't happen, but I do actually think I would support some kind of bonkers self imposed transfer code of conduct that would prevent us going for someone from a club like Wimbledon if it harmed their chances of staying up or getting promoted or something at a critical time of the season. It's great to have money, security and be optimistic that we'll at some point get back to being a League One side, with a 4 sided stadium owned by the club, our own top notch training ground, and a decent youth system. All the things we had before the crooks came in. But I am not 100% comfortably with us spending fuck loads, definitely uneasy about us contributing to our leagues inflated wages, and how that impacts clubs operating on limited budgets. As it did us under trust ownership. And perhaps potentially being the bad guys when it comes to signing the odd player too. We've been the team overachieving in the league and the cups on a smallish budget, and the one fucked over by awful owners, and the old football league team languishing in the 5th tier. Never the bad guys.
  3. Yeah, this has been rumoured for a while. I would say sorry, but it sounds like he'd be an ace signing for us. A bid for Gilingham's Vadaine Oliver has been reported too, so maybe one has been rejected and we are going for the other one? Wanting both of them would seem a bit excessive. Phil Parkinson was at the Franchise FC match though.
  4. Fucked it didn't we after a perfect start. Lennon's been excellent this season so I'll let him off. Still off colour Mullin blew the chance of getting something from the penalty spot, but fans who were there seem to think we generally did well given we were down to 10 men for 80 minutes. Should mean we'll be massively up for revenge in potential playoff clash I suppose. Good luck for the rest of the season anyway. See you at Wembley. 30 years ago today...
  5. 2-0 away at Atrincham today made it 5 away wins in a row for Wrexham for the first time since 2003. What happened in 2003? We got promoted!
  6. It's always looked particularly lovely under the lights. The new plan for the kop redevelopment is 5000 safe standing, plus 500 corporate seats. That's the goal anyway and is dependent on some public funding. Safe standing would allow it to be used in competitive internationals. Sounds pretty big to me for a stand behind a goal. So 1-0 it finished and typical of our home games this season. We don't score many against teams that put all their men behind the ball, even ones as obviously shit as Weymouth. An extra bit of quality in the transfer window will help rectify that I think. I don't think we're far off being a good side. Mullin was below par which didn't help yesterday. Looked like he was either carrying a small injury or a bit unwell. 7th goal of the season for my rllmuk one to watch Jordan Davies. We've played one or two more games than others, but we're not in bad position up there in 4th now.
  7. Wrexham dumped out of the cup last weekend, but I've never liked the FA Cup. We've since gone a bit goal crazy against a couple of strugglers with a 5-0 away at Aldershot followed up with yesterdays 6-2 at King's Lynn. Different goal scorers in each game too. We're suddenly the third highest scorers in the league! I do miss those away streams from last season. Notts County broke the conference attendance record previously held by Bristol Rovers with 12843 against Solihull Moors. Aided by cheapo tickets, but hugely impressive. Rewarded with a win too.
  8. Parkinson joined after our retained list was done and had half a transfer window to revamp a team that wasn't good enough. We've been wanting promotion for 12 years and some people have decided he has had enough of a chance after 12 games. It's so clearly laughable, but all clubs have fans that react in the same way. On the style of football, yeah you need to be pragmatic about the way you try and win the league, and I can't remember a conference title winning side that simply tried to play free flowing football. Promotion through the playoffs can happen yes, I think York did for example, but not the very best sides. Harrogate away on Saturday. We're not exactly favourites to win, but hopefully can pull something out of the bag. Love the FA Cup. 1st and 2nd rounds are the best rounds these days before it becomes muddied by top flight sides playing their reserves. Watch Harrogate now play their reserves and beat us.
  9. Obviously someone has gone and made a sack Parkinson thread on our forum, but I think it's hard to make any concrete judgement on him yet to be honest. I'd expected us to be one or two points better off at this point in the season, but things were always likely to take time, and we've not had the easiest of starts. I think he's generally made sensible decisions to try and get the best out of the team, shifting things around, changing the formation when required, coping with injuries and suspensions, so I don't see any fundamental issue with the way he is managing us as long as you're content with his pretty direct style of football. You're never going to sign loads of new players and all of them hit the ground running and gel together instantly, and I think there have been signs that we could be really good with time and further additions. Stockport have taken manager Dave Challinor from Hartlepool. A brilliant appointment for them. They should get stronger now and probably the opposite for Hartlepool.
  10. In recent years we've had more core home fans than we were getting in the 90s in League One when we were amazing which always seems bizarre to me. We'd struggle to get over 3000 at the lesser league games then and average attendances were boosted by games against teams local to us and big away followings from the huge clubs. I'm sure that's mostly reflecting an overall greater level of interest in football although our fan takeover and Wembley trips shortly after seemed to encourage a few more along. Attendances are generally up this season with people desperate to get to games, but I'm still a bit surprised at the level of support we are getting at the moment, particularly as the football has barely improved much yet.
  11. Over 9,800 today for Wrexham vs Torquay which is basically almost 16,000. A fantastic atmosphere for much of what ultimately ended up being a disappointing 1-1. We had a bit more of it, but as expected missed our main strikers up front. It was inevitably not just about the football with Reynolds and McElhenney there for the first time, possibly being a bit of a distraction and piling on a bit of extra pressure, although there was a positive vibe around the ground. Every time I glanced behind me where they were sitting Reynolds seemed quite excited to be there and was up interacting with the crowd and filming us on his phone a bit. Paul Mullin was serving his suspension sat next to McElhenney and was the one in the plush seats getting the bulk of the adulation. We got a smile and a wave. The particularly miserable father and son by me didn't let us down, shouting up to Detective Pikachu to sack Parkinson in the morning before storming out early.
  12. We had 9150 at our last home game about 10 weeks ago, the highest midweek attendance since 1978 and there will be more today against Torquay because the away section has been halved. Unfortunately, Hosannah's sending off last game was a case of mistaken identity and Paul Mullin has now been rightly banned for 3 games. He's been hugely impressive this season scoring regularly in side that hasn't created an awful lot of chances and consistently a class above above anyone else in our side. Clearly miles too good for this league. Embarrassingly good. Our second best striker Hyde is out injured too. So yeah, I'm not particularly confident. Be ace to see a big crowd though. A bit of pressure on Parkinson to deliver today. Stockport sacked their manager Rusk this week then who their fans appeared to dislike from the start. Expect someone more reliably competent employed and further big signings. I'd expect Wrexham to do some significant squad building cash splashing in January too. Midfield needs a bit of attention.
  13. A surprise first appearance by our owners away at Maidenhead tonight! Wrexham losing 2-0 and down to 10 men after 30 minutes Welcome to Wrexham EDIT A 3-2 loss then after getting it back to 2-2. Disappointing not to build on a great 3-0 win away at Barnet on Saturday, but that's the way our season is going at the moment.
  14. In time for Torquay next week, we've just had a new plush padded seating section installed in front of a revamped Altitude Suite at the very top of our stand as far away from the riffraff as possible. I sit just down from there so will have a Yorkie bar at the ready to lob at Deadpool's face when we go 1-0 down.
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