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  1. There's an artificial limit, in that the ways to earn them run out pretty quickly. From memory - daily mission (once a day - 15), daily pvp (once a day - 15), Weekly heroic strike (3 times a week - 10), weekly pvp (repeatable - 10 for each win), disenchanting legendary items (repeatable - 3 a time). Edit - plus some missions award them (post killing Oryx missions like the Dark Coven one on Earth, I think) and some bounties for Iron Banner and Trials award them.
  2. Diabolical game at the Portman Road Fortress today. Hats off to Pompey they brought 2,500 with them and were far the better team - they had 76% possession in the first half which is proposterous. Not many Town fans in - none of the regulars around me had bothered. Pompey played some good football - lots of good possession stuff and everyone seemed comfortable on the ball. Their number 15 at the back was almost Baltacha-esque (ask your Ipswich supporting older family members, should you have any) in knocking it about and keeping possession. But Christ we made it easy for them. Weird game in that ultimately we'd all sacrifice the cup if it meant a better run at the playoffs, whilst Portsmouth really gave it a go. But we were so shit; Fraser came on second half and showed the rest of them up - he's absolute class. I hope someone sits Maitland Niles down and shows him the difference between his own terrible first half showing and Fraser singlehandedly making us look competent in the second half. If Niles has Premier League aspirations then these are the sort of games he should boss, whereas he was a nonentity.
  3. Seems like everyone gets the Redbull quest as well now.
  4. It's handy in trials and in hard mode raids.
  5. Haha - fair enough, I haven't seen the highlights yet (which I assume consist of our brutish oafs cynically stamping on the beautiful game) and wasn't at the game so will bow to your judgement. I do pay to watch that dreck every other week (plus bonus cup games) and it's not a description of our play that I recognise to be honest - I think McCarthy gets a lot of unfair stick for his supposed style that I think is actually just fairly common Championship tactics, especially when playing away. Middlesbrough and Derby both did it to us at our place and they're going to take the top two spots? You did it at our place at the start of the season (and kicked the ball into the face of one of your own players - that still makes me chuckle. Given that that is a top ten season highlight for me so far, maybe you've got a point about us being really shit). Most of the reports I've read of the game said it was one of the more entertaining nil-nils and that the disallowed goal was unfortunate (except McCarthy who said he couldn't see it because people had stood up in front of him and he's normally pretty fair in terms of acknowledging bad decisions that go our way).
  6. Great work as always - appreciated. The Floating Points album is on there twice (not sure which is the correct spelling) - 16 and 34.
  7. Great win for Ipswich - extra pleased as I didn't think we should have lost to Brighton at home. Gets us a bit of leeway for when we lose at home to Rotherham or something.
  8. Bedlam at Fortress Portman Road today - in all honesty it wasn't a great game. But fuck that, I'm full of Christmas food and Christmas booze and we won and it was brilliant. Someone let off a blue smoke flare in the second half and when we equalised someone a couple of seats down from me broke his seat and was parading about carrying his seat back above his head. It was all a bizarre Waitrose version of hooliganism. Their goal was terrible defending but equally so were both of ours - we ended up playing 4-4-2 with Murphy and Sears up front, and Fraser, Douglas, Skuse and Oar in Midfield and I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with something like that moving forward, exchanging Maitland Niles and Oar as required, and bringing in Pitman as an impact sub or something (which is a pity as I think Pitman has been our best player this season and probably our most creative player but ultimately he's probably less of a threat than Murphy and Sears). QPR didn't bring many given it was Boxing Day and pretty close, but equally the trains were on the blink and we were probably charging them £40 a ticket. Merry Christmas Championship fans - here's to another half season of hoofing it, mis-controlling it into touch and crushing disappointment. Best league in the world.
