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  1. There are 2 D23 parts in the set in total. If you have 2 of them, then you have them all
  2. which big box starter sets do you have? I might be interested!
  3. Online store is back open; home delivery only and they will start to run out of stock as they aren’t manufacturing. but nuln oil!!!
  4. Finally managed to get my underwater base pretty much done. I love exploring under the water; very satisfying way to whittle away the hours.
  5. You can also just make a note of the coordinates and planet/ system if you don’t have any resources to place a beacon. The co-ordinates are displayed on the dash inside your ship.
  6. I made a couple of new terrifying friends today. Going to try to learn how to ride them!
  7. Help/advice please fellow players. I'm at the stage where I'm just starting to get comfortable with travelling to whereverI fancy and am nearly finished building a fairly safe base. I have the 'free' frigate and am getting towards the end of the various terminal tutorials/missions. What is the next best sensible thing for me to do to start generating income in the game?
  8. Just use the map; in travelled roads won’t be highlighted or will be a different colour depending on whether it’s a main road or not
  9. Some give perks, I think one or two are linked to barn finds and you can teleport to them (cancelled out when you buy a house that allows you to teleport anywhere). You can also launch auctions and access the car showroom from houses saving you the effort of going to the festival.
  10. Been running it without any issues on the PC @ 4K. Cross play works well; my only gripe with it is the setup time of multiplayer games, but that is the same across the board.
  11. I think it’s because you can’t buy the car for the event in the standard showroom; only with autumn forza points in the forzathon shop. Someone just didn’t think about it properly I suppose.
  12. I’m running at 4K @ 60fps (pc). But let’s say my pc couldn’t handle the resolution I would opt for frame rate rather than resolution for gameplay reasons. It’s such a beautiful looking game at times; especially when your tootling about during a sunset, so I can understand why you might decide otherwise
  13. You can do everything in the ‘my bids’ tab, so you don’t have to load each auction separately. Just press Y (or whatever your equivalent is) and you can collect credit, up your bid and collect cars all without having to leave that menu.
  14. Yes that's right. Sorry I thought it meant you didn't have to buy it to have skill songs active.
  15. You do; the perk is described in the houses' description. Then it won't matter what radio station you listen to; in fact, the classical station is better as the song lasts longer
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