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  1. From being 5-2 down. Football's not a bad sport is it? Putting aside some not so great defending from us today, and our keeper having an absolute stinker, Dover actually were far more threatening than some sides I've seen, have a couple of really tricky pacey players and gave it absolutely everything. As did we! The comeback was always on, we've loads of goals in this side and Dover looked vulnerable at the back from the off, but it's another thing to actually see it happen. Ollie Palmer was immense up front. He's the player Angles Morts told me he was and perhaps more, makes a monumental difference, a focal point that lifts all those around. And he's scoring too. Struggling to think of a better atmosphere since we stayed up in the league on the last day of the season 15 years ago to be honest. People were jumping around who don't normally jump around. Unbelievable. And we've gone second! This was my mate's 6 year old son's first ever football game. I think we've got him locked in for life now.
  2. Another decent and dominant home performance from us last night as we won 3-1. Stockport march on, but a top 3 spot looks there for the taking. Particularly when you consider the mid table level form of 2nd placed Chesterfield that's been going on since Christmas. Anyway, I booked the date of the playoff final off work last week. Yes I am asking for trouble.
  3. If you're after a possibly decent football match to watch tonight, 3rd plays 4th live on BT as Halifax come to the Racecourse. They are in brilliant form, winning 5 out of 5 so I'm intrigued to see exactly how good they are. We got a draw against Bromley away on Saturday, but our keeper Lainton broke his wrist and is out for the rest of the season which could prove to be significant. Fingers crossed our number two keeper Dibble does okay, but he has been a bit error prone in the past.
  4. These are in rotation online now. Managed to play Ninja Hideaway, Toad Circuit, Sky Garden, and a 200cc fuck up on Choco Mountain. They might not look as good as the originals and lack anti-gravity twists and thrills, but it is brilliant that they are rescuing these tracks from the mobile game, particularly the new ones like Paris Promenade and Ninja Hideaway, and giving them the attention they clearly deserve. I had no idea how good they were.
  5. Wrexham are one game away from Wembley now after beating Notts County 2-1 away in the Trophy last night. Streamed on the Internet. A close game, both sides rested players, but then ended the match more full strength with subs that added a bit of extra excitement late on. I do love watching Burchnall's Notts County, they play some great passing attacking football, always threaten, and aren't that arsed about being a bit vulnerable at the back. Same 5 at the back formation as us, but it's interesting the difference in the the way Parkinson has us playing with our energy and directness which can be quite exciting to watch too. Notts County came close with a penalty shout and hitting the bar, but James Jones powered through their defence for our winner on this occasion. Wrexham vs Notts County would potentially be an amazing playoff final.
  6. Wrexham 4 Boreham Wood 2. Brushed aside their shithousery and battered the best defence in the league second half. Brilliant lively crowd under the floodlights and the best home game in ages. We beat them 3-0 in the trophy, but last night's proper game was always going to be better indication of exactly how good we are at the moment. We're very good at the moment. Parkinson has now filled all his key roles with league two and league one standard players, it's clicking, and surprisingly enough, we actually look like a side from a higher league in games. If Stockport continue their ridiculous form then no team is getting that automatic promotion slot other than them, but you never know! 6 wins in a row.
  7. Not sure what the fuck happened to have those players in those positions for this photo of a goal to happen, I wisely avoided the stress of radio commentary and went to the pub, but I'm looking forward to the highlights tomorrow. The keeper Chesterfield 0 - Wrexham 2
  8. An unusual and lovely goal from our Jordan yesterday. It should't have been allowed because nobody else touched the ball, VAR would have ruled it out, but I don't think the rules were invented for such scenarios, and thankfully we play football in the outer rim where there are no rules.
  9. I went to watch Wrexham waste our best home result of the season yesterday. 3-0 in the FA Trophy against unbeaten in 17 FA Cup upsetting Boreham Wood who put out a full strength side. Not that I don't like the competition, I do, I just can't make the final if we get there. Played his first 60 minutes of football for us and got two assists!
  10. We wanted a defensive midfielder and the cash was splashed. Tom O'Connor sounds ace. Played loads of league one games for a 22 year old and has done really well for Burton according to their fans. That dream combination of defensively solid but also creative by the sounds of it. And can take a good corner. Apparently it was not half a million as rumoured though. A little bit less than 300,000 has been mentioned. Bargain! A good transfer window then. Three areas strengthened, and Jordan Davies who was out of contract at the end of the season has signed a new deal. We've also managed to keep a promising youth left back who a load of big clubs were sniffing around and in previous times would have been off. Feels ace to see us actually keeping hold of our better young players. Thank you very much TikTok kids and Disney plus subscribers.
  11. Good to hear. Fans feeling the need to get on the back of one or two, exaggerating inadequacies and failing to see any good they offer is just universal isn't it. Amplified at Sunderland, but at times I don't think The Racecourse has been a ground conducive to getting the best out of players since we dropped to a level where we became one of the bigger clubs in a league with raised expectations. Even with similar sized clubs around us and our playing budget not being massive.
  12. Ooh terrific will do. Yeah he'll definitely be played as a wing back. We're quite strong on that left side of the back 3 when Lennon plays there so possibly any defensive frailties won't matter as much. And he'll obviously be playing at an even lower level too. I don't think he was particularly rated at Crewe either, but then I also read that they play with a back 4.
