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  1. I can't remember what server I was on, but the high end pvp basically degenerated into Chaos zerging everything and Alliance (I can't actually remember what the name of the human / dwarf / elf side was) guilds quitting, making the problem worse. Eventually the leading Chaos guild rerolled Alliance in an attempt to even up the pvp, where upon loads of people also switched so Alliance just started zerging Chaos so loads of Chaos guilds quit. No one could actually 'win' anyway as the servers used to lag out then crash when you had the numbers of people together that were needed for end game PVP. Warhammer just basically really annoyed me whilst I was playing it. My first toon was a Chosen, a big chaos tank fella basically. The main class feature they have are auras. Except the auras aggro everything that touches them, not a problem when in the starter areas etc and mildly amusing when critters etc are flooding towards you but then really annoying when neutral npcs etc suddenly attack you or when you head to the capital city for the first time, which has level 40 mobs floating about that suddenly one hit you whilst walking past due to your aura. Since I got fed up of having no healers in the public quests I then levelled a Disciple of Khaine, but at about level 20 you get a spell that fully heals everyone in your party, so basically all you do from that point is hit someone enough to generate whatever it was you needed to cast spells, then press that one button. In the pvp scenarios, if you had a couple of Disciples of Khaine you were pretty much guaranteed success (unless it was that lava one as one of the Alliance classes had a massive knockback which could destroy your team in one hit). Even the public quests weren't actually that good once you got down to them. Every single one was the same, stage 1 - kill between 20 and 100 normal level mobs. Stage 2, kill between 3 and 10 elite mobs. Stage 3 kill the boss mob. You probably need to do one in each chapter to ensure your gear stays at a reasonable level, but there isn't the 'public' about to do the public quests, so you just end up doing stage 1 to grind the chapter rep then waiting for the quest to be failed and restart to do stage 1 again. It was just the same as any normal level grind, possibly worse. And considering that they had to differentiate themselves from WoW, they made some really odd design decisions for War. Does the gear standard of grey, green, blue, purple, orange have some wider gaming significance? I only know it from WoW so I can't see any reason for Warhammer to have the exact same classification system for its gear. In the end, I stuck with War through all the one hour queues etc to log on at the start and the main problem it had for me was that all along I had a level 70 hunter and paladin in WoW that I could do end game raiding with etc in a stable game that I could log onto straight away. For all the glimpses of promise (when the game stayed stable / lag free etc, then the castle sieges and big open world pvp battles were a good laugh) there was so much wrong with it that it was an easy decision to go back to WoW.
  2. I played this at launch up till about level 24 then went back to WoW and resubbed for a month just before Christmas to see if anything had changed. At that time the "free up to level 10" thing had basically made level 10 pvp full of twinks that could kill you in the blink of an eye. I found the whole thing underwhelming (but my entire WoW guild had moved over to it so I was prepared to give it a pop) as lots of things had been clearly taken straight from WoW but made a bit worse just to differentiate itself. Even the supposed USP's weren't that good - a lot of the pre release blurb was about things like open area quests (pretty sure at least Edge had an interview with them saying that every MMORPG would have them from now on) which worked quite well at release as there were loads of people about to fill tanking and healing roles etc. A week later the starter zones were deserted so you couldn't complete the quests (which were needed for a chapter rep that got you some of the best gear available at that level) so you were basically stuck completing the first bit of the quest (which invariably involved killing about 20 nondescript mobs) until this spawned some elites you ran away from until the quest reset and you could continue farming the low level mobs.
  3. I saw them a couple of times - once in London and once in Colchester Arts Centre (which is a tiny church). While both were brilliant the second was totally mad due to it being such a tiny venue and also the fact that there was an indie disco happening in there afterwards, so there was a huge queue outside of indie kids whilst inside this stupendous noise. The live version of World Police (the noisy section of the second track from Lift your wrists) is (was) so amazing that I'm welling up now even trying to describe it. As an aside I thought the recent Silver Mount Zion album was pretty good.
  4. Hahaha, swines. Oh well, my controller has already been dispatched so I can put that next to my Wii to gather dust until the game is released.
  5. Awesome sauce - Amazon have replied to my second email saying, as a one time thing, they will agree to sell me the seperate game and controller for the original price of £30.99. Big thanks for the info Disciple - I would have replied to your pm's saying thanks but I'm still below the 50 post mark.
  6. Disciple you customer relations genius!!! Amazon have just replied, although because of the way I worded my email they've offered me the game and controller pro pack for £30.99. This is out of stock at the moment - has this been in stock at Amazon and sold out? Are they likely to get some in stock in time for release or am I better off replying again and asking for the game and controller seperately (I did mention this as an option in the original email). Not sure why I'm presuming there will be some Amazon / Monster Hunter stock experts but any insight gratefully received.
  7. Awesome stuff - and thanks for the PM letting me know it was here. Will see how I get on.
  8. What address did you email to set this in motion? The email cancelling my order is one of those no-reply ones and looking at the site I can't see an obvious link to query it? I could be missing something really obvious.
