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  1. 200 thousand is what Cheltenham told their local journalist. I suppose some of that could be dependent on conditions such as promotion or whatever, but for a 31 year old defender who has played almost all of his career in league 2 with only 12 months on his contract it certainly sounds like an awful lot.
  2. Ace 2-0 away win for Wrexham against Eastleigh with Ben Tozer making his debut after signing yesterday for a bit too much money. Now for the big one against Notts County at home on Monday. They looked to have struggled and failed to beat 10 man Torquay today, but no doubt will be amazing against us.
  3. Well I did joke about us nabbing another one of your transfer targets! Yep, we've heard about Tozer's long throw. Can he run and get on the end of them? Presumably he will also know Luke Young, although a couple of years older. Hope he ends up coming to us, sounds like a great version of exactly the kind of player we need.
  4. That'll more than do! Looks like he was injured a fair bit at Crewe so maybe a slight gamble, but it's one you were also clearly prepared to take. Cheltenham have so far refused two offers from us for their centre back Ben Tozer who captained them to the title last season. Not sure whether that will happen or not. He's also reportedly not sure about dropping two divisions, which is fair enough. It does appear that we are trying to build a side capable of promotion from League 2. Just a shame that the National League is at least 4 times as hard as League 2.
  5. So what's James Jones like @filecore? Appeared to have moved down the midfield pecking order for Lincoln, but played loads of games for you last season. Loads of games for Crewe before that. Am I correct in assuming he'll be good for us in the conference?
  6. Yeah, perhaps could have done with both postponed, although 2-2 at Solihull is a decent enough result. We had a bit of a makeshift defence today with ex Burnley, Wolves etc midfielder David Jones in front of them who has come in as player coach and hadn't played a competitive game since January 2020. Jones scored an apparently amazing goal from distance to add to the predictable Mullin one and we almost got away with it, but that injury time Solihull goal from a corner cost us 3 points. Signings to come so we know the squad will be bolstered, just a shame it didn't happen before the start of the season. Another hard game against Eastleigh away next Saturday before the big BT game vs Notts County on bank holiday Monday. Could be a few goals in that one I reckon wev.
  7. Looks good, and a great idea with the names on there. The unveiling sounds a bit premature, but I suppose that meant fewer people were trapped underneath. On the subject of big pieces of cloth, we body bagged our Kop yesterday following the removal of all the barriers. It was looking particularly barren and sad. RIP
  8. Shit, I've always hated the idea of being trapped under one of those flags and that picture is not making my feel any better. Sure it looked ace from the outside though!
  9. A last minute friendly against Curzon Ashton meant I got my first Wrexham game back at the Racecourse yesterday. We were decent in attack and Mullin scored a great goal. Felt good to be back there among familiar voices. Comforting and reassuring. 18 months and nothings changed. And it was nice to give last seasons squad a clap for their efforts. I'd only seen three of our players in the flesh before, which illustrates how much change there has been since we almost got relegated season before last. We've brought forward our Good Friday Solihull away game to next weekend now after both of our scheduled opponents went down with covid. Good that we could do that, but it's a much harder one than Yeovil at home would have been. Yesterday illustrated that we're still desperate for a defensive midfielder or two and could do with another center back. Hopefully that will happen this week.
  10. Cheers man. Always liked Lincoln, but I'm not going to pretend I'm not insanely jealous of how well you've done over the last few years. Emulating that is the dream. Although just being back at the football is way bigger than how the team actually do. Another couple of weeks away until our opener against Yeovil, but I can't wait. Last night I committed myself to arriving at 11.50 at Wrexham General to commence drinking a moderate amount of pre match lager
  11. Wrexham have had to stop season ticket sales because we were selling too many. Previous season ticket renewals took it over 2000, but then we topped a ridiculous 5000 after just a day and a bit when they went on general sale this week. The stand behind the goal is unavailable for the first two matches because renovations have been delayed which is obviously a massive shame starting the season with a two sided ground. The other end is long closed. That reduced the capacity by a fair chunk so they've temporarily capped it at 5,200 with the remaining couple of hundred tickets being sold on Saturday. Other clubs have seen strong sales so I expected us to shift quite a few, but not this many. We're definitely setting ourselves up for a poor start to the season with this level of excitement. Parkinson won't stand a chance. Out by October.
