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  1. Shame's the key word in that sentence if you hadn't intended it btw. I feel guilt for being so ignorant when I was a teenager in the 80's. So fucking guilty.
  2. And Harsin spoke the truth.
  3. Do not watch the vanished. Better half put it on last night. Less than 5 mins in, I guessed the shit ending and I was right. Obvious film is obvious.
  4. Just found Dragon Cart. Shit just got real. Assassin's creed Val ain't getting a look in.
  5. Aw this has it's hooks in me bad and only on chapter 4. Love the turn based combat. Welcome back again Yakuza.
  6. Can anyone help me set up a stock watch for my friend who has been trying to get her son a PS5 since before Xmas. I did it before for ringfit but for the life of me can't recall how to do it.
  7. cassidy


    Though I do have a fair few issues with it. Considering what they do to the main female character. Fuck it. It's really bloody sexist tbh. Here's this strong female who can only exist in the context of the story as long as she is feral and muted. Japan's a bit fucked up tbh.
  8. cassidy


    Well Demon Slayer is a bit good isn't it. Very high quality animation in the first two episodes and some evil dead levels of madness as well. I'm in.
  9. What was the pseudo 3D version. Maximo. That got pretty tough on occasion but didn't compare with the original tbh. Shit all wrong with those graphics either.
  10. Only had my Series X for a week this Thursday and I doubt it'll be going anywhere. Ain't sold or traded a game for about 3 yrs, and not sold or traded a console since Gamecube days. It's strange once you reach a point of certain disposable income and I realise how lucky I am the be able to say that. I have a PS3,PS4,PS4 pro, WiiU,Switch, Xbox one X and now the series X. Only Ps4 Pro and Series X and Switch currently installed in living room
  11. @AfromB Bar the usual Ubisoft face issues I'd say Assassin's Creed Valhalla just for the 60fps greatness.
  12. Well that can game is a fun version of pacman isn't it.
  13. Ok now I'm seriously blown away. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is impressively pretty looking in 60fps mode. It's like my eyes are now working properly. Then I swapped back to Yakuza and realised I didn't have that in 60fps mode. Again a revelation. Think that new LG CX will be on the cards as had good news in work regarding pay and bonus which is a relief considering all that's going on.
  14. I just did this myself. I have Yakuza on QR and am currently installing Assassin's creed Valhalla. It's mad.
  15. 7th completion of the year last night. Donut County and I really enjoyed my time with it. Think that's my progress stalled for a bit as now digging into Yakuza Like a Dragon.
  16. Well we finished it all yesterday and the entire house was in tears by the end. It hit a bit close to home as well with one of my closest friends being in floods of tears and stating the most he's ever cried watching anything. Then another really close friend who was in London in 81, but he was closeted and not promiscuous at that point in his life. It also really upset him. So I've had some long phone calls this weekend talking to them both. Maybe saved his life and he's Welsh and said "yes I was Colin" I thought the cast and sc
  17. Yup watched that Sunday and enjoyed it as well.
  18. Well I really like donut county. It's just chill and has great music.
  19. Fair play on Microsoft that's a good turnaround from them.
  20. Just finished Batman the enemy within. Overstayed it's welcome slightly by the end. But overall enjoyed the story it told. 6 games in a month.
  21. Opinions isn't it, but appreciate the honesty in your reply. Even if we don't agree about his writing.
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