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  1. Because he doesn't know where he's going or how to get there, perhaps?
  2. I think it's pretty clear that GRRM has lost any fire for writing the series. When you think about it, the last 'complete' ASOIF book, a storm of swords, was published in 2000. So long ago that the Simpsons were still making good episodes. (Whatever you think of Crows and Dragons, they were clearly incomplete and awkward books). The so called Meeranese Knot knocked any momentum, any fire out of him, and now he's spent the last fifteen years painfully working through how to complete a story that is too big and too sprawling. It's no wonder really that he'd rather do other stuff, three quarters of the time he's spent writing these books have probably been a very unsatisfying experience.
  3. Re: Snoke - to me he was clearly an old, thin, fucked up human (and nothing like the White Ork from the hobbit, apart from being bald). We'll just have to see how his character goes in future films.
  4. Yeah, the more I think about it the more i'm disappointed by the Starkiller Base. Someone upthread pointed out that Ren had even mentioned that the rest of the map was in the Imperial Archives - how much better would it have been to have as the third act a heist into the Imperial Archives to get the map, using Finn's First Order inner knowledge? It would also be easy to build the action finales around that.
  5. Absolutely. In fact I'd say that maybe we didn't need to see as much of the original cast as we actually did - Finn, Rey and BB-8 were a great team by themselves.
  6. Another element that I forgot to mention - I was amazingly relieved at how genuinely funny it was. From memory, this definitely seemed the funniest Star Wars film (I don't think the originals attempted humour that often, and the prequels were mostly stiff, po faced lumps with an occasional Jar Jar).
  7. Watched this last night. Got the 'VIP seats' for once, so actually had a good viewing experience. Definitely better than any of the prequels. The two main (non droid) characters were just so natural in comparison to anything in the prequels, it was a breath of fresh air. BB-8 was amazing too, real stand-out. Great action scenes and just full of wonderful moments. However, it did have some problems with the setting: And the plotting: Generally, it felt a lot like an Expanded Universe story. A good Expanded Universe story, but still.
  8. Boo, I thought they could at least get another season out of it without really stretching the premise. Maybe production was just too frustrating?
  9. Well, I still think its a bit unrealistic how none of the Carthaginians noticed an entire Roman army of 16,000 men sneaking into their camp, but ok...I guess when you think about it 20 is a lot more unrealistic. http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Polybius/14*.html
  10. Btw, sneaking into an enemy camp at night and setting fires is literally how the Romans beat the Carthaginian Army sent to stop them when Scipio invaded Africa. And the Carthaginians had an army of tens of thousands.
  11. I assumed at the start that Furiosa's convoy was going to raid Gas Town, but yeah, seems it was a trading party. I don't think the road is safe though, those spikey guys seemed to have their territory between gas town and the citadel.
  12. Not that it really matters (he has a son in the first film, not a daughter), but in the first film when he's a cop the apocalypse has already happened. But yeah, still, if he's the same character he should be an old man.
  13. I can understand why people are annoyed at the Sansa plot change, and I think it could and should have been done without the rape, but there is a real white-washing of the books going on. The Jayne Poole stuff in the book is 10x more graphic and 10x more fucked up, along with a lot of stuff in the book that is genuinly horrific that was skipped over in the series (the mountain and his men and the innkeepers daughter, Lollys and the mob, etc etc). It also only exists to give Theon motivation - Jayne's character didn't appear much before and you can be sure she won't appear later.
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