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  1. We3 upsets me. It's amazing but oh so sad. Same as Pride of Baghdad. Don't think I'd ever read em again. I'm onto Book 6 of my Locke and Key reread. So good everyone should read it. It's rare a comic makes you tense as being an observer of events that the characters aren't aware of. It's also super sad on occasion and poor Goddam Rufus
  2. Last night's A5 run saw me get to act 3 with a nice slim deck of 24 cards. It was all going swimmingly as well till time twat. Just didn't have the block or attack scaling I needed and i lost with both of us on 22 health after he'd done his super heal as well. So close.
  3. Searching on bing is the worst one Imo. If I've clicked on 70's'80's films it must number in the thousands by now.
  4. No that just shit. Justice league dark is the mystical side of the DC universe working together fighting demons and monsters from the dawn of time. Usually Con job, Zatanna, Swampy and Dr fate, etc etc. It's pretty good.
  5. He wasn't too bad in that Unabomber Netflix show. Though that's faint praise and Bettany acted him off screen everytime he appeared.
  6. There's no chance I'll ever watch Grave of the fireflies a second time anyway. Its just too upsetting. I'd watch threads on a loop before putting myself through that again.
  7. I tried runic dome once. I need to knows what they are planning too much to ever even try that again. So the Ascension modifiers stack. No one A5 is handing me my ass. I was reading each one as an individual one. Mind you 200hrs of playtime and I only noticed last night that when you get preserved insect the elites get modified so their all wee.
  8. cassidy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Children of Morta is very good tbh. Really holding my attention and scratching that one more run itch. Character unlocks are handled nicely and it's got a good set of powers to upgrade across the characters and the family. Gamepass once again proving its worth.
  9. A4 fell with Ironclad on Xbox. Then did A3 Ironclad on Switch the same afternoon. A5 first run commencing now.
  10. Not read the book cos I don't read books without pictures anymore but this was pretty bloody good telly tbh.
  11. Jojo is just as good. Though that didn't make me cry and this did. Boy is great as well.
  12. Rip Hunter init Anyway thank fuck with Doctor Who every episode is a new tale cos after Sundays worst episode ever I was nearly done with the show. But the Tesla ep looks much better. Please be much better.
  13. Think Carrot looks pretty spot on. So is the blond girl Angua then?
  14. Basically that wasnt the heart. You got lots more work to do.
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