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  1. g-funk

    Skate 2 by EA

    Gotta love the ragdoll in this game http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/2101/posts/261098.aspx
  2. The game has become unplayable for me now. Over the last few days I have been getting constant lag spikes lasting up to 30 seconds, disconnects every 5 mins or so and my latency has been crazy (12000 od at one point) HAd a look on the support forum and tried everything it said, then asked a network engineer mate last night, went through a few things on PC and still same. He got back to me today saying he's getting it too. He asked a few guildies and every one of them thats one NTL is getting the same problem. Anyone on here getting it?
  3. The Capcom rep on the show floor said it was out January 2007.
  4. Sorry for the stupid question but I've not kept up to date with the PSP scene. Borrowed a mates PSP for the plane but he hasnt kept the loaders up to date, whats the newest/decent one available at the mo. Hoping to put a few games/movies on his mem stick to do for the few days I'm away.
  5. Anyone seen a pic of the item boxes yet? Can't wait to see my first red "SPECIAL WEAPON" box
  6. Damn, did I draw you first, this will be a good game. Although I tend to stick to Euro 8 ball and 3-ball.
  7. been wondering myself lately. I think its meant to match you with same zone players when using the quick match setting, but I'm not sure that works. Maybe it tries players in your zone first, if thats unsuccesful it then searches within other zones. Not sure though
  8. I'm in. Can we cover all the game modes though, I'm enjoying 3 ball at the moment. Would be good to use all games within the tourney.
  9. People that go on about shortages can't be trying very hard to get them, my store has had deliveries every week since launch, Premiums and Cores.
  10. I defintitely think we stick to 3 squads of 3, maybe get set squads and stick to them for every match. Make sure we know what the objective is (commander comes in here) and stick to it. Once you have captured a flag, maybe sit tight for a bit to defend it. But I think the most important thing is orders, too many times we were running about solo, or outwith squads. As long as the commander is checking his map, scanning, UAV and telling squad leaders where to go we should be good. And defo more practice nights.
  11. I think simple tactics are 3 Squads, always sticking together Commander scans and gives orders which squads obey. Too many times were we all over the place and not knowing where to go. But good none the less
  12. Just realised my mic isnt working, I can hear you all though so give orders to me, I will understand.
  13. Yeah, got it (i'm guest1) Not had time to do it properly
  14. Can you make a quick post here on tactics, I dont have IRC yet. Also, is everyone using ventrillo?
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