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  1. You just do an attack near it to break open the boarded up door don't you?
  2. Much needed win on Saturday against a very poor Blackburn team, which we still nearly let in for a draw. We are now effectively the Tom Lawrence and Bartosz Białkowski (I had to Google that) show - Lawrence's second on Saturday is an absolute wonder. From where I stand, I thought it was going into the top tier of the stand and suddenly just dipped and swerved into the corner. Hopefully no one will cotton on the fact that if they stop Lawrence then we've got nothing. But in spite of that, there are some glimmers of hope. I think we've almost worked out what Andre Dozzell is supposed to be doing - he basically lays off the ball very early and, if (it's a big if) the players around him are up to it, he creates a huge amount of space for other players. It's a wonder to behold when it works, in a good team I reckon he'd be being raved about. Instead the bloke in front of me is screaming blue murder at him for not tackling enough. Josh Emmanuel is a proper right back (which after how ever many seasons of Chambers playing out of position there is a revelation) which means we'll sell him within a season or so. We're on TV tomorrow - the Lincoln replay. I went to the home game (along with my old man, the only season ticker holder in my block of seats that bothered) and we were fucking dreadful (Lawrence saved us again) - got outplayed at home by a Vanarama team (albeit the league leaders - it makes me feel better). Should be fun (it won't be fun).
  3. He was one of few shining lights in a season of mediocrity for Ipswich last season. Equal parts chuffed to see him do well / disapointed as I wanted him back and he's far too good for us.
  4. Who can tell - brilliant goal from Pitman saves the day today (I bloody love Pitman so was double pleased). If you're unfortunate to sit near me or be on the same walk home then I've been boring on about how they should drop Skuze and play Bru instead for a couple of weeks. Instead Big Mick dropped Douglas for Bru, who I thought then played very well and scored the opener. We then gave a goal away virtually immediately after the start of the second half, did nothing for 30 minutes and Pitman's wonder goal glosses over the short comings of the team in general. Which is pretty much the blueprint for the season so far. For any Bristol City fans - you weren't very good I'm afraid. Came into it a bit more in the second half (made two changes at half time and equalised) but then seemed caught between pushing on to get a winner and holding on and didn't really do either.
  5. Dreadful at Portman Road today - really, really bad. I just can't see what McCarthy's plan is any more - there's no excuses, we're just shit. I think there are some Fulham fans that frequent this thread? I thought you were very good today - possibly the best footballing team we've had here so far this season. Can see how you'd come up short against the better teams due to lack of penetration / speed at times but you were comfortably better than us today. I think you probably missed out on padding your goal difference a bit with it only being two-nil. However, our keeper did make his customary two or three world class saves a match which kept it respectable. Still, unbeaten in 2017! COME ON YOU BLUES!
  6. Another poor game at Portman Road - highlight was Sol Bamba throwing a weird temper tantrum, knocking their physio over, squaring up to random people, calling the fourth official a load of names, squaring up to Warnock, being sent off. Like the true gentlemen of the sport that we are, we then chose not to take advantage of our extra man and instead meandered to a draw, nearly giving away all three points at the death because we're nice like that.
  7. Perch has just been sent off in the QPR v Wolves game - he should have been sent off for pretty much the same stuff on Saturday (late tackle on our keeper and talked himself into a first yellow, then a stupidly over the top tackle that was a yellow every day of the week that the Ref bottled as he'd already been booked).
  8. Yeah, a good win against a poor team. Could easily have been five or six nil - we had three one-on-ones at the end which we variously squandered / their keeper made a good save. (although our second was an outrageous howler by their keeper - Varney could barely believe his luck). Everyone played well (which in the case of Douglas just means that he didn't do anything and so didn't have the chance to do anything badly). I think it was Skuze's best game for about two years - did his usual anti-football thing but also played it about, took people on, set up the third goal with an awful shot which inadvertently became a defence splitting pass etc. I still think McCarthy needs to go, and I think he will either at the end of the season or he'll jump if we don't markedly improve. Don't want to criticise a winning formation / tactic too much as McCarthy made his changes and they obviously worked, but slightly bemused at Williams not playing. He was one of the few spots of light in the loss at home to Forest. I'd hate it to be a money thing (I think, given his injury problems, we only pay wages if he plays) as 1, I'm a huge fan, and 2, it would mean we're even more skint than we all thought.
  9. RareBirds

    The Jazz Thread

    Saw them in Cambridge last Friday - they were very, very good.
  10. In all honesty, he's a good manager (as you know) and not the dinosaur that some try and paint him as. Wolves are hard to place this year - do you need someone like McCarthy in to steady the ship and avoid relegation and then, hopefully, grind your way to promotion next year, or do you actually have the makings of a good team that just needs someone a bit tactically adventurous to take to the next level, in which case half the division is looking for that guy so good luck with that. I think Ipswich need a change so hope you take him - in which case I can guarantee you three points at our place later this season as we're nice like that.
