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  1. Ah those sewers that I run through for 20hrs fighting the same vagabonds for the job xp until I felt ready for the true final dungeon. Good if slightly repetitive times.
  2. Apparently a side effect of the flux because of reasons.
  3. It was far far better a resolution than I expected tbh. But I do like comedy Sontarans. Still too busy again 7/10 for me. But this is the best thing Chibnall has done so far.
  4. I have to say Kiwami 2 really does feel so different from Kiwami. Gotta love that dragon engine. Would like me some 60fps back mind.
  5. And the target has been hit. Game 30 of 2021 completed. Yakuza Kiwami (Series X) Love the series and enjoyed this a great deal. Now onto Kiwami 2.
  6. Wait people don't play Pocket Circuit? How is this possible?
  7. I’ve watched 3 episodes today. I like it.
  8. One drawback though is as @carlospie said in the Gamepass thread. My better half has now twice said I'm doing the lawn next summer. Yes happily if you get me a sit down Lawnmower.
  9. Oh I'm counting on a Young Avengers movie to turn up in about 5 yrs time. So Hailee is amazing casting.
  10. And how would Cloud gaming help with. The in game text being tiny? Confused is all!
  11. Townscaper can be 100% in about 20 mins
  12. I've now completed 3 contracts and have to say this is a very relaxing and satisfying game. Goddam is the font bloody tiny though.
  13. Edgar Wright did watch a lot of Doctor Who as a kid and even went to the Longleat Who event in the 80's. There's photo evidence.
  14. Educating Grado is my favourite bit. Was in tears at this week's.
  15. And I should say, good lord the confidence of this show and the characters. The car chase was great. But seeing Clint do his shit this episode was fucking delightful.
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