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  1. I feel like I’ve made it now I’ve finally had my own ‘fast forward’ ridiculous power game 😎
  2. I don't know anything about Marathon but that trailer was cool as fuck.
  3. Agreed. I really enjoyed that. The most enjoyable and most interesting episode of this series by miles.
  4. The Shuri > Red Skull > Taskmaster combo is pretty brutal to play against, eh? Especially as I’ve seen it twice where they use Cosmo to stop you destroying the Red Skull. I think Shuri is probably the card I’d like to get most. Just need the token shop to come through…
  5. Two trips back down to 47 but we made it, lads. Did the last push on a brave snap 8 cube win with TGP’s advice ringing in my ears.
  6. This is the season I hit 50, I can feel it. On an excellent win percentage since I switched to this Lockjaw deck 🤞🏽
  7. Let me try this again in the right topic... Is there a viable deck focused entirely on spoiling it for your opponent? Scorpion, Iceman, Armor, Cosmo, Enchantress, Aero kinda thing. I've started adding a couple of these kinds of cards into my usual decks (rather than just focusing on stuff that helps me) and I find dropping Cosmo in to stop them discarding or to stop their Lockjaw/Wong from doing on reveal stuff absolutely delightful.
  8. Oh dear. That'll teach me for doing this in a tab that I'm half paying attention to during a meeting.
  9. This is absolutely fair. I don't think I've ever snapped on the first turn. Gotta get brave, I suppose!
  10. Rank 70 is very impressive. Just as in the last few months, I'm stuck hovering just below rank 50. I've got four pretty strong deck options (Patriot/Mystique/Ultron, a Destroy one with Death and Arnim Zola, a Wong/on-reveal one and a Discard one) but I can't seem to make the push past 50 with either of them. I'm good at retreating and rarely, if ever, lose 4+ cubes but I'm missing something...
  11. This is great, isn't it? I wasn't 100% sure if I should go for it as I only have nostalgia for VI, VII, X, XI and XIV out of the gigantic list of games here but I'm really enjoying it. It's been too long since I played a good old fashioned controller rhythm game but this is really doing it for me in the way that stuff like Frequency, Amplitude and Rock Band Blitz did, even with a totally different type of soundtrack. I'm interested to learn more about the party building and abilities stuff to hit certain song quests once I've gone through just clearing them. My only complaint is I'm playing on Switch and can't help but feel as though the double stick inputs would be much easier on a Playstation controller's symmetrical sticks. It feels weird to use the right stick in the middle of intense note sections when I'm using the shoulder triggers for the main button presses.
  12. I finally had the perfect Patriot game but my opponent retreated before the Onslaught play counted and the drones got boosted 😭
  13. I've been 5-ish points away from Platinum tier for ages now and keep getting undone with 3-4 games in a row where I just don't draw Patriot and so the rest of the deck doesn't really work. It's painful. I think I need to get Adam Warlock or one of the other options to increase the number of cards you draw.
  14. I can't resist throwing in a 'Snap?' shout every time my opponent snaps and then loses, which happens surprisingly often with a Patriot/Mystique/Onslaught deck that doesn't come together until the last couple of turns. It's a sickness that I'm powerless against.
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