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  1. State of you and your bias showing. Who could be right, the multitude of former drivers who agree that Lewis was very naughty there or Layten, number one Lewis fan? Plus it's ruined a great race. Congrats to Hamilton on the win.
  2. Yeah, no. What the hell are you talking about? From the Hamilton onboard that's Max's corner. Hamilton stans in here jeez. Typicla Hamilton though, the luckiest bastard in the world as he gets away with it...again
  3. So Hamilton will get a ten second penalty for killing Max and then win the race by a minute. What a cunt move from Hamilton.
  4. I've found the disc drive on my Series X to be considerably noisier than my old One X, which wasn't audible at all when playing a movie. Kind of a bummer really.
  5. Actually it's about ethics in football journalism
  6. As an Englander, I'm also cheering on Italy. English fans in the stadium are the worst and if wasn't already for the horrid nature of this country then the fans booing the other countries anthems has made me cheer for anyone they're up against. Shame because manager and team wise, England seem damn good.
  7. All of the DOOM games are on GamePass so you're lying to yourself. Even DOOM 64 is better than Detroit.
  8. Yeah, reading this thread has me worried I've woken up in an alternate universe where people consider Alien Covenant a good film. It was easily one of the worst films I'd seen that year, not even having the gorgeous art direction of Prometheus to fall back on. This is like a Resident Evil thread where someone decides to defend RE6 as secretly genius or when someone lays out their vision for why Other M isn't actually unsalvageable garbage.
  9. Yes please. It'd be nice to get it all set up if there's more of this racing going on. If only to see the chaos of people going from GT3/4 into single seater open wheel Racers negotiating the first corner.
  10. I hope there's a replay of this as it sounded ace in theory. I looked at the requirements of getting it set up, remembered the last time I tried to play AC and just what a miserable experience of UI/UX it was and decided to play Sea of Thieves instead.
  11. Has anyone played through this recently? I just wondered if it held up and was worth a look in 2021 as someone who hasn't played it yet. There's no specific reason for asking this and I'm sure no one else is going to be thinking about playing through the series again but I just need some comedy pirate adventures. The last one I played was Curse of and I'd love there to be an easy way to play through that again. Escape was bad right?
  12. Does this still work? Cause I just bought some credit from the store you linked and no matter what steps I've taken, I get the message that the code is for another region CsvCurrencyMismatch.
  13. They specifically said that the game was about what happened if feminists achieved the equality they wanted and how that combined with socialism causes the downfall of society. Then they walked it back to them "just asking questions" about why things like universal basic income might be bad. I'm not sure why anyone feels the desire to play that game anymore. Jonathon Blow's wacky comments about women being genetically shit at science stuff is completely removed from the art he makes but with Last Night it is impossible to separate art from artist as the nastiness is in the art.
  14. I feel like I'm imagining the massive whack I took now because it doesn't show up in the replay.
  15. Bwah, took a bit of a fast knock going into Leeukop and the car just wasn't the same after. Awesome start seeing all those cars together and what an awesome track.
  16. You do realise now that I'm going to be focusing so hard on making this not happen that it's now an enivitability. If anyone can chuck some overly cautious fuel estimates for the Ferrari Evo my way It'd be much appreciated.
  17. I meant when I go back to use the Alpine. It'll have wiped the livery right?
  18. I stare at this post as I have just gotten in from work, thinking that I have to do a workout before cooking and eating and then finally starting my first couple of practice laps of the week just before quali starts and I get the false hope that I could maybe take Meers in the race. Also how do people in VR handle discord? I wanted last week to respond but I obviously have nothing setup to allow voice to be sent. I guess push to talk on a button on the wheel? Double also, is there a way to save liveries? Cause obviously it's GT3 this week so it'll wipe my sweet GT4 paint job that I already can't remember
  19. Just play through Replaced whilst listening to a Steven Crowder video playlist if you really need that pixelated look whilst being force fed abhorrent ideology.
  20. It's been Replaced. Which is a good thing because we don't need a game developed by an ass who wants us all to consider the true ramifications of female equality.
  21. I don't have paralysis of choice though. I've never played through and completed so many games! I finished Maneater 100% as I was so into the vibe and loved finding all the fun landmarks. I even ended up buying Zombie Army because it was on sale with the DLC for the price of just the DLC and I wanted more content after rinsing it. I attribute me finishing more games down to the fact that the new consoles have limited storage space, so to play a new game I'd need to delete something to make space. I had an 8TB external drive for my One X and filled it with games I'd bought but if I'm honest, I hardly played through any of them. Some of them sat there unplayed forever. This was definitely a me problem but I think the storage space on PS5 and Series X is a positive thing for me enjoying games. I hope to never need any external storage for these new machines. Plus the fact that I'd never have even played Maneater if it wasn't on Game Pass but ended up playing something that aligns with my beliefs and made me smile all the way through. Same with Neon Abyss, a game I'd never heard of but ended up being my jam completely. I am definitely getting a PS5 again once the VR stuff is out though.
  22. I'm a weird one in that I don't like what happened to Halo and anything post Gears Judgement hasn't excited me at all, to the point that I never got past a few levels of Halo 5 or Gears 5. They're boring to me now. I loved Astrobot, loved what I played of Returnal and couldn't wait to play Ratchet & Clank but I sold my PS5 earlier this month. The lack of quick resume killed Returnal and when I was thinking about pulling the trigger for Ratchet I just couldn't justify spending another £70 on one game when I'd just played through Maneater, Ori, Neon Abyss and Sea of Thieves on the side which were all included with my sub. Game Pass has broken my desire to own all the consoles because the value is too good.
  23. According to the Xbox press conference thread this is just another mediocre game pass game that no one would waste their time on if you actually had to pay for it. I mean, it could well turn out to be a steaming turd but I think it looks quite nice and hope it is fun to play with it.
  24. All of the games were identical grim dark shooters with a brown colour pallette. There was clearly no variety shown at all. Which game had you fighting off Davy Jones on a pirate ship? Was it Slime Ranchers 2, Shredders or Replaced? They literally all look the same.
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