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  1. I watched that game. It was a lovely goal from Hoskins. A fitting promotion winner from the league two player of the season. Tranmere were alright, gave it a go in the second half, and could have made things more interesting. Just lacking a bit of quality up front. Which was odd to see, because that's not what I associate Tranmere with.


    Manchester based ex Stockport player Connor Jennings suspiciously gifting Stockport one of the penalties to give them a chance, but they fell short anyway.

  2. Unlucky Bromley. Fatigue evidently a factor in extra time, obviously playing with 10 men amplifying that. Chesterfield having one or two players with an extra level of quality making a difference too. As with Boreham Wood, keep most of that lot together and it's pretty nailed on you'll be competing up there again next year. 


    Annoyingly I was working earlier so missed all of the Notts game. Never in doubt that one though wev? Looking forward to watching the final. 


    I'm not overly keen on the one off playoff game format in the national league, but they do manage to deliver some thrilling football matches.

  3. 12 hours ago, deadtired said:

    On the plus side we could be playing you soon 


    Playing Sheffield Wednesday in the league again would be pretty nice yes :)


    Managed a trip to Hillsborough in 2003 when we beat you 3-2 the August after we got promoted. Our Trinidadians Carlos and Big Den scored. Big crowd, big win. One of my favourite away games. Although I don't think you were at your best that season.

  4. 17 hours ago, deadtired said:

    Honestly I think the only team in league one who have deserved to go up is Plymouth and I really hope they win the league, they’ve been consistently incredible. We had an easy run in and dropped too many points whilst Ipswich only dropped 2 points! 

    Unfortunately we don’t have a chance in the play offs, my favourites for that are Barnsley then Bolton, think whoever wins that game will go up. I don’t think derby will but I think they’ll run away with the league next year, but they’ll reach the final so they might pull it off. 



    Well good luck anyway!


    You'll be the 3rd best side in the league over 46 games and deserve to go up. 

  5. I was speaking to someone from work last night who is good mates with one of the Fylde players and is going. Hoping to be part of a boozy celebration party. So Bradford Park Avenue can stay up if they win today and Kettering lose and Blyth don't win. They're in good form unbeaten in 6. King's Lynn are likely to beat Curzon Ashton at home, so Fylde will probably need to win given their shitter goal difference. A huge game for everyone.


    Chester have had a fantastic season to comfortably claim that 3rd spot after consecutive seasons of being shit. Genuinely hope they go and win the playoffs now. They deserve a bit of joy.

  6. 4 hours ago, neoELITE said:

    @Fatsam Geddon Youngy! You forgot Ben Tozer. Another Janner. He was a youth product of ours.

    Oh yeah, he was!


    I think Young being with club prior to takeover adds an extra dimension to his part in promotion. I’ve seen him almost single handedly win games for us with his will to get a result when we were shit. Played a huge part in us avoiding relegation in the season up to covid lockdown. Basically what he did for Torquay prior to joining us. Nice man too. Probably won’t play much for us next season, but now forever a club legend.

  7. Cheers Butters.

    Super Paul Mullin! 





    I've been fortunate to see one or two decent players up front for Wrexham. Gary Bennett including 47 goals in a season, King Karl Connolly, Andy Morrell and his 34 league goals to win us promotion, the ridiculous goals and tricks of Lee Trundle, but to score two like he did yesterday in a match of that importance on top of the way he performed against Notts County. He's my favourite. He's the difference. Unbelievable.


    I thought our two wingbacks were exceptional yesterday too.  Unusually for us, we picked both of them up from the national league, so looking forward to seeing them in full flight in the football league. And Elliot Lee has got better and better over the season. I knew he was supposed to be creative and a goal threat, but his work rate and desire to get stuck in is just phenomenal. He's got a big role to play next season. Our whole side was great though. Will Ben Foster be persuaded to stay? Will Ollie Palmer want to move back closer to home? He's not quite been the player he was for us. Will Everton try and buy Paul Mullin when they're relegated? There are question marks there, but we'll be in good shape for league two I guarantee it. :)

  8. So close I'm scared.

    It was nervy, but once the first goal finally went in we were okay and Yeovil's performance slumped knowing they were relegated. Saturday against Boreham Wood is going to be a battle.


    The Always Sunny in Philadelphia lot were behind us tonight enjoying themselves, particularly Charlie Day. 





    I'm a Luigi Wrexham Won!


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