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  1. Also: is Last Wish as quick and easy as that these days? I’d definitely be up for a run through if we had enough people up for it. I heard excellent things but never did it.
  2. Thanks to you and the gang for taking us through! I’ve done all the raids from VoG until Leviathan and that was by some distance the most enjoyable and stress free first completion I’ve been a part of. I thought it was incredibly pretty, and nice and generous with the loot too. Ended up with the hand cannon, scout rifle, chest armour and two sets of boots. Definitely count me in for another run next week, I want to complete that armour set.
  3. 6pm works for me. I’m happy to fit to whenever works for tnman and the other sherpas.
  4. I’m a PS5 player but I’ve recently picked up a Series S. Am I correct to assume that I’d be able to download the Game Pass version and join you guys for the raid? If so, count me in please. I’ve got a Falling Guillotine and everything!
  5. I'm definitely up for a 'My First Deep Stone Crypt' run if we can get enough interest. I did all the D1 raids and Leviathan and loved all of them but totally fell of from raiding after that as my fireteam gradually stopped playing.
  6. I was also over levelled for the final tower and regretted it a bit. I had everyone between 73 and 70 and found that I barely needed to heal if I had health regen going and it felt a bit of an anti-climax. Especially compared to some of the tougher fights before I started exploiting the last underground dungeon. Such a wonderful game though. I wasn't convinced for the first few chapters but the combat gets a lot more interesting as you open up more attacks/skills and start playing around with cross-job skills and, obviously, the party characters are all brilliant.
  7. There's something about the way this puts the name of the area you just entered on the screen in massive capital letters that I find very pleasing.
  8. I am constantly surprised by how amazing this looks on PS5 for such an old game. I just did The Corrupted strike in the Dreaming City for the first time and it is probably the prettiest thing I’ve played on the PS5 so far. Jumping between the city and the ascendant realm has shown off my new TV better than anything else I’ve tried.
  9. I'm having an absolute nightmare with this crashing in 5-2 now. I've done a bunch of testing and, no matter what I try, the game will crash with error CE-108255-1 after about 5 minutes in the level. The weird thing is that all the other worlds play flawlessly. I was able to switch back to 1-3, complete the whole thing and beat the boss without a single issue but as soon as I went back to 5-2, it starts crashing again. I've deleted and reinstalled the game, rebuilt the PS5 database in safe mode and tried playing with the network connection disabled on the console level but nothing has worke
  10. Oh dear, I’m running into real issues with 5-2. Despite the game running perfectly up to this point, it’s crashing for me every single time I try to make my way through 5-2. I’ve restarted my PS5 and it’s still happening. Interestingly the Swamp of Sorrow activity card in my PS5 also is bugged out after a crash. It just shows ‘Can’t load. Something went wrong’. I feel like this is the game getting revenge on me for hiding and poisoning too many bosses.
  11. It was the levels themselves, but I finally got through 4-2 yesterday. The key was using soul remains to distract enemies I couldn't run past - I only killed the first two skeletons you come across in that first outdoor section in the whole thing. I was so afraid of messing up on the boss and having to do the run again I ended up very slowly creeping around and repeatedly poisoning him. The sweetest, most cowardly victory.
  12. Question for those who quit this (on PS5 or PS3) before completing it - what was the point where you threw in the towel? I've only got 4-2 and 5-2 left and I'm struggling. Especially with 4-2, even to the point where I turned it off in disgust and immediately looked up how much Cex were offering for it. I think it's because I'm playing a magic-based character with a magic weapon and basically everything seems to be resistant to it there. Spent an hour trying to run through the whole thing without fighting anything and came frustratingly close a bunch of times. It's okay though, I'
  13. I have the exact system for RT High (Ryzen 5 3600, 3070, 16GB RAM) and want to play this on my TV. Do you reckon I'll get prettier results on 1440p scaled by my 4K TV or dropping the quality/RT settings down and going for a DLSS 4K?
  14. How soon into this is the whole map available to you to drive around freely? I’ve got no interest in playing the campaign, but I’m tempted to get a month of Ubisoft Plus to do the virtual tourism thing and to see what my PC can do with DLSS and ray tracing on.
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