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  1. Still TBA, which is a shame.
  2. I actually prefer this mode. It's also better for parties and stuff as it's much easier for Nan/Little Timmy to get to grips with.
  3. Make sure you get your DC online and download the extra songs. Some nice Sega ones from Nights, Sonic Adventure, Sonic R, Jet Set Radio, Burning Rangers and even Outrun. Point your DC here: http://samba.dricas.ne.jp/pc/download.html
  4. Being the impatient fool that I am, I paid £50 at Game Focus just off Tottenham Court Road.
  5. I live in fear of losing saved games. In many cases, the save file is worth more to me than the actual game...
  6. I had a look and found out World Passes aren't that expensive. I'll get one if a few of you decide to try the game. A World Pass is basically a code I would PM you. When you create your character, you put in this code and it guarantees you a place on the server we're on. Let me know if any of you decide to pick this up.
  7. It's the install from the CD that's 6 gig. The downloaded update is much smaller.
  8. SOMEONE tell me what it's like please. Is it akin to Everquest? I.e. GOT TO LEVEL UP DOOOD. Or is it more like Ultima Online? I've never played Everquest and stuff so I can't tell you. The only online RPG I've played is PSO and that's not really an RPG. There doesn't seem to be a massive importance placed on levelling, I reached level 9 and then decided to start over again from level 1 in a different job. You could reach level 10 in a couple of nights intensive levelling, high enough to join others and explore the more exotic locales of Vana'diel. Even when you're playing on your own, you can still chat to the other people in our linkshell (about 6 of us at the mo) so it never gets lonely. If a few of you decide to get it, I'll try and get a Garuda World Pass so we can all meet up.
  9. I love how you're not tied to one job once you've created your character. I was losing interest in being a Black Mage, one quick trip to my Mog House later, I'm a badass Monk. I also made 7000 Gil from the auction houses this week. I'm lovin' it.
  10. To start with you choose a 'job'. This can be either Warrior (standard fighter, uses swords and shields), Monk (uses hand to hand weapons to do damage, has high HP), Thief (hard to hit, can steal items), Black Mage (powerful attack magic, very weak), White Mage (heals and protects the group) or Red Mage (mixture of Black and White mages, can use swords and stuff). To fight enemies you need to head out of the city gates out to wilderness areas. These areas are huge and have the monsters and stuff you want to kill. There are no random battles or anything, you can walk around and see the monsters from miles away. To start a fight you select a monster (that's not already fighting someone else) and select 'attack' or 'magic' generally depending on your job. You are free to move around during the battle, and can disengage and flee should things get nasty but the monster will chase you. Each job has special abilities which will generally boost the player's stats or do loads of damage, one of which can only be used every two hours. Basically, the fighting experience is totally different depending on which job you are playing as. When adventuring in a group, it is important to have a good mix of the classes as the enemies get nastier the further you go from the city. I haven't even mentioned quests, missions, auction houses, linkshells, chocobos and airships yet. This game is massive.
  11. Hey you. Did you know the US PC version of FFXI is out now? Did you know that it's ace? You need this game in your life. Think of that game you love... FFXI is better than that. Join us for fun and frolics on the Garuda server. Thankyou.
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