  11. Moo used to communicate his thoughts through the medium of angry MS Paint images. Have you tried that?
  12. There are wider issues in terms of Evans not wanting to invest and the whole club just effectively ticking over and 'existing' rather than pushing for promotion or what have you. But McCarthy is effectively now a part of that problem - he's not playing people like Dozzell at all, Emanuel and Kenlock only come in when his favourites are injured, and then are immediately pushed out for the likes of Chambers when he's fit again. McCarthy will always play Chambers, Berra, Skuze and Douglas it seems if they are fit, and they're either out of form or not good enough. McCarthy has said that he has to pick Chambers when he's fit as he's the captain, but beyond him not being a Championship level right back, he's not a leader either - Brentford away he just disappeared, yesterday he just shouted and gestured - did nothing to raise the game or support people (and had one of his customary cock ups that needed Webster to save him from). My main issue with him is that we're just tactically barren - we play the same against everyone (hold for nil-nil, try and nick a goal), and if something goes awry we're stuffed. Newcastle score after one minute - we're stuffed, Skuze gets injured at home against Burton - we absolutely panicked, ended up with both Bru and Grant playing in his position as we didn't know what to do. Yesterday, 1-2 down at home to bottom of the table Rotherham we go something like 3,5,2 and no one knows what the hell they're doing - we got a throw in on the left and we stood about for 30 seconds before Johnny Williams ended up taking the throw-in as no one knew what to do with Kenlock having been taken off. Lawrence could barely walk at the end of the game but no one came across to support Berra when he had the ball on the left (because no one knew who was playing where at that stage) so he ends up having to receive the pass anyway - and then loses it because he can't kick it. And it's like that every game. McCarthy gets a lot of stick for playing 'hoofball' or whatever and I think that's unfair - however, I think he probably should just play a long ball game as that at least would be a system where the players knew what they were trying to do, instead of playing clipped balls at McGoldrick's neck and expecting him to control it, or high balls for Freddie Sears to somehow beat their centre half and flick on. That's my main frustration watching every week - we just muddle through tactically and then need a flash of brilliance from McGoldrick yesterday to save a point (AT HOME AGAINST FRICKING ROTHERHAM). Norwich at home was the one game this season where I think we've been good tactically and instead of thinking "That worked well against Norwich, however at home against Preston we will need something else" we seemed to go "That worked well, we should do that again, and again, and again ...". Anyway, a load of stream of consciousness there - TLDR, we are not very good, I don't think McCarthy has got any idea how to sort it and I think we're going to be around the relegation zone this season so can either do something about it now or hope he keeps us up. I don't think he'll leave, and I don't think Evans will sack him because he won't want to pay the compensation, so I just hope that we buy a striker in January with the Murphy money and win more than we lose. Williams looked good yesterday when he came on so if he can keep fit then that's a bonus. He did indeed stop us from going down in 2012/13, and got us in the playoffs in 2014/15. He's had a good record (the no cash thing is contentious - we're not one of the big spenders but he's bought a lot of players and we spend a lot on loan wages) but last year took a better team than he had in 14/15 to seventh (and a long way off 6th - it ended up looking closer than it was as we won the last couple of games after playoff positions were already sorted and 3rd-6th were resting players) and played poor football. This year he's arguably got an even stronger team and we look to be on the cusp of a relegation battle. He's got himself into a weird antagonistic relationship with the fans where he has a go at them for voicing opinions and basically people have stopped going as it's dull - 15,247 there yesterday officially but it's a lot less than that. My row is all season ticket holders and there were at least 7 empty seats as people can't be arsed. The lads in their twenties at my work place would rather play Saturday league football with their mates than come and watch us drag out a nil-nil for £30. It's an option to say "You did a great job Mick, we'll back you" and I suspect that's what the club will do and we'll see where it goes, but the casual fan isn't interested in it. I'll still be there obviously, because I'm a twat with nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon. Anyway, enough of my moaning - how about those Wolves programme front covers ...
  13. Possible breaking point for McCarthy and Ipswich today - we've been turgid for a long time but I think he's finally lost the fans today. On about 82 minutes, 1-2 down at home to bottom of the table Rotherham, a rousing chorus of "Your football is shit, your football is shiiiiit, Mick McCarthy, your football is shit" went on for about five minutes. A great shot from McGoldrick saved a point with literally the last kick of the game. As Villa were total dicks and selfish and didn't take McCarthy off us then our entire season rests on Wolves doing the right thing and taking McCarthy back.
  14. Might have missed something but have they given everyone the Firewolf mask? It was waiting for me in the post when I logged in today. Of course, if they haven't - FIREWOLF MASK DADDIOS!!!
  15. What are the odds of you sacking Di Matteo and then taking McCarthy off us? Please? Increasingly dire scenes at Portman Road yesterday - I thought we played ok against Brighton midweek (if we still didn't score) but yesterday was appalling. We just don't look like we've got a clue of how to score unless the opposition cocks something up. Attendance is down to season ticket holders plus away fans - and a lot of the season ticket holders aren't bothering to turn up. The highlight of the game yesterday was when Jonathan Douglas kicked the ball into his own face.
  16. Quarantine patrols usually ask you to attack a SIVA node until the priest turns up and you kill him. This makes them mad so you then have to kill a few waves from dropships. Sometimes they'll give you an axe to use as well. Assassination are the old "Guardian, there's a powerful Dreg in the wall - go and kill him" style patrols that have been in from the start.
  17. I think that's a known bug if you have a year 1 Thorn.
  18. So there's no increase in bank size? For some reason I had it in my head that it wasn't an automatic increase but rather that it increased when we did something. I'm at 107/108 armour - this is not good.
  19. Queue number is going down fast - this is either very good or very bad.
  20. Hahaha - got to the front of the queue ... Servers are unavailable. Now I'm 114,279.
  21. I'm on in a queue - number 4476.
  22. 708h - 0h deleted 4 weeks 1 day 12 hours 14 minutes 3 seconds 3 active and 0 deleted characters. 335 Warlock Human Female 502h 334 Titan Exo Female107h 334 Hunter Awoken Female 98h
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