  12. I became used to resetting the gyros fairly quickly, but it's not something you should be having to do in motion control gaming really. They're definitely worse in this than the original and with the pointing stuff I'd go as far to say that the limitations of the joycon let the game down at times. The drift you can get when long distance bow aiming can be pretty dreadful. Aiming for a Bokoblin head for the cursor to drift away on it's own then stick, refusing to budge with the kind of subtle movement that it should be working with is disappointing. It's a shame because the extra sensitivity in the gyros is generally a good thing and makes a difference, particularly when you take your sword out and wave it around a bit. There's a touch more connection between what your hand is doing and what Link's hand is doing which I love. And the camera control is obviously something that couldn't be done on Wii.
  13. Ridiculous signing for non league isn't it? Our previous ones this window had been good but modest. Forward McAlinden who contributed to Morcambes promotion, but wasn't a regular starter for them. Experienced centre back Brisley who has played all his career in the league, but had been released by Port Vale and is the kind of player we've been picking up in the past. And experienced striker Jake Hyde from Halifax who has had a great scoring record in the last couple of seasons, but can be hit and miss. We also signed centre back Lennon from Southend, but he's barely played any games due to injury and their fans seem happy he has gone. We've clearly thrown loads of money at Mullin though. He should be playing in League One next season. We're getting him at what should be the peak of his career. Apparently he was keen to get back to a club close to Liverpool if he could, so that will have been a factor. But it will mostly be money. The question now is. Have we got more signings of this level coming in? And if yes, then how many? Midfield is the area we need to improve on most, a player who can control the game. And we could do with a commanding vocal organiser at the back too. Any Plymouth targets we could nab that fit that description?
  14. Our Philadelphia Eagles inspired Wrexham away kit with mixed fan reception feature lacing. I'm in the not keen club. Nice shade of green though. And what club in their right mind would do an away kit launch without a LIMITED EDITION gin to go to go along with it?
  15. I'm a bit befuddled by the Fi interruptions stuff they've tweaked in this. She appears to pop up a little less I think, but also still quite frequently saying her usual obvious stuff with a percentage, or providing a bit of background to a location or whatever. I've also repeatedly read people were annoyed by her butting in to give away puzzles in the Wii version, which I've always thought was a massive exaggeration and very very rarely happened at all. There was one point I could remember where she actually does do this though, just before you enter the third dungeon. Right I thought! So that's an example of what people have been going on about, she tells you what to do, that's definitely going to be put behind a pulsating sword then. Nope, it's still in there. What a fucking game though! I have long become used to recentering with y now. That annoyance definitely recedes.
  16. How frequently are people finding they are recentering the gyros? The drift that goes along with a bit of sword waving is considerable on both my sets of joycon. Far worse than I expected to be honest, I'm recalibrating them constantly. Only up to just before the Ghirahim fight though so maybe I'll get used to just doing it without thinking. My experience was that the sensor bar did a magnificent job correcting anything on the Wii version with no noticeable wonkiness in all the hours I've played and replayed it. Hadn't really considered how nice it would be to have a free camera because I always thought the auto one was really well done in Wii Skyward Sword, but yeah it's ace to be able to do that. 60FPS is obviously massive and the faster text speed is great. The motion controls are definitely more sensitive and twatting things away with a shield feels much better than on the nunchuck. The music in this always amazes me. It's been 5 years since I last completed the game and this is the first time I've played it with quality speakers and surround sound so I'm appreciating that even more. And I know the dungeons are generally well thought of, but even the first one has loads of quality in there. The least good one in the game. Getting THAT item and the way you fight the baddies.
  17. Seems to do really well at every other club he manages, getting three different sides promoted. Sunderland fans think he was fucking awful and rightly sacked, but they gave him the job for good reason, he did brilliantly well at Bolton and Bradford. I'm willing to believe he could do the same with us. He doesn't exactly have a reputation for playing great football though, like our last manager. I think most Wrexham fans were ready for someone with a little bit more focus on entertainment, but then obviously if that style of football gets us competing at the top and ultimately promoted then nobody is going to be moaning. You'd also think Parkinson would only drop down a division or two to manage a side if he knows he is going to be backed. So in that sense, I'm further excited to see the players who we are going to bring in to do TikToks for our new club account and play the odd game of football. I think this means Donald Trump is banned from the Racecourse.
  18. Any of those mentioned on Power Corruption and Lies and the singles around that period. But yeah, especially Age of Consent. Clearly the best band on the planet at the time. Go Barney!
