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  1. SweatyTravolta


    If you'd just stop making stuff about games you self admit you have no idea about, yet state your opinion as undeniable fact, then perhaps people would be more willing to engage you in good faith. You've taken a thread where nobody should be defending Ubi and made people defend Ubi because of your repeated lies.
  2. SweatyTravolta


    Ubisoft is to Broker as Corbyn is to PP. Windmilling nonsense with no regards to facts.
  3. Apologies to Valver for the knock at the start of the race after I got out of shape on the easiest corner and Thor at the end for rejoining the track in traffic. Does anyone else use a pad? Should be using a wheel for the next race but I wondered if there were any settings that would help me feel when the grip is about to go when using the pad.
  4. Hell yeah, love it. A black female lead is an awesome choice, I hope that they have black writers as well and don't just have her character read as a white person. I'm sure the internet has been perfectly calm and rational about this, especially those who didn't even watch the show prior.
  5. Look, I'm only here to make the people at the back feel better and I'm gonna need every advantage possible so no showers or deodorant. I'm just thankful my old PC can handle it at all, certainly gives the 970 a work out. So when is the next race then? Does Assetto let you know the server schedule in the game? I'm brand new to this so have no idea how the game even works. I just want to make the most garish car livery possible.
  6. Dick move from Hamilton. What did Albon do to him that he keeps getting the special treatment?
  7. To the people genuinely excited about the return of F1, what is it about this season that's got you excited? At the front it looks to be even less competitive than previous years. Thank god for Formula 1.5 In fact if Mercedes just wanted to take a year off that might make for the best F1 season in a long time.
  8. I think I've listened to more GB content then ever. Their pandemic stuff has been fantastic with the highlights being Minecraft, SeaBeasts, Astroneering and the return of the Hotspot with the original crew doing a pod together. The biggest surprise for me has been the quality of the solo stuff as I normally like at least a duo for the dynamic but 2 Fallout 2 Furious and Trucking with Alex have been a joy to watch.
  9. I'm a southerner, stupid posh accent and everything, but my father was from Liverpool and a diehard supporter. There was no getting away from it and I was indoctrinated at an early age, even my first bike had LFC stuff emblazoned all over it. I have vivid memories of watching games with him and having kickabouts over the park with him, wearing my new kit top and occasionally being lucky enough to make the trek to Anfield for a game. He passsed away in the mid nineties and it was tough, significantly changing my life away from being a carefree teenager but whenever Liverpool are playing I can feel that connection to him so strongly again. The club has been an integral part of my childhood and that continues to this day. The gross gatekeepers in here can scoff all they want, and claim I'm not a true fan because I wasn't born within a ten mile radius of the stadium but you'll never take away what I felt last night.
  10. SweatyTravolta

    Formula E

    I cannot wait. Will be nice to see them on the track again after the awfulness of their virtual league.
  11. Forza Horizon? I know for me personally the Motorsport series just became this super sterile thing that I had no desire to play. I'd much rather hang out with Ben Mate. For sim stuff on consoles, PCars 2 was the place to be.
  12. That's just the joys of the PSVR. Will be fine on PC VR.
  13. Yeah they watched some videos and want the violence to be as realistic as possible but that's just "internet drivel", even though Druckmann has said as much. I mean, what does that guy know about the development of Last of Us?
  14. Is that the hashtag used for someone who would rather not have developers be forced to watch snuff films so they can create their latest masterpiece? But I guess if you want to reduce the human cost of creating the latest shooty bang bang game to simple video game fanboyism, then go ahead.
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