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  1. Yup. They got a full sweep of shitty practices. Yelling at staff, treating staff like shit, all the crunch hours in the world, giving all the women nick names, telling the women not to complain, making staff watch snuff etc etc. I'm shocked we allow a Mortal Kombat thread on here considering what goes into the sausage is pure poison https://variety.com/2019/gaming/features/netherrealm-studio-warner-bros-games-toxic-1203204728/ https://kotaku.com/id-have-these-extremely-graphic-dreams-what-its-like-t-1834611691
  2. This is good news that more people are aware of this sort of stuff. Doesn't stop people smashing their wallets into the latest Ubisoft open world collectathon or NetherRealm/Naughty Dog's latest gore splasher though. People will just continue to decide that their favourite developer's transgression isn't really that bad in the grand scheme of things, which is fine.
  3. Awesome, another company that can be dictated to by Xi Jinping and whatever is up his arse at that particular moment of time. No more Outrun games because a black horse looked at him funny on a Sunday.
  4. What is the point of giving a Mercedes a time penalty at all though? With Russell and Hamilton behind the wheel of the fastest car, that's basically an invitation to do what needs to be done and deduct the time from the massive gap you've built over everyone else. I mean that was truer in previous seasons than now when we actually have another driver competing at the top. Although based on how much pressure Max was under, I think the Mercs could have their spot back at the top. A 10 second penalty to any other team is crippling but a 10 second penalty to à Merc or Max is the price of doing business.
  5. LeClerc bailed out cause he knew what would happen. You can see it in his driving going round. Good job stewards.
  6. Yep, you can see it on the onboard. Hamilton had the wrong line, was too fast and the only way round the corner at that point was a racing game public lobby first corner special and it worked out well for him.
  7. State of you and your bias showing. Who could be right, the multitude of former drivers who agree that Lewis was very naughty there or Layten, number one Lewis fan? Plus it's ruined a great race. Congrats to Hamilton on the win.
  8. Yeah, no. What the hell are you talking about? From the Hamilton onboard that's Max's corner. Hamilton stans in here jeez. Typicla Hamilton though, the luckiest bastard in the world as he gets away with it...again
  9. So Hamilton will get a ten second penalty for killing Max and then win the race by a minute. What a cunt move from Hamilton.
  10. I've found the disc drive on my Series X to be considerably noisier than my old One X, which wasn't audible at all when playing a movie. Kind of a bummer really.
  11. Actually it's about ethics in football journalism
  12. As an Englander, I'm also cheering on Italy. English fans in the stadium are the worst and if wasn't already for the horrid nature of this country then the fans booing the other countries anthems has made me cheer for anyone they're up against. Shame because manager and team wise, England seem damn good.
  13. All of the DOOM games are on GamePass so you're lying to yourself. Even DOOM 64 is better than Detroit.
  14. Yeah, reading this thread has me worried I've woken up in an alternate universe where people consider Alien Covenant a good film. It was easily one of the worst films I'd seen that year, not even having the gorgeous art direction of Prometheus to fall back on. This is like a Resident Evil thread where someone decides to defend RE6 as secretly genius or when someone lays out their vision for why Other M isn't actually unsalvageable garbage.
  15. Yes please. It'd be nice to get it all set up if there's more of this racing going on. If only to see the chaos of people going from GT3/4 into single seater open wheel Racers negotiating the first corner.
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