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  1. I was planning on quitting this for a while after finishing the pre-Endwalker quest lines as our kid was due but it turns out that the MSQ is an ideal night shift paternity leave activity. Shout out to the Trust system for guilt-free quitting mid-dungeon if the baby wakes up. Mid-Endwalker spoilers:
  2. I could play this game forever if real life didn’t get in the way. Spent today and yesterday tanking in dungeons for the first time and really enjoyed it. Got DRK from 30 to 40 with no disasters/culpable deaths. Weirdly the biggest pressure at this point is leading the way in the less linear ARR dungeons that I haven’t done in months Also tried Botanist as I’ve never had a go at a disciple of the land job. It’s incredibly relaxing and the rapid levelling and checking off of the logs really pushes the right parts of my lizard brain. Gimme those sweet achievement endorphins.
  3. Super interesting, thank you. Especially on his motivations/confusion and the Azem stuff.
  4. Planning ahead to play after 7pm and so just jumped on a 5000+ queue. Yikes. I just need to finish 5.2 and 5.3 over the next week but I keep getting distracted with silly ideas like levelling a Gunbreaker or starting Paladin from level 1
  5. Extremely anecdotal evidence here, but I've consistently been able to connect on my PS5 (after sitting through the queue) but have errored out with this 2002 error multiple times trying to play on PC.
  6. Aha, nice! I didn't realise the regular roulettes gave the level 80 tomestones. I've only been doing them to do my last couple of AST levels so haven't gone back to them since I hit 80. I appreciate the offer of crafting stuff, thank you. I'll wait and see what changes with the 6.0 update before taking you up on that. I wonder if there'll be a level 80 set of armour available for Poetics like there was at 60 in Ishgard and 70 in Kugane.
  7. That's still just running Amaurot repeatedly for me though, right? It's the only Level 80 dungeon I have access to and I think dungeons below 80 give Poetics. An accessory from the Allegory tomestones is costs 375 and Amaurot seems to only give 50 per run.
  8. So now I've hit level 80 (with two classes, even!) I've hit a bit of a wall trying to get up to an i430 average to do the post-Shadowbringers stuff. I have the i430 armour set from the guy in the Tempest but my accessories/jewellery is lagging behind. I think the only option available for me to get an i430 level accessory is by repeating Amaurot, right? I don't fancy running it repeatedly and hoping for a full set scouting and healing ring/bracelet/earring/necklaces to drop. I ended up spending a horrendous amount of cash at the market board for a set of ninja accessories to get me over i430 so I could get into The Grand Cosmos but I feel like there must've been an easier way I missed...
  9. Just grabbed an apartment in Kugane because I've got a big soft spot for Stormblood/am a massive weeb. I just walked up to the guy and clicked buy - the easiest gil I've ever spent!
  10. Should I buy an apartment? (Assuming I can and that they are easier to get than houses, which I've heard are impossible). The 500k cost would represent 50% of my total gil, but I can't see anything else massively expensive I'll need to get. I haven't seriously levelled any crafting class (and don't plan to at the moment), so I feel like this is my best option for an extravagant purchase and would give me somewhere put all the furniture I've accumulated from the MSQ.
  11. If there's a place on earth that has bigger Eulmore energy than the Wynn in Las Vegas, I'd like to see it.
  12. The bit in the Shadowbringers MSQ when you go back to Ahm Ahraeng and spend about three hours getting a trolley working is the most egregious and blatant filler I’ve seen in this since the pre-Heavensward quests
  13. I'm about to jump on for a bit to get through some MSQ. If anyone's around that can invite me to the cross-world Linkshell, that'd be lovely. I'm Peshwari Naan on Spriggan.
  14. Oh my god, yes. If I could pos this 10 times I would. I found this so jarring moving into Shadowbringers. Especially how the music starts (which is the bit you hear most often when out and about), it's truly terrible after the previous battle themes.
  15. Ah, apologies. I didn’t realise it had to be an online at the same time in person thing. I’ll post here again next time I’m signing on
  16. Can I get a cross world linkshell invite please? I'm Peshwari Naan on Spriggan.
  17. I’d love to get involved in some organised play. I have NIN and AST at 75 so should be okay for anything pre-Shadowbringers. I’d also be up for trying tanking through some dungeons together if people have some other jobs they’d like to try. Maybe a first time healer and a couple of others looking to skip the queues with DPS jobs. All in a safe space where we can forgive each other’s new role/job cock ups.
  18. I just looked this up to remember which fight this was and I don't remember having any particular issues with this one. Sorry I can't be more helpful! Though looking at this Reddit thread you definitely aren't alone when it comes to this fight...
  19. Question for the gang: how far into Shadowbringers is it when people started to really be wow-ed by the story? I've read nothing but gushing praise for the ShB story but am struggling a bit at the moment, but I feel like I might just be in the Gyr Abania equivalent bits of this expansion where it's a bit slower. Spoilers for up to the level 75 MSQs:
  20. I don't know if eventually switching your character to a Miqo'te is an inevitable part of playing this game, but it definitely feels like it.
  21. I got massively sidetracked in my quest to complete Shadowbringers in time for Endwalker by moving house at extremely short notice, but I've been back on it recently. The trust system for story dungeons is SO good. Big fan of jumping straight in to Holminster Switch as a DPS with no queue, taking my time and learning the mechanics then going back to it as a Healer with a real group later with a better understanding of what I'm doing and how not to die. Gorgeous start to the expansion too. The too-much-light design, the marble statue look of the Sin Eaters, the first time you recreate the title screen after killing the first dungeon boss
  22. Harmonix's Dance Central games were the only Kinect/camera games I can remember where navigating menus through gestures felt good. I think there's something weirdly satisfying about how it uses sound and animation to show that your long right to left swipes for selecting menu options are working.
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