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  1. Seems Sega has relased a retro version of the megadrive. It comes with 15 built in games, and two controllers. Not sure if you were aware of this, just wanted to let you know.
  2. Shame on your for your conspiracy theories

  3. I enjoyed some parts of the game, such as the assault on that airfield and so on. but some things just because to stupid. Such as being attacked by checkpoints you had already destroyed/burned down 5 minutes earlier, and the lack of destroyable vegetation. qe: Also enemies without nightvision googles being able to spot you in the dark......while hiding in bushes.
  4. While it looked lovely, I cant help to question if the game was finished when it was released. The A.I was awful, and the respawning enemies made it feel like I was playing project igi. I'd wish they would mod the game, make the ai better, better missions and a little bit more story.
  5. Tito is back? Time to start paying attention to UFC again then I guess. Tito was always my favourite UFC fighter. In fact one of my all time favourite fighters.
  6. Thanks Sprite Machine. Finally someone that gets it
  7. Are we ready for a more elaborate control pad? NES pad>>>>>PS one>>>>>Dual shock/Ps2>>>>2012 new pad? edit> One stick for moving head, one stick for turning body and the last one to walk.
  8. The mechanics were good. I played the 360 version and you could tell it was created by someone that has made games before. But besides the neat zero gravity bits, there were nothing new or original. Dead space tried to do something older games in the genre does better. Everything from the "dead" mutant thing on the floor suddenly waking up when you are near, to the poor audio logs without any meaning what so ever. The very second the game started, and your ship aproached the colony I knew something was going to go wrong, you were gog to get seperated from your crew, and boring monsters would bother you. I too will enjoy the new Britney spears album, people buy her albums so I hope she releases 100 more albums. After all, if people buy her music then she must be a highly talented artist. Surely? You tell me. I'm for quality. I judge games in the same way I would judge a book or a movie, or music.
  9. Doom 3 was way more scary than silent hill 2. I played it with ear phones and without the torch mod and it was quite scary. The disturbing audio logs was the only rays of light in a dark and cold world. and the small zones where you walked outside was like paradise. The weapons in DS was boring. I liked the cutter, but the rest was boring. I sticked with the starter gun and powered it up and it served me well through out the game. I give you my word its my honest opinion. Please dont dismiss my taste in games as a wind up.
  10. You are a Wii head are you not? After all, you cant possibly have played a decent survival horror game in your life time...ever.
  11. -Not there. The beginning of the game was like Doom3, only not scary. -Meh, debatable. system shock 2 is still better. -MEH! Worst weapons ever. -too bad it was like system shock 2 and silent hill 2 only worse. -You are right, chicken poo tastes like chicken filet if you lower your standards
  12. What was exellent about it? I've seen it all before. Playing dead space was like taking a stroll down memory lane......reminding me about every horror/sci fi game/movie ever created. How can people praise a game that had NO ORIGINALITY WHAT SO EVER?
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