  13. Slightly related. What's our new left wingback Callum McFazdean actually like? He's not fit enough to play for us yet. I believe he's one of the worst players to ever put on a Sunderland shirt, but did better for Plymouth and Bury in League 2 by the sound of it. Phil Parkinson seems to like him, it was he who took him to Sunderland. Fucking football yesterday. We really need to stop these early red cards in games. That's 4 this season now and it's happened twice against Maidenhead who I think we'd have been comfortably beating in both games with 11 men. For once it looked like it wouldn't matter as we were by far the better side for almost 90 minutes. Went 1-0 up, should have scored more, possibly should have had a penalty, until they pop up in added time to get a hugely undeserved draw. They're a team that's recently had decent results against high flying Halifax and Chesterfield, but weren't particularly good yesterday even with a man up. Robbed!!!!
  14. Word on the street is that Wrexham have offered half a million pounds for Burton midfielder Tom O'Çonnor!
  15. Brilliant atmosphere last night and a decent performance from us to win 1-0. For a good part of the match we were the much better side and were resilient when Grimsby upped their game in the second half. Lainton had to pull off a fantastic save to keep it at 1-0, but there was also an incredible open goal miss from a yard out by our young centre back Max Cleworth towards the end. He looked completely gutted. We had to see the game out just for his sake. On Palmer, you couldn't ask for anything more from a debut really given he went straight into playing with a bunch of players he'd just met. A handful for their defence and of course got the only goal of the game. Hopefully a midfield addition or two this week. And that's now them top of the league. Signings like that should be illegal.
  16. Yeah, this does appear to be happening. Interesting and encouraging reading that. If he can get even more out of Paul Mullin and Jordan Davies that would be fantastic. I wonder if he’ll score one or two more goals at our level too. Did really well for Grimsby last time he was down here. Apparently this will break our long standing record transfer fee paid for the return of Joey Jones from Liverpool for £210,000 in 1978.
  17. Chesterfield and Halifax slipping up suddenly makes the conference table look much tighter with Stockport continuing their rise to the top. They looked really good against Dagenham and Redbridge in the bits I saw. Another away win for Wrexham against Yeovil keeps us up there. Home against Grimsby for us tomorrow, our first home league game since 11th December. They'll bring a few for a Tuesday. The return of ex captain Shaun Pearson to The Racecourse. Should be an ace one under the floodlights.
  18. Remember Defoe playing for Bournmouth on loan and scoring against us in league one. On a run where he got some record for scoring in consecutive matches. One of those infrequent fucking hell you're really good, miles too good to be playing in this league moments. That was about 20 years ago though. We thought Ian Rush would be too good for that league and he failed to scored a single goal for us!
  19. Double the rumoured £180,000? That's quite a step up from the couple of bigger fees we paid last summer. There have been zero rumours about anything from our side this week. Maybe we've moved on. But then there have been zero rumblings about anything. All we've done is get rid of a couple of of unwanted players. It's been noted not just by Wrexham that this January has been an even tougher January than usual to make signings because clubs have been more likely to want to hold on to players through this period of squads being depleted by covid. Just our luck when we've suddenly got money and want to do some squad building.
  20. I think we possibly might have tried to get Alex Woodyard you know. It was mentioned last summer that we were attempting to sign him. Shit loads of names have been throw around, but I think that one was supposed to be a relatively solid source.
  21. Shit sorry yeah, I've edited it now. Boreham Wood do have a mean defense to be fair. To be honest, I'm sure I'd be in a massive minority, and it obviously wouldn't happen, but I do actually think I would support some kind of bonkers self imposed transfer code of conduct that would prevent us going for someone from a club like Wimbledon if it harmed their chances of staying up or getting promoted or something at a critical time of the season. It's great to have money, security and be optimistic that we'll at some point get back to being a League One side, with a 4 sided stadium owned by the club, our own top notch training ground, and a decent youth system. All the things we had before the crooks came in. But I am not 100% comfortably with us spending fuck loads, definitely uneasy about us contributing to our leagues inflated wages, and how that impacts clubs operating on limited budgets. As it did us under trust ownership. And perhaps potentially being the bad guys when it comes to signing the odd player too. We've been the team overachieving in the league and the cups on a smallish budget, and the one fucked over by awful owners, and the old football league team languishing in the 5th tier. Never the bad guys.
  22. Yeah, this has been rumoured for a while. I would say sorry, but it sounds like he'd be an ace signing for us. A bid for Gilingham's Vadaine Oliver has been reported too, so maybe one has been rejected and we are going for the other one? Wanting both of them would seem a bit excessive. Phil Parkinson was at the Franchise FC match though.
  23. Fucked it didn't we after a perfect start. Lennon's been excellent this season so I'll let him off. Still off colour Mullin blew the chance of getting something from the penalty spot, but fans who were there seem to think we generally did well given we were down to 10 men for 80 minutes. Should mean we'll be massively up for revenge in potential playoff clash I suppose. Good luck for the rest of the season anyway. See you at Wembley. 30 years ago today...
  24. 2-0 away at Atrincham today made it 5 away wins in a row for Wrexham for the first time since 2003. What happened in 2003? We got promoted!
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