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  1. RDR2 is shit though, so a broken clock and all that.
  2. I only own an original Rift. Does Oculus Link not just work with Steam games then? Why does it need to run through virtual desktop? I was thinking of upgrading to this system for the much higher resolution but if playing Steam VR is a faff then I'll hold fire.
  3. I may as well be watching someone play Pac-Man with those night replays. It's just a series of lights moving around in the dark.
  4. That was a good night. Couldn't find the server to set a qualifying lap, managing to get in just in time to setup the car for the race during the grid countdown. Then I was struggling for the last thirty seconds of the timer to get any form of sound to work, which I couldn't so that was an interestingly quiet race with just the sounds of my PC fans whirring away in pain. Enjoyed racing with Olivia and Valver for the final point available until they left me in the dust. Then in the second race I fell for the psych out of the tyre talk. I hadn't even noticed the weather but after all that cha
  5. Has anyone seen any Blender benchmarks? Everyone just seems to be showing gaming performance.
  6. That's good to know... Does that mean I can turn damage off too?
  7. What sort of restrictions are on the server? I'm away from home so will be using a controller and don't know if I can be bothered with gears on a pad.
  8. https://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/giant-bombs-official-thread-about-site-goings-on-1886428/ Vinny is pretty good at updating this when he's working.
  9. Anyone who thinks their excellent lock down content is mediocre should definitely stop watching the site. Brad and Vinny doing Astroneer was hilarious.
  10. Ben is fine. Everyone was just as annoyed at Dan when he joined and he was the worst thing ever, now it's his leaving that has doomed the site. I just wish the millennials wouldn't be so shouty during streams. They're clearly part of that streamer generation because everything is the most exciting thing ever. I don't want everyone to be as relaxed as Alex but that's a real chill level they should aim for.
  11. Well maybe one of those people in the chat should have written an article about it that was indexed by google? Even the chat in the comments has no one linking to what was problematic. I'm just very cautious about jumping on someone when there seems to be little evidence anywhere of even an initial claim. Alison Rapp got fucked over by gamergate pricks making up allegations about her, getting a third party involved who then complained to Nintendo who fired her. So I'm gonna need to read something before I believe a bunch of people on the internet yelling that this Merri
  12. To be fair, I've just spent the last 10 minutes wasting my life trying to find out exactly what this person did and there's almost zero information online aside from the odd person mentioning the during an article about someone else being a piece of shit. I don't think this is on Abby when even a cursory google of most shitheads brings up all the info.
  13. Most of the HUD is useless in VR, it may as well no exist. They need better audio communication from the pit crew. I'd seen the blue flags but often they come way before anyone is even in the mirrors. I'd also let other faster cars past by slowing earlier going into corners after they'd appeared in my mirrors. I think it's just one of those fast corner incidents and I'm genuinely sorry for messing it all up. Maybe we should have two separate leagues running? There seems to be a fair split between the super fast and then mid pack to slow. That'd avoid these sort of things.
  14. The problem is it was clear when I decided to come back on, nothing in the mirrors. It's a 100mph+ corner so by the time I've checked everything and decided to go again there's a car flying round the corner. Sorry I ballsed up your championship.
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