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  1. 1) Mario Galaxy Wii then in no special order Flower PS3 Little Big Planet PS3 Zelda Twilight Princess Wii Mario Kart Wii
  2. This has to be the case surely. Resting the the DS3 on your knee makes it just about usable, but it's far from ideal. I wouldn't be surprised to see them bundling in a Nunshock with Resi 5 and charging an extra tenner or something. The Little Big planet demo looks pretty ace. Lost Winds and Icarian showed just how wonderful 2d platforming with pointer interaction can be. So yeah, they bloody better have single player wand levels aswell.
  3. Fatsam


    I thought PGR has always been considered a realistic/arcade cross. It just seems we have slightly different ideas of what makes an arcade racer. For me, the thrill of constant forward momentum, sliding around the tightest of corners, never slowing down, is an absolutely critical part. And surely lap times are just as important in arcade racers. Most have some kind of time trial element to them.
  4. Fatsam


    But don't you have to actually slow down for corners and shit like that? Slowing down, sometimes on real race tracks, that's not a pure arcade racer. To me, it looks like a realistic racing game with unrealistic elements. Like GRID, which was a million miles away from something like Burnout.
  5. Fatsam


    But those are realistic racing games. Unless I am missing something, NO arcade racing games worth buying have been released in 2009 and , now Blur has been put back, aside from maybe that NFS wii game, NON will be this year. It had the 'fun' market all to itself. With kart racers and Split Second set to be released, next year looks much more competitive than now.
  6. Oh yeah, I noticed all that, but driving at full speed avoiding traffic it's far from perfect. Of course, the races are preposterously easy at first. As if the developers expect you to be going the wrong way all the time and allow for that. I won races, but they weren't fun. Big, colourful arrows and cars I can have a decent battle against. THAT'S what I want from an arcade racer.
  7. I found the flashing indicator a far from perfect solution. Too much of a distraction from avoiding traffic/racing and often clicking on too late for me to make a turn. But ROAD SIGNS? what? Where?
  8. Totally. Going open-world ruined burnout as a racing game for me. Played for 50 hours or something, I may have had an understanding of Paradise City enough to enable some funtastic racing, but I was far too infuriated by the whole going the wrong way experience to ever consider getting that far.
  9. cheers man I just managed my first one. My intention was to dip out of some ice level deathmatch action for 30 seconds while I sipped my cup of tea. So I just hung from a ledge as out of the way as I could. But someone trundled straight over and stood right above me, so I squared the mo fucker and carried on drinking my tea.
  10. I'm enjoying this, but are there any instructions knocking around for this demo? I'd like to know how to pull people off ledges myself.
  11. 1)F Zero GX 2)Outrun 2 3)Excite Truck 4)Burnout 2 5)Metropolis Street Racer 6)Motorstorm Pacific Rift 7)Wave Race Blue Storm 8)Wipeout HD 9)Pure 10)Burnout 3 Best Online 1)Mario Kart Wii (wii wheel obviously)
  12. Fatsam


    Has anyone else with the PS3 version had trophy recognition problems wth this? The game has been kind enough to give me the easier trophies as I have completed each requirement, but I've now had over 1 million points and survived for over 20 minutes (more than once) and it's given me nowt. Pretty good game though.
  13. Fatsam


    The person playing Blur in those videos was George Michael? The handling looks fine to me, nice and arcadey.
  14. GTI Club + is also well worth getting. As pure as arcade racing thrills get. I love it.
  15. It looks like you can change the level of the water with switches in that trailer. People are going to come up with some amazing Wet Dry World/Water Temple puzzle stuff. On top of this water pack coming, it's not a bad time to give the game another go anyway at the moment. There are some fantastic looking levels out there using the recent multiple layer glitch, which is fun to mess around with anyway. A search for 3D should pop up some good levels and level glitch material give aways so you can have a go.
  16. water SWIMMING mother fucking Sackboys !!!!!
  17. Fatsam


    So did everyone else read that as Brian Twaddle? But yeah, I think this game is going to be fucking aces.
  18. Yeah On Tour was pretty dissapointing. The whole ROCK presentation not remotely fitting the series. Blur got things back on track with it's stripped back cleaner look. The Junkie XL soundtrack was alright too, if not matching SSX3's brilliance. A straight HD remake of Tricky would be superb. And an HD port of Blur would be a good, cheapish experiment for EA in implimenting Natal and Wand controls. Paving the way for an all new multiplatform motion controlling SSX5. Make it fucking happen EA.
  19. Like I survived the horrible game Mirror's Edge? So what's happened to the SSX games then? That was probably the series that first started to give EA some credibility. I thought SSX Blur was excellent, with it's nunchuck slope carving and the demanding, but deeply rewarding way you conducted the uber tricks, drawing shapes in the air. Another example of EA knowing how to make good wiimote games. But that was a couple of years ago and playing Pure REALLY made me want SSX on my PS3.
  20. "Viva! Viva! la revolution" innit? best song ever though. I do slightly prefer the original games's soundtrack. anyone posted this gem of awesomeness yet?
  21. enjoying this I always loved the speed events, but the barrels and ducking and bunny hopping for the bikes and ATVs are great additions. New tracks seem up to standard aswell. Managed a couple of goes of the Quicksands course online. Good shit. The two big U turns on the sand are aces.
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