  19. Should be a fun season following Wrexham. Similar to you neoElite, I think I watched all but two of our games last season, which is unprecedented, but it's just not the same on a screen. I had no team and casually watched a bit on TV before I first went to watch us aged 19 and live football blew my mind. It's a completely different experience. And living away from Wrexham, as I do now, football is my only link to the town. The only reason I go back, the reason I see old school mates so frequently. The last year has hammered that feeling home. I'm desperate to get back supporting us in person. No new manager or players yet, but what's happened so far is a building up of the things around the football club and emergence of some kind of sustainable long term planning. Part of that is appointing Les Reed as an "advisor to create a football strategy", who Southampton fans appear to have mixed views on, but certainly has a ridiculous amount of experience at all levels in the game (last role Technical Director of the FA) for a conference side to be drawing on. Our better players have re-signed with the obvious exception of our captain Shaun Pearson who has gone back to Grimsby. He's in his declining years, but I'm gutted to see him leave because he's a lovely man and a leader. His wife's family live up there, they are expecting another child, and they offered him a longer deal so it was an easy choice for him. Makes it feel even more like we are entering a new era though seeing such a big presence over the last 4 years leave. We've retained one or two decent attacking players, but the one to watch next season will be midfielder Jordan Davies who came though our youth ranks, was poached by Brighton, and then returned to us last summer. Technically very good with an eye for goal, who began to really assert himself towards the end of his first season in mens football. The first series of the Wrexham documentary will be on Disney+ in 2022 and we're off to America to play Philadelphia Union in front of Danny DeVito next month. Nothing unusual about any of that. Good luck everyone!
  20. Heartbreaking for Torquay. Particularly as they were walking the league halfway through the season. Only stuck it on for the penalties, but I found myself sucked into it and starting to feel tense despite not particularly giving a shit who went up. Horrible things the playoffs. Torquay should be competing up there again next season with Gary Johnson still there. I'm expecting the competition to be quite high at the top end though. Stockport, Notts County, and us all have money and something to build on. Dagenham and Redbirdge too who finished the season in good form. Grimsby will do well I'd imagine under Hurst who got them promoted before. Chesterfield did well last season and should replicate that, spending money they don't really have. In contrast there could be a few clubs struggling or having to get by on reduced playing budgets. I think there's been a general evening out in the standard of teams in the league over recent years, but, like this last season, I expect quite a gulf in quality between those at the top and those at the bottom next year. A bit like it used to be about 10 years ago.
  21. Hugely enjoyable game in the playoffs on BT earlier as Notts County won it late 3-2 On top of playing the furlough system to ditch their unwanted players and then sign a load of new ones, Chesterfield's commentators were a massively irritating pair of dicks in our away game against them. So yeah, well done Notts County. I love how they just go all out attack in games and don't particularly give a shit about defending. This may be their downfall in the playoff games to come however.
  22. They've impressed me recently Notts County when I've seen them against us and in that late win against Sutton. Which were both big games that they delivered in. Vastly improved from the side I watched us play over Easter when they were in that new manager transition period, it looks like he's got them playing exactly as he wants them to now with some nice on the front foot attacking football. Home advantage is an even bigger factor this season with zero away fans. They and Hartlepool will rightly be favourites to progress. Danny Rowe potentially the big danger from Chesterfield, because he can do something from nothing, but he failed to do that against us recently. As expected Wrexham have let our manager Dean Keates and his coaching staff go. All were out of contract. I know we ultimately failed to make the playoffs, but he's actually had an okay season after struggling the previous one. Changed our formation to better suit the players we had and shifted his overly defensive mindset to see us scoring a few goals. There are obviously better managers out there, hence the decision, but he has developed since his first time in charge and my guess is another non league club will give him a chance at some point . Intrigued to see who we bring in. Need to do it swiftly as almost all of our players are out of contract and we could do with getting the better ones signed up.
  23. I'm sure you noticed this, but fuck me Wrexham were awful. I mean, Dagenham are basically a playoff standard team who had a very poor start to the season and I think the crowd made a difference, but we were almost completely awful. Thanks to an equally awful offside decision it somehow ended 1-1. Bit pissed off that Chesterfield furloughed and then signed a load of new players to cheat their way in ahead of us, but we ended up where we deserved to end up. Yet another season in the conference. It beats narrowly escaping relegation like season though I suppose. Our new CEO starts next week I think. As does the ability of our owners to splash the Hollywood cash. Sign us some above average Non League players you cunts!
  24. I'd add an extra tough on top of that. I mean, why the fuck don't we have 3 up 3 down exactly? What's the argument against that these days? Is there an actual argument against it? Look at the the top of that Conference table rammed with teams equipped to do well in the football league. And then look at the same places in League Two almost fully taken up with clubs who have been outside the football league. Where 4 go up. It's ridiculous really. Particularly as the football league are happy with the 7th best team in the Conference having a chance of promotion. An incredible achievement from Sutton. That's not a promotion aided by bankrolled millions or piling up massive debts either. They're simply a well run club. Congratulations Cosmic_Guru.
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