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  1. I managed to order one. Will be charged when items ready to ship it says. Not 100% sure I'll stick with it. I'll see what my finances look like in a couple of months. And a better idea of the game lineup maybe. My nephew is VR nuts which will steer me towards keeping it. The idea of a family VR headset makes 530 quid a bit more palatable. Announce Astro Bot 2 you wankers!
  2. I don't recall registering for anything, but got an invite. I did order the PSVR camera attachment though. My purchase history will also tell them I was quite enthusiastic about PSVR, at least initially. Was all over Playstation Move before it too. They probably know I own a Quest, bongos, dance mats, maracas, guitars, drum kits, balance boards, Mario Karts, steering wheels, Stack Light Rifles, and turntables too. They probably think I'm nailed on. But I'm afraid they're going to have to show me a bit more variety than a few shooty things that while will I'm sure look amazing will also utterly fail to have the ground breaking impact of Superhot. For 530 quid anyway.
  3. Yeah we were great. I'd say that was pretty typical of the way we've been playing at home. The money we've splashed on our squad translating into stuff on the pitch. Tunnicliffe coming in at left centre back recently has helped solidify us at the back a bit more too. An incredibly comfortable win really, but then Oldham are struggling this season. 2nd round draw live from Wrexham tomorrow. This is the first time we've been at this stage in quite some time. I did have a feeling we might do something in the FA Cup this year. Still do.
  4. Left the car and went down on the train for more than a few pre and post match Wrexham Pilsners yesterday. Always like doing that. A bloke was outside the ground selling 10 quid t shirts with a picture of Paul Mullin's Fuck the Tories boots on them. I say selling, I didn't actually see him sell one. Some cracking goals and a decent defensive display in a comfortable 4-0 against Phil Parkinson's Altrincham in the Phil Parkinson derby also featuring a James Jones on either side. That's 9 home wins in a row to start the season. The first time in 100 years we've done that apparently.
  5. Sorry. If today's second half is anything to go by we might be starting to sort out our away form a bit. Should have won.
  6. What did you go for? Today wasn’t a Wrexham game to bet on really. I wasn’t quite sure which way it would go. 1-1 will do though against Boreham Wood. 3 points off the top, away games against all of the top 4 out of the way and more favourable fixtures coming up.
  7. We again forgot how to defend last night in the second half and a comfortable as it could be 3-0 ended up a 3-2 against Blyth in the replay. Honestly think that needs sorting if we are going to win the league. An odd atmosphere where the crowds attention turned to who our potential next opponents would be. Bizarre jubilant cheers near then end as Chester took the lead against Oldham in extra time followed by a resurfacing of anti Chester chants in anticipation of a local derby. They ended up losing on pens after a late equaliser by ex Wrexham striker Mike Fondop. Disney didn't get the Wrexham vs Chester match they ordered.
  8. Switch 2 making games for my PS5 instead. Zelda 4K 60FPS, a ridiculous looking Mario Kart 9, and Nintendo VR games. I'm not bothered about playing anything on the train or on the bog.
  9. We've obviously still got to win tomorrow, but anyone at home that we've not played for ages would be nice. Someone big and not too far away with an away end with a decent capacity would be acceptable too. Bolton would be good. I love the FA Cup and we've been shit in it for the last few years. It's about time we had a little run.
  10. Yep, they'll be a series two. I reckon it's been brilliant. About as good as I could expect it to be I think. Importantly, because some were worried about this, an accurate and fair depiction of the town and the club. That's the Wrexham I know. Not a "nasty town" as MrHendo described on the previous page. And it coveys the madness of a season and a half under the new owners really well. There's a magic formula there in the episodes where they build things around one particular game. I think those are generally the strongest. Loved the Ryan coming over on his own one, but my favourite episode is the Chesterfield game with lovely Scoot from The Declan Swans, Lainton, and that kid collecting autographs. Owners taking a back seat. More than any other showing how much a part of peoples lives a football club is for those who trundle down to watch games come rain or shine. And that interconnectivity between supporters, players and club you get. Basically how special non/lower league football is in this country. Done to perfection in 25 minutes. Really liked that short bit on Grimsby in the last episode too. We've shown you Wrexham, but there all these other clubs out there too with their stories.
  11. The magic of the Cup Blyth with a 90th minute deserved equaliser and a supporter with a toaster on his head. It was broadcast on ESPN2 in America so I managed to watch it. We weren't great, but at least I get a bonus game to go to on Tuesday.
  12. He left to join St Albans on loan in January. There are one or two things out of sequence in the series, and shots of players training who weren't at the club at the time, shots of fans who weren't actually at those particular games, that sort of thing. Assuming that's all seen as not mattering. Which I suppose it doesn't really unless you've received a mid season football banning order and the magistrate spots you at the Dover game. There are quite a few errors with the subtitle stuff too where they are clearly guessing things like the words to the Aaron Hayden song, managing to hear "Wears a Deadpool Mask" instead of "Wears a Magic Hat" which obviously makes much more sense. Not sure why they didn't run it all by someone local. Actually I think I remember hearing Humphrey Ker saying he checked some subtitle stuff they weren't sure of which would explain things.
