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  1. Good game vs Villa - should have won it; two off the line, two good (although routine) saves and hit the post all in the last five minutes. Villa need to get over their last minute nerves as they went to pieces at the end having looked reasonable up until then. Bishop looked the best he has all season when he came on but then was taken off again - hoping it was precautionary although he took a very heavy hit shortly after coming on. COYB!!!
  2. http://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/30264/mccarthy-we-mugged-them
  3. Yeah, that's us. Could be worse - you could watch us every week. In Mick we trust and all that.
  4. I am furious. Knudsen is not Championship standard.
  5. In typical fashion, I've started playing this now Hexx, Kauwiks and Nimmel have stopped - I think it's pretty fun in a mindless way. Up to level 21 now - there is a ton of content for a free game. Currently there's a Dungeons and Dragons event going on where you teleport to a DnD game (so you have a base etc and have to avoid rogue dice) which is pretty clever - in the instance the DM is explaining the action etc. The constant attempts to get you to spend money slightly drag (I've got a pile of amazing purple chests that I will clearly never buy a key for, even if there is a message on the middle of my screen every five minutes saying xxxLegolazxxx has got a legendary mount from one). But if I can ignore all of the story then I can sure as hell ignore those.
  6. From memory one of the games originally given out last month had already been on Playstation Plus (only in Europe I think, it was new to the US). When they realised they replaced it with Endwar.
  7. It's been a long time (so I can't remember weapon names) but I killed both from this ledge using the spear you get from the sewers near the start of the game.
  8. Murphy not even on the bench ... Also there's no one here - sub 20k attendance I reckon.
  9. Selling it seems - Murphy to Newcastle is the hot rumour. In two minds really - if they offer silly money for a 33 year old then I feel that, given the financial situation of the club, we should take it. But I know we won't spend whatever money we get on players - it will just disappear (with a loanee as part of the deal or something), so we'll lose our best striker, directly to a club that (in theory) we're competing with for promotion (it's the opposite of Marcus Stewart joining us from Huddersfield). On the plus side, it will clear a path for Brett Pittman to claim his rightful spot as the best player in the division.
  10. Yeah thought we played well - would have taken a point before hand but ultimately think we were unlucky not to get all three. The second incorrectly disallowed goal in a week is pretty galling; the quality of officiating in the Championship is just terrible. I think Mick got the tactics spot on today - similar to the play-off semis the season before last, we countered their higher skill and footballing ability by forcing the tempo and chasing everything down. I hope that we don't think "Well it worked against Norwich so it will work wonders against they shitter teams" and play the more creative people like Bishop and Grant from the start against Preston. We had about 24,000 there today I think - even allowing for the game being on TV that's poor for what is probably going to be the biggest home game of the year. Very good atmosphere though, although I've got a bruise of my shin from where I got pulled into the pseudo-hoolies' celebrations when we equalised (Championship problems!).
  11. Am I reading too much in to that to think that the tractor is perched on the edge of a precipice, about to topple over and fall in? I'll take a draw.
  12. Brentford away yesterday for Ipswich. The good Nice pubs - we ended up in the Griffin; nice beers, bottle bar and burgers for sale in the garden, mixed fans, good atmosphere Good security / staff - small things but they were all joking, high fiving kids going in etc. The first half - I thought we were pretty good, the better team and it was just a pity we didn't put one of our chances away The bad The leg room - I bought seats rather than standing as I'm an old man. It was one of those rare occasions where people did actually sit down. Which was a pity as the away end seating section was seemingly designed for nobody above about five foot eight. I'm not exactly a giant (six foot one) but it was painful. The second half - man we were shit. Not only shit but just seemed to mentally disintegrate in a way that is completely at odds with McCarthy's team up until now. Gave away a needless corner, didn't bother marking and then, post the goal, just collapsed. Really, really bad - just couldn't see us scoring and making a game of it. Wolves mid-week away before Norwich at home next weekend ... Still, the Olympics are going well.
  13. Blimey you aren't kidding - how do you mess up stripes? Town fans have been in uproar (to a given value of uproar depending on how much attention you pay to fan websites) over the fact we're wearing blue shorts instead of white - how did they get that shirt past the Wednesday fans?
  14. Promising signs at Portman Road today - first half was pretty much exactly the same as last season and we were lucky to be nil-nil (Bialkowski pulled off yet another outstanding save - their guy was pretty much already celebrating and couldn't quite seem to be able to work out why it was a corner). Then - enter the new guys. Grant Ward scored with his first touch and would go on to score a hat trick. Conor Grant looks like he could be very good - I wouldn't be surprised if there's some agreement with Everton where he has to play a certain amount of games as, presuming he lives up to the hype, he's too good for the likes of us. I didn't see much mention of it in the reports, but the corner he took that basically lead to Ward's third was brilliant - it eluded their keeper and defence and caught Murphy completely off-guard (he's used to our corners hitting the first defender) and he should have scored before it then fell to Ward. With the game a bit more stretched, McGoldrick and Murphy looked a lot more threatening. Of course we also gave away two terrible goals but that's just what we do - feel a lot more confident after the second half that we'll score at least one more than a lot of teams in the league. I also liked the look of Webster at the back - again, we're prone to falling asleep and letting in goals from nothing but he can trap and pass a ball, which is an exciting development. In Mick we trust!
  15. Working my way through these and really enjoying them - just finished Use of Weapons and thought it was fantastic. Does anyone still have the Rich Puchalsky text file / link or whatever that is mentioned in the OP - the link doesn't go anywhere and I've found one thing he's written (on the use of poetry in UoW) and wouldn't mind reading the rest. Many thanks in advance. Onto The State of the Art next.
  16. I predict a long season of mediocrity for Ipswich - I stopped posting in the thread last season as all my posts would have just said "It was dull" and everyone else was so excited and positive about promotions and play offs and what not. Still got my season ticket and tickets for Brentford away though, because I'm an idiot. Fuck it, I've changed my mind - WE'RE GOING UP!
  17. Yeah we had a 20200 vs 20010 win last night (approximating the scores) after which no one got any loot which we put down to the weird scoreline but then some of us got loot when it went back to orbit.
  18. As one of those geriatrics, I think it was more the weird bugs (teleporting ogres etc) that got us down on Heroic Oryx, plus the lack of a real incentive. I've been practicing pushing AFK people off ledges in anticipation of getting the band back together.
  19. I never play my copy as I can never remember what side is the one that runs inside out and all that shit. Guess it works as a gimmick as I wouldn't have bought the album otherwise but I won't buy another bells and whistles edition of an album (unless it's Mogwai, in which case I just buy anything).
  20. That's the only area I've never bothered with on subsequent playthroughs. Once was enough.
  21. The werewolf pack can't get through the door you came through to get into that area so, should you be so inclined, you can pull three of them then stand on the otherside of the door and use weapons like the rifle spear to kill them with impunity. The suckers are weak to piercing weapons as well. Edit - or thrust as DSD says (I can't remember the terms for this any more). Spears!
  22. On my first play through I did one more boss then did the dlc from where you are.
  23. Still a fair bit of the dlc (possibly 2 bosses, depending on whether you went back to one after getting an item). In terms of level - the dlc will still be challenging but you may well cruise through the final bosses of the main game when you go back to them (I think this is as much to do with how much better you get doing the dlc than the extra levels you pick up - that hunter fight Minion referenced above went from "Holy shit" to just another hunter fight on subsequent playthtoughs for me).
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