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  1. I thought Dark Fate was actually good and a very enjoyable watch. Maybe that's because Genesis was so awful that anything would seem good but I really enjoyed it. As for this, we'll Netflix anime is either Castlevania levels of good or Dragon's Dogma which is a crime against anime. I was not a fan of the art style of the latest Gits so I'll approach this one with caution.
  2. Formula E is already fucking brilliant. It has the most racing and weirdly, that's what I watch racing for.
  3. I've not seen the highlights but both races were bloody brilliant. Loads of overtaking, battles all over the grid and proper edge of the seat stuff. It's a shame the second race ended the way it did as it was going to be a crazy end with the JEV and Da Costa but I'm glad Lynn is OK.
  4. I still read the thread and watch the replays that are posted. I wish I could be racing with you but I am still physically unable to sit down and race for that long. I will definitely be back though, along with Sea of Thieves it was the highlight of my gaming year in 2020. Gutted that I'll be missing out on the UK tracks.
  5. It's definitely there in the UK, I just watched it inside my Quest 2. Bloody amazing to see Arnie in speedos on the (virtual) big screen
  6. Bah, loaded up Buffy, saw it was wide-screen and shut it off again. I was hoping with the love they showed The Simpson, we'd get the original Buffy too.
  7. Maybe next year's GOTY awards can have a 'Best 2020 Game That Sounds Like Yet Another Battle Royale/Survival Game That You Skipped". This game is 100% my jam but I didn't even see a trailer until this week. Terrible name.
  8. I wonder if any other Rare stuff will leak? What's the situation here? We've had Goldeneye and now this is the space of weeks.
  9. My brother asked me how this was and I'd completely forgotten it had even come out. That's how memorable this film is.
  10. This seems like quite an oversight, I simple removed my joycons and propped the system up on its side. Would it even be comfortable to use a Switch Lite in tate mode?
  11. Yeah, that also seems to be another weird quirk. If you go to the eshop on your Switch, new releases, then click on the game and scroll down they are all listed there. You're right. If you just click on download from within the game it currently takes you to the free Ghost 'n Goblins download, no matter what game you click on.
  12. Website: https://www.capcom-arcade-stadium.com/uk/ Eshop link: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Capcom-Arcade-Stadium-1923847.html The client is free to download and you get 1943 included; download before Feb 25th and you also get a free copy of Ghosts 'n Goblins. Games can be bought in packs that cost £11.99 each or you can get the three launch packs in a bundle for £29.99. The game has been confirmed for PlayStation, Xbox and Steam later this year. So if you're struggling with ways to play retro games on PC, Capcom has your ba
  13. I got the non battery elite strap and whilst taking it off and on is now so much easier, I still find the weight to be massively problematic. It gets so uncomfortable after a small amount of time that I'd rather deal with the wires of my Rift.
  14. Yes. I think there's quite a lot of game related material they haven't shown in the trailers. I found it quite surprising. The ending was so weird. It's something they did for the Resident Evil films too. No idea why it became a thing and then why they continued to run with it. If it sticks true to that style then the next film will open with them somewhere completely unrelated, seemingly forgetting about the setup of the previous film. I thought the the amount of monsters was fine for the film. I liked the prep work involved, when it was visible.
  15. Better than Resident Evil Final Chapter, worse than Resident Evil Apocalypse. The opening act with the soldiers is atrocious. A really bad script and awful editing combine to make nothing enjoyable. For those expecting to see anything during the action scenes, this film has the same editor as Final Chapter and his thousand cuts per minute approach returns to assault your brain. If you can stomach that first 30 minutes then it gets tolerable as it transitions into a badly made copy of Enemy Mine. The lack of dialog really helps make the movie more enjoyable.
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