  9. Ack - frustrating day at Portman Road yesterday. Ultimately, I didn't think we played that badly- I thought it was a better game than the stats presumably show (from memory I'd say both teams only had two shots) but Derby had a fairly lucky series of deflections and they score one of theirs (there's talk of it being marginally offside too but it didn't look it at the time so it must have been close). On the plus side - Fraser came on second half and he looks bloody good, he's the real deal and Bournemouth should do all they can to keep him. Sears looked very good as well - generally I've thought him playing on the left has been out of necessity rather than an actual tactic (both because Fraser has been injured and also he's too good not to have in the team) but he was far more of a threat going forward than Maitland-Niles was. Derby brought about 1,300 so fair play to them, but they were the quietest fans we've had this season - didn't hear a peep from them until they scored, then for some sarcastic singing at the attendance and then at the end. Cardiff were louder and they had about 200. They've got a lot of quality through the team but they're very unlikable - a lot of big lads leading with elbows, niggly fouls etc and then throwing themselves on the floor at the slightest touch. But ultimately they're probably going up so what do they care about my salty moaning. Them and Middlesborough are probably the most solid teams we've had down here - neither of them look as good as Norwich or Bournemouth did last year (although I didn't think Bournemouth played well against Ipswich in either game last season) but they're both very solid at the back and are going to be hard for any team to beat.
  10. And the cool people got hats.
  11. Boom - challenge mode done. Kill shot included him enraging, and us amending the one orb strategy on the fly and all piling into one last puddle to snipe against the fading light. Probably had about 3 seconds to spare. Glorious. Lenny the Sock then didn't equip his new emblem, meaning we had five people with a little lightning bug and one with a red smear of whatever - completely ruining the whole night for me.
  12. Pretty shit - but three points!!!!!
  13. Christ we're making hard work of this.
  14. I bought the audiobook version to listen to in the car and was halfway home from work before they'd finished listing all the characters - none of which made any sense. Seems pretty good so far though.
  15. Drunk Team and the Funky Bunch marches on - Golgaroth heroic down this evening, plus challenge mode Warpriest heroic earlier in the week (which was basically exactly the same as our previous kill except we made sure different people had the brand). We then celebrated with our now customary group PVP loss in control.
  16. At the risk of just clogging up the thread with my inane waffle - first 45 last night, great. Thought it was a really good game - only a couple of very good saves from their keeper kept it at 0-0, they'd had a lot of possession but nothing clear cut coming from it. Second half - oh dear. I've seen Ipswich be shit quite a lot this season but this is the first time I've seen us just totally capitulate and self implode. The first goal was one of those you think is great if your team scores it but are annoyed about if you concede. So in that vein, it was more poor defending from us and frustrating given how well we'd played up until then. Following the goal, we just gave up and then Mick substituted Maitland-Niles (who had a terrific game) for Coke and I assume moved to a 4 3 3. It was dreadful - no one seemingly knew what the hell they were supposed to be doing. We did absolutely nothing but chase after the ball for the next 15 minutes. Their second goal was abysmal play from us (although again, from Middlesbrough's perspective it was a quick break, clinical play etc). We finally seemed to work out what system we were supposed to be playing after that and another good save from their keeper stopped it being 1-2 and pushing a tight last 10 minutes. Middlesbrough are solid, can see why they're pushing for automatic promotion, whilst being nothing spectacular. Thought they were better than Brighton (who also beat us at home) - that keeper must be worth 10 points or so on his own. Brought nearly 500 which is bloody impressive given it was a Friday night and the match was on Sky (I was moaning about going to the game and I only live a 40 minute walk from the stadium).
  17. Cracking game so far - any of the forum Middlesbrough fans here? You've brought a fair few fans considering it's Friday, cold and we probably charged you £45 a ticket.
  18. Our raid team of drunks downed WarPriest on heroic for the first time this evening - think everyone got loot too!
  19. Jordan to bowl!!!?!?! He's just bowled a dot and a 1. What do I know? Edit - that was amazing bowling.
  20. Now to see if any of our players swear on live TV.
  21. That is a bloody good goal. Been a while since we won on Sky! (He says jinxing it and inviting a four goal comeback).
  22. Hahaha, that goal was so Ipswich. I bloody love football.
  23. So salty. It does hurt the game that I'm not very good at pvp and still about 50% of the time my first thought on dying is "Cheating fucker". I'm sure there's an element of human nature / me being a bad loser in there, but it seems nearly every game has someone with a bad connection at the top of the scoring.
  24. Yeah I think you get the ghost and a random drop at rank 5; I just got the ghost but when I logged back in later I had the hat waiting for me in the post.
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