  9. I'm clearly going to have to make a load of alt accounts to vote for Mogwai. And invent a time machine so I can go back and vote again with my new accounts.
  10. I've hardly used my Wii for anything so have no idea about the various controllers. As people are talking about the Classic Pad Pro - is one of these needed to play (instead of the usual remote / numbchuck melarky) or alternatively can I use one of my Gamecube pads to play?
  11. 01 - Mogwai - Young Team 02 - Godspeed you! Black Emperor - F♯A♯∞ 03 - Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space 04 - Pavement - Wowee Zowee 05 - Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin 06 - My Bloody Valentine - Loveless 07 - Slint - Spiderland 08 - Portishead - Dummy 09 - Elliott Smith - Either / Or 10 - Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children 11 - Beta Band - Three E.Ps 12 - Super Furry Animals - Radiator 13 - Underworld - Beaucoup Fish
  12. I've always liked 'Relationship of Command' but I saw them live touring it and it killed any chance of me ever loving it. Every song was awesome, completely full on and throwing themselves into the music (including destroying instruments, hitting things, doing handstands etc) then the second the song finished they lectured the audience about being safe and looking out for each other - killing the atmosphere. Then next song - they'd be throwing themselves into amps and climbing the light rigging, then as soon as it stopped it was back to telling the audience that if they didn't calm down they wouldn't play any more songs. I'm not an expert on them so I've no idea if this unease with people's reaction to their music played a part in them splitting but it turned what could very well have been a 'best gig ever' into something average and frustrating. As a result, an album that I was really enjoying got tarnished when perhaps I should probably hold it in higher esteem than I actually do.
  13. I've restarted this today having given up at this point before. Got to the fight with a better chosen team (and having paid more attention to the levelling up than making pretty patterns) and after about four attempts finally kill her. Then didn't save, got completely confused with the whole nuke the bugs thing, died and got extremely cross when my reload took me back to the same cutscene before the boss fight. Sodding game.
  14. Awesome effort - thanks. I even picked "Mr Beast" as my number one album as I thought to myself "Everyone will be voting for it so I may as well not split the Mogwai vote". Roll on the 1990's list, which obviously Mogwai Young Team will win.
  15. I love these sort of threads as it demonstrates what's so awesome about music and how it affects different people in different ways. There's an embarrassingly large part of me that refuses to even acknowledge that Mogwai aren't everyone's favourite band. My brain just seems to stop and move onto other thoughts (like listing my top ten favourite Mogwai songs). When responding to the recent top albums of the decade topic I decided to only have one album from each artist. I obviously picked a Mogwai album as my number 1 but didn't even pick my favourite Mogwai album as I thought to myself "Everyone will pick Mr Beast so I may as well pick that as well so as not to split the vote". No one else voted for Mr Beast. On topic - I don't get the Beatles although Beatles Rock Band at Christmas was a massive success.
  16. I was already spelling it as "Godspeed You! Black Emperor" so will leave it as it is. I've voted for Horses in the Sky rather than Born into Trouble so will leave my version of Silver Mount Zion (unless there's going to be some meta analysis of bands voted for etc as well as the straight tallying of albums). Saw Bastion went for Basquiet Strings - I bought that on the basis of Seb Roachford being on it and although I like it I'd go for his Polar Bear stuff ahead of that everytime.
  17. I went for: 03 - Polar Bear - Held On The Tips Of Fingers 11 - Brad Mehldau - Largo 18 - Acoustic Ladyland - Last Chance Disco
  18. I maed a gam3 w1th z0mb1es 1n it (this might not be the correct spelling). 360 indie game. It's hilarious and excellent fun.
  19. Hopefully my formatting is sorted now - let me know if not (I can't PM due to the number of posts). Only name that may cause a problem is Silver Mount Zion but as no one else seems to be voting for them (for shame) it shouldn't really matter.
  20. 01 - Mogwai - Mr Beast 02 - Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Wrists Like Antennas To Heaven 03 - Polar Bear - Held On The Tips Of Fingers 04 - Low - Things We Lost In The Fire 05 - The Hold Steady - Boys And Girls In America 06 - Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 07 - Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport 08 - LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver 09 - Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band - Horses In The Sky 10 - The For Carnation - The For Carnation 11 - Brad Mehldau - Largo 12 - Radiohead - Kid A 13 - Super Furry Animals - Mwng 14 - Part Chimp - I Am Come 15 - Portishead - Third 16 - Thee More Shallows - A History Of Sport Fishing 17 - Jim O'Rourke - Insignificance 18 - Acoustic Ladyland - Last Chance Disco 19 - The Necks - Chemist 20 - Explosions In The Sky - The Earth Is Not A Cold, Dead Place
  21. My Climax Edition Bayonetta just turned up in the post from Play (although the snow's not too bad in the east).
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