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  1. Don't suppose anyone has a link to where these might be? Original link is long gone.
  2. Wait a sec. Every external hard drive comes with a PSU because standard PC USB ports can't power them.
  3. I have, as it happens, as I was a member for years but only recently poped back. Anyway, what I mean is beyond specialist places like this.
  4. It's interesting to note how much the PC has come back into this debate (and graphics too) in recent years. I personally don't think that new consoles are really going to be about that though, because it's not really enough any more. Aside from those who really care, most users don't really see the difference beyond a certain point. It's true that that argument gets raised every time when next generation discussions come up, but it is always more true every time. The key thing really is that specs have lost their power as a sales tool. If they were still important then PS3 would have won rather than the Wii. Nowadays it's all about innovation in other areas, so it was waggle and Kinect and such. So in that vein the next step (I think) is app stores. The console that gets its act together on the development side enough to let developers develop (it's still surprisingly hard to actually get to market on any console) will be really important because that will be the console that gets much in the way of innovation. The next step is also interface, which Nintendo usually leads the way on. Whether that means Nintendo will win the next round is an open question (because lots of their fans seems to have gone off them in recent years) but the Wii U controller is an incredibly bold move. Either it will pay off for them and everyone will follow, or one of the other platforms will take it as the seed of a new interface and then they will win. But graphics? I'd be very surprised if anyone outside of the PC hardcore is even thinking in those terms any more.
  5. Me too. Even simple things like being able to really have a HUD-less screen yet also know things like how much health and ammo I have. It could be so elegant.
  6. I'm genuinely surprised at the negative reaction to the Nintendo conference, especially here. While there's some to be said for the games presented as being a bit weak sauce, the controller positively screams potential. I suspect as soon as they show a new Zelda on it many of you will come around. All I know is I'm pre-ordering one.
  7. Of course.. For the top 4 or 5 things that I use maybe. The failure of this kind of big-pane user interface (and see also Windows Phone 7) is that beyond that 4 or 5 things it's much less visible or memorable where stuff is. It's the classic tension of the need for simplicity so people understand an interface versus the need to fulfil lots of functions (games, video, music, photos, online multiplayer, arcade, social services, movie rental, etc...) Microsoft seems to have been on a big simplification drive for a few years, in some cases very successfully so (Windows 7, Office 2007) but with Xbox I think this latest version is going too far. Time and metrics will tell, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they end up seeing drops in usage of some of those features purely because users don't know they exist.
  8. Well after using the new dash for a couple of weeks, I'm finding that my original criticisms of it are holding out: I can't find stuff as easily. Also, it's definitely not as responsive as the previous version. Disappointing overall.
  9. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia to tell you that everything about modern life is shit.
  10. I for one thought it was awesome, but I can see why it didn't work for everyone. Too slow, complicated themes, not exactly accessible. And yet the stuff about the monotheist revolt, how the cylons came about, why the cylons are religious, and the stuff to do with the Taurans was pretty cool. What they probably should have done was be a bit more like Rome with it, as in skip along in chunks of time and history rather than the current too-slow pace.
  11. I can't see as many icons for things on screen at once as I used to, which means it's more faffy. The dashboard's never been well designed tbh, so it may well be a moot point. But at least with this: You can see more things to access along the row than this: Which means that the average user will have more trouble remembering where everything is. To be honest though, I rarely use any of the cruciform and just use the silver-button shortcut menu instead, as it's actually the best for just finding your stuff like videos etc.
  12. Just got it. All I can say is They've taken their cruciform design (which are never a good idea, and weren't in the last rev) and made it worse by flattening it, thus removing about 50% of the visible items in any one horizontal list. And I hate the Mii sensibility cuteness of it.
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