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  1. Can I get a cross world linkshell invite please? I'm Peshwari Naan on Spriggan.
  2. I’d love to get involved in some organised play. I have NIN and AST at 75 so should be okay for anything pre-Shadowbringers. I’d also be up for trying tanking through some dungeons together if people have some other jobs they’d like to try. Maybe a first time healer and a couple of others looking to skip the queues with DPS jobs. All in a safe space where we can forgive each other’s new role/job cock ups.
  3. I just looked this up to remember which fight this was and I don't remember having any particular issues with this one. Sorry I can't be more helpful! Though looking at this Reddit thread you definitely aren't alone when it comes to this fight...
  4. Question for the gang: how far into Shadowbringers is it when people started to really be wow-ed by the story? I've read nothing but gushing praise for the ShB story but am struggling a bit at the moment, but I feel like I might just be in the Gyr Abania equivalent bits of this expansion where it's a bit slower. Spoilers for up to the level 75 MSQs:
  5. I don't know if eventually switching your character to a Miqo'te is an inevitable part of playing this game, but it definitely feels like it.
  6. I got massively sidetracked in my quest to complete Shadowbringers in time for Endwalker by moving house at extremely short notice, but I've been back on it recently. The trust system for story dungeons is SO good. Big fan of jumping straight in to Holminster Switch as a DPS with no queue, taking my time and learning the mechanics then going back to it as a Healer with a real group later with a better understanding of what I'm doing and how not to die. Gorgeous start to the expansion too. The too-much-light design, the marble statue look of the Sin Eaters, the first time you recreate the title screen after killing the first dungeon boss
  7. Harmonix's Dance Central games were the only Kinect/camera games I can remember where navigating menus through gestures felt good. I think there's something weirdly satisfying about how it uses sound and animation to show that your long right to left swipes for selecting menu options are working.
  8. It's so jarring when you move between expansions and the quest accept/complete sounds change, isn't it? I have the Stormblood quest complete one playing in my head for about 50% of the time I'm awake and it's becoming a real problem for me. I can't get enough of that Ala Mhigan national anthem tune.
  9. I get the piss taken out of me by my wife for some of the ropey voice acting and excessively weeby stuff in this game but nothing could’ve prepared me for the abuse I got for turning it on to play and her seeing this on the login screen:
  10. Can’t beat AST for pretty animations and job armour sets I am a bit confused by these videos though, should there be context for what these actions are at this point? Even for jobs I play at level 70+ (NIN and AST), I’m still not sure what I’ve been watching there beyond the fact that they look suitably flashy and cool as hell.
  11. I'm about half way through the Stormblood MSQ in terms of number of quests and Yotsuyu and the other empire big dogs are such good baddies. After outer space mask wearing magic guys and ancient mystical dragons, it's nice to go up against some good old fashioned human dickheads.
  12. I'm on Spriggan, which was a 'preferred' server (with the Road to 70 double XP bonus) when I started a couple of months ago but now isn't even accepting new characters I think most of us here are on the Chaos data centre (Cerberus, Louisoix, Moogle, Omega, Ragnarok, Spriggan) which is what counts when it comes to playing together.
  13. Stormblood is such a nice change of scenery after the extreme cold gothic snow and darkness of Heavensward. I’m at the Ruby Sea and it’s all been lovely so far. Kugane in particular looks absolutely gorgeous on the PS5. I’ve had no problems at all with Lyse so far either, despite the warnings in here. I’m enjoying the character work so far (especially a couple of the big villains they’ve introduced). This is a good game.
  14. EXTREMELY into Astrologian at the moment, lads. Hit level 60 and now am ready to roll into the Stormblood MSQ looking fabulous. Thanks to the /gpose function for the lighting here. Shockingly difficult to take a normal screenshot with your character lit up. I'm continually impressed with how well they implement the different job mechanics in this. Juggling regular healing with drawing the AST cards, choosing which to play for Divination and which to burn with the Lord/Lady of Crown thing so you time your big Divination buff cooldown with getting three matched seals from the cards feels good, man.
  15. I did back in the day, but that was on a different character that I lost access to. I bought the ARR story skip with this one so no free Fantasia and I didn’t get one for finishing HW.
  16. Also: I saw Fantasia is on sale at the moment. I am tempted to switch from Roegadyn to one of the more normal sized races but I’m worried that would be a gateway drug for a financially devastating addiction to redesigning my character every week
  17. After playing through the Heavensward dungeons first time as a NIN, I’ve gone back to them to level AST and I have a new appreciation of how good the healers I’ve played with are. I just came off of a Dusk Vigil run and was shocked in how hard all three of the bosses are when you’re trying to keep yourself and the tank alive. Compared to healing in the ARR dungeons where bosses are generally the easiest bit, just this first one is much more mechanic and damage heavy in a way that I didn’t have to worry about when playing a DPS. I still find healing stressful when it’s not going well, but I’m determined to push AST through to 60 to get that lovely Welkin armour set and to share Stormblood MSQ XP with my Ninja so I don’t end up way ahead due to the Road to 70 buff.
  18. I’ll be sure to report back. I’m sure it won’t take me long. I’m treating this as the exact kind of game I won’t be able to play once our baby arrives and so, along with getting as many lie ins and spontaneous meals out as possible, I’m playing as much of this as I can between now and December. Plan is to have Stormblood done by October then do Shadowbringers in time for the Endwalker launch
  19. Okay, now I think I've hit the *real* Heavensward ending (The Final Steps of Faith and the tons of cutscenes that follow it). This must be what everyone always talks about when they said that Heavensward is where the story really gets good and they weren't wrong! My group even failed the big trial twice, which is unusual as I've been steamrolling through all the MSQ content to this point. I'm really looking forward to a change of scenery with Stormblood (which I guess is what these next set of quests are setting up), but I will miss Ishgard and the dreamboat that is Ser Aymeric.
  20. I just finished Heavensward and have some thoughts. 1.) My days, the boss at the end of the last dungeon and then the final trial look good. Especially for a game this old. 2.) The Ishgard Foundation music is some of the best out there. Someone please tell me the post-credits quests are more fun than the ARR ones. I’m excited for Stormblood!
  21. I'd love to get involved in stuff like this and the raids. I imagine I'd be limited to the older/lower level ones as I'm only in the mid 60s with my highest level jobs but would love to give some of this stuff a try.
  22. I'm a big fan of the extra hotbars on L2/R2 double tap: Main stuff on the L2 and R2 bars, double tap R2 for when something is going wrong and I need to not die, double tap L2 for the utility/getting around stuff. As I unlock more skills I'll eventually replace the travel stuff from the double tap L2 menu.
  23. I'm working my way though Heavensward and, apart from thepointless filler mini-MSQs obviously there to pad things out between the ones where the story actually happens, I am loving it. Doing The Aery and The Vault today has really got me excited for the improvements in dungeons in future expansions - definitely a step up from the ARR ones. I kind of wish I was doing these when they were new and not tearing through them with level synced teammates, but it's still excellent. Level 60 NIN now and feel like I'm settling into the groove of the abilities as the rate it throws new ones at me has started slowing down. Still not bored of the CLANG CLANG CLANG of the mudra combos
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