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  1. WHDLoad is your best bet for real A1200 compatibility. Relokick will give you very sporadic results because all it is doing is replacing the built-in 3.0/3.1 operating system with the older 1.3. Most games that don't work on an A1200 fall over because they employed shortcuts and hacks that worked perfectly on a vanilla A500 with its 68000 processor but fail on the A1200's newer 68020 chip and graphics architecture. People who write WHDLoad patches tend to fix as many of these problems as they can so games work perfectly on A1200s again. I contributed a few patches myself years ago. Also almost every patch tends to disable any copy protection including manual/codewheel so you don't have to arse about with those anymore.
  2. Old post I realise, but ChuChu Rocket has been out as an Android/iOS app for a while now!
  3. Feel free to move the thread... I guess it's more of an Off-Topic thing but it's rather relevant to the forum as a whole.
  4. Has this been considered here before? I like to stay subscribed to the Trading forum to keep up with people selling gaming stuffs but the continual stream of e-mails about phones and tablets and other gadgets is a bit annoying - so it'd be nicer to have a specific Games Trading forum. Either that or some kind of tag-based filtering would be nice I guess.
  5. Hi Nintendo, Congratulations on learning about the real internet. Now kindly please accept what it is and that what it is you cannot control through stupid actions like this. Sincerely, Your customers.
  6. Another vote for Robocop, on Amiga for me. I used to really enjoy The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants but looking back on it it was flipping hard in places with some of the most annoying exact jumps required to get between platforms. Frustration hell! Also worth giving a mention to ThunderCats, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Wacky Races (old childhood Amiga memories come flooding back...)
  7. Oh lord, another thing to make me feel old! I still have that final issue kicking about somewhere. Games magazines have never been as fun since the days of Your Sinclair and Amiga Power. I used to love the printed code section of YS, tapping out the programs - especially fun (read: goddamn frustrating) were typing out the hexadecimal codes when a program called for some machine code! All part of my formative years getting interested in coding. It would be another full year after that final issue till I would move on to an Amiga. Somehow that last year felt very empty without any Speccy mags to keep me connected to the world of Speccy. Sort of like being left to fend for yourself... Hey, the internet was years off for me yet!
  8. Only FIVE? That's positively tiny when you had Monkey Island 2 and Flight Of The Amazon Queen coming on 11 disks!
  9. All I achieved this weekend were Gekioh: Shooting King PS1 - 20p Top Gun: Combat Zones PS2 - 20p Both in very good condition at least! I have that Knightmare book Super Quincy - when it first came out, lol!
  10. Hmm, you're right that it wasn't just, but it came perilously close. I own a lot of CD32 games and I can say for sure a lot of them really were just A1200 games rebadged. Granted, many of them gained CD-quality music which was a nice addition, but hardly the most substantial upgrade. But then, at that time, you have to ask what 2D games had to gain from being released on CD when the limits of memory meant you couldn't exactly push more than a couple of floppies' worth of data into the machine at a time. About all games producers could do was put FMV and/or CD audio on the disc to fill up all that space. We weren't into the era of highly detailed textures yet. In any case, none of this warrants the CD32 being called the worst console - taken in its own right, it was a good machine with a nice selection of games - and doing away with floppies was a huge plus.
  11. The last two weekends were not the best time to decide to get back into boot fairs. Last weekend was rubbish. This weekend was almost a total write-off too - Saturday and Sunday totally rained off. However Monday thankfully restored the faith a bit! Presumably owing to the rubbish weather a lot of people were out for the two boot fairs I hit yesterday. It was mostly a Wii kinda day for me tho I did randomly find a Jet Set Radio DC and Wipeout Saturn and Ballz MD on a stall... in amongst dozens of PS2 games! Not an amazing haul, but far better than I've seen in some time... The two boot fairs I went to I'd not been along to before - think I will try them again!
  12. DJ_Mike

    Edge 219

    What no Starcraft II review?
  13. Just thought I'd add my two bits on this album... I bought this on day of release, being that I was a huge JL fan back in the days of my Amiga, and that's carried forward to this day (something about his style of writing bass lines and chord sequences and harmonies is just ethereal). This is an absolute gem of a compilation. While I thought his previous debut album (The Wanderer) was somewhat inconsistent in writing and sound quality, this time he's gone back to his retro MOD roots and produced something which is far more coherent, and showcases the best of his writing and sound crafting ability. The remakes of Nestea, Infinity, and Out Of Silence are, by themselves, worth the asking price alone. I've been skeptical of JL remaking his old songs, given I wasn't so overwhelmed by previous efforts, but these retain their original feel whilst overhauling the quality of the instruments and adding new bridges to the music that weren't there before, to flesh the material out a little. Definitely worth the purchase if, like me, you're a retro MOD fanatic, and the fact that the synths used are so much more modern gives this a 21st-century feeling. Perhaps the heavy electronic and quantised feel will annoy listeners who prefer more realistic-sounding instruments, but I couldn't pass this thread by without giving my two thumbs up for a solid A+ effort!
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