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  1. One more get-a-blog post now I've finished it. This is, without a doubt, one of the best games I have ever played. It never stopped wowing me. In terms of design, mechanics, looks, sounds and atmosphere it just gets better and better. I loved the abandoned zoo of chapter 8 and the unsettling weirdness of the final chapter. I can't wait to do it all again on Ultra settings once I swap my 1600 Super for one of those fancy new 3070s.
  2. I finally had a chance to get back to this after a busy couple of weeks, and also using the fact that I was near the end of chapter 6 and knew that Jeff was coming next as an excuse to play other things. Jeff:
  3. I really struggled with this until I started locking my targeting to the tank, then using up and down on the d-pad to cycle through the other members (without pressing X to change your target lock on to them) for occasional healing when they needed it. Once all of my heals were going to the tank by default, everything became a lot more manageable. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure you can also then use left and right on the d-pad to target enemies for offensive spells too.
  4. I think I discovered the answer to my low ammo problems and it's even more embarrassing than being a bad shot. During a section where I was backtracking a lot I kept finding resin and ammo right out in the open that I couldn't possibly have missed first time. After some testing it turns out I was a little too enthusiastic with the over the shoulder motion used to put stuff in your backpack and I was actually just dropping it behind me 50% of the time... Also had my first annoying bug that cost me about 30 minutes of frustrating wandering and backtracking in Chapter 5.
  5. What's my best bet for streaming games from my PC to front room TV? Steam Link app via something like an Apple TV? Or using Nvidia's tech through a Shield? The device at the TV end can be wired in to my router but the PC is (unfortunately) on wifi, but 5ghz wifi at least. I would've gone for one of those dedicated Steam Link boxes but it seems as though the prices have shot up since they stopped making them.
  6. Cool. It looks like it's £39.99 to pre-order on Steam. I'd be happy to swap it for Boneworks on Steam, which is currently £23.79. If anyone is interested in swapping the AMD Rewards code for HZD for you Steam Gift-ing Boneworks (and is sure that AMD Rewards will work on their system), drop me a PM!
  7. Has anyone here been able to sell an AMD Rewards code for a game and have a different buyer successfully activate it? My processor came with a code for Horizon Zero Dawn which I'd like to sell as I've already finished it on PS4. I first thought it'd be nice and easy but Step 4 here makes me doubtful: Has anyone done this? Google gives a bunch of contradicting answers on whether it works or not...
  8. I don't know what I'm doing wrong in this, but I have ran out of ammo twice now despite everyone saying that the easy difficulties (that I'm playing on) should be overflowing with ammo. Once in the dark section after you get the flashlight in Chapter 3 and again just now in the absolutely horrible Northern Star. I'm taking my time to look around and find clips (and very occasionally shells), but I'm burning through them when it comes time to fight anything. Running away from fucking headcrabs with no ammo at all is not an experience I'd recommend, lads. Despite being terrified, I'm sti
  9. Just did the section where you pick up the flashlight in Chapter 3.
  10. Gang. I have a Rift S and would like to record some Half Life Alyx gameplay footage (along with the audio from my mic). What's the best way for me to do it? I tried using the GeForce Experience software, but I can't get it to record only the game window. It seems like it can only record the entire desktop and the HLA headset output can't be maximised to fill the screen.
  11. It took me about 5 minutes to pluck up the courage to drag a dead zombie hanging out of a window out of my way. The first time one of these things jumps up and attacks me could genuinely give me a heart attack. I'm determined to play through the whole of this, even if it might take me until Christmas as it seems to be getting gradually more terrifying as I go.
  12. I've put an embarrassing amount of hours into this since I built my PC. It has such a lovely atmosphere. The lovely music, Sean Bean's lovely voice, the lovely little details of your cities when you zoom right in, the little cutscenes of wonders being constructed - I find it all so soothing and lovely and it just eats up time. It's the perfect furlough game. I've had a science and a culture victory so far, both on the Prince difficulty level. I guess I need to bump up the difficulty a bit as it seems you can defend yourself (and even absolutely stomp anyone who starts a war with you) just
  13. No no, that's absolutely the correct response. It's hiding a Ryzen 5 3600, GeForce 1660 Super, 16gb RAM and a 1TB M.2 SSD. It does extremely well with VR and everything I've thrown at it from Xbox Game Pass. It stays cool and quiet for working and browsing (and even literally silent if I use the silent mode in the motherboard control thing), the fans do get a little noisy when playing games but nothing off-putting and the temperatures stay under control even on demanding VR stuff. I'm very impressed with it.
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