  13. I've spotted Megan Ganz at a couple of games. He was with her years before she started doing stuff with McElhenney. So without Ganz presumably Humphrey Ker doesn't end up working with McElhenney either. And McElhenney doesn't get introduced to football and none of this happens.
  14. Fingers crossed, although Chesterfield held on to Tshimanga in January last season. Notts County have more money than Chesterfield. Fleetwood kept hold of Vardy until the end of the season, won promotion, and then sold him for a million.
  15. Not just the keeper, I'd imagine half our team who were responsible for the lethargic defensive display won't be too happy. Even Hayden who grabbed two goals. Defensively we had the best record in the league before Saturday, but do have these completely forgetting how to defend games in us. We've conceded 5 goals three times in home games in 2022. The most ridiculous thing is that we've won two of those games. Not boring no! FA Cup legends Blyth Spartans away in the FA Cup on Saturday. Who we have a bit of history with when they earned a fifth round replay in 1978 and switched the game to St James Park. A crowd of officially 42,000, but reckoned to be over 50,000 watching a 2-1 Wrexham win. We got promoted that year. Let's all go up this season. That would be nice.
  16. A 7-5 win at home to Barnet. A weird game! Basically a repeat of our 6-5 comeback against Dover last season, but with the goals in the wrong order to dissipate the drama. We were sensational up front, and not so much at the back, although Barnet played some ace stuff and were really good goring forward. Felt like we needed the eighth to make it safe towards the latter stages of the match as they tore us apart with every attack, but we just about got there.
  17. Did you not fancy going along to the football when you were there? Might have cheered you up a bit. Might.
  18. 2,500 away allocation sell out on Saturday against Oldham too, in a crowd of 9,500. A 1-0 defeat last night with Notts County going top then. We did quite well in the second half, but didn't make the most of our chances. Not a repeat of the game away at Chesterfield where we were completely shit. Notts County do appear to be a bit more resilient than last season although quite reliant on one player for a lot of the goals at the moment. We'll see how they do when Langstaff signs for Real Madrid in January.
  19. Nothing contractual no. And yeah that was/is clearly a legitimate concern. Perhaps not really what comes after, but maybe the owners after that. Most football fans could have similar fears about their own club though if they're inclined to think about it. I think they will be around for quite some time. They've said they will be and why wouldn't we believe them? Particularly when you look at them as people, and what they've done in their careers. The documentary was always part of the plan, but they've not come to make a documentary. It was always a short/medium term tool to generate money and maximise the exposure of the club. The best way to use their fame to grow the club as quickly as possibly. They obviously know that's not forever. Anyway, I'm not dwelling on any hypotheticals and worrying about 10 or 30 years from now. Not just now.
  20. It's not so much a completely against Rob and Ryan stance. More a this might not be all good stance. And generally this comes from people who were most committed to fan ownership, perhaps actively involved in the WST like one of my mates. It's quite a dramatic turn around to make to be against private ownership as a default position and then find yourself even owned by good people so clearly not in it for the wrong reasons. Like I've said though, I've gradually seen this evaporate over time. His natural position on the documentary was one of negatively, but then that's been brilliant. This weeks Hooligan episode a miss step, but generally brilliant. So that's another positive. Mullin was looking to sign for clubs closer to Liverpool. I got the impression that he was desperate to move back home if he could. Clubs around the north west will have been on his short list, but I'm not sure Plymouth will have been. But yeah, obviously we'll also be paying him quite a bit more than 6k a week too.
  21. Numbers sceptical about the owners and whether they are good for Wrexham have always been pretty tiny. But yeah, I think those that were have softened their opinion over the last year as the pair have been to more matches and appear even more committed to the club over a longer than initially expressed time frame. I've seen it in one of my mates. There has been and remains question marks over Shaun Harvey's involvement and one or two decisions that he and Fleur Robinson have made though. That's more widespread. It was good to see them actively looking for unfiltered fan opinion when they were over for that game, presumably that's continued.
  22. See how you feel after Tuesday wev. I'll be delighted with a draw. I don't think we've cracked our away performances quite yet with a poor first half. Our stronger subs and Oldham tiring helping the comeback today, but what a win! 2-1 to go top of the league as Chesterfield run out of late comebacks.
  23. Almost went top of the league for the last three games ourselves, but Chesterfield keep coming up with a goal to keep their run going. All very competitive at the top right now. Langstaff banging them in for Notts County who seem to be winning most games comfortably. 6-0 thumping of Torquay for us with 29 goals in 10 this season. God knows what the stats are for goals at the Racecourse since the start of the year, but I'm imagining it's a bit daft. Translating that dominance into more away games is the key which has yet to really happen with any kind of consistency. We were a bit fortunate to get a point away at Southend last weekend. Interesting comparing us to the same point last season though which is relatively close to where they are up to with the documentary The squad is considerably better now. Using Elliot Lee as a sub to rest Paul Mullin for the last 20 minutes of games a pretty extravagant use of our resources. A much trickier October coming up though.
  24. Yeah, top 4 in the league the only 4 teams capable of winning the league. That's sorted itself out pretty quickly. So today we played. Won 5 nil and were treated to a fantastic 18 rated post match interview by their owner and manager who is ace.
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