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  1. Well I just S ranked the egg. Was excited to unlock the Dragon. Then realised damn it need to unlock two other whole characters first. This game is bloody brilliant and I think thanks to the eggs ability I think I just worked out how to do two quests I was struggling with.
  2. I'm with @Mortis tbh. This is a great game and I can't fathom why more people ain't playing it.
  3. Just watched episode one. Couldn't resist. Fucking hell was not expecting Tigertailz to play over the end credits. Didn't think America knew they existed.
  4. Jesus wept that's not true is it. Reading that bit of Manga was bad enough tbh. I can't imagine that being an unlockable.
  5. That was the day you asked her to marry you?
  6. Yeah that's one of the scenes that had me in tears. It's so well acted and real.
  7. Finished this last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the better Netflix shows I've seen in a while. Wonder if we will get more.
  8. Just done 2hrs. I like this a lot. Great music. Looks lovely, the combat and levelling is done well. This is getting played a lot I think.
  9. A friend just messaged me to tell me but only mentioned Blizzard. So I was all oh you mean they have bought Blizzard from Activision. Nope they gone and bought the entire company. Jesus this is a game changer by Microsoft. My mind is blown.
  10. Save the Cinema - (Now TV, Sky) The story of a corrupt council and their plans to destroy the local cinema/ theatre. I think the fact everyone in this bar Chief O Brian nailed the Welsh accent made me like it more. Sam Morton is still a bloody amazing actress, Tom Felton did well with the accent and it was a pleasant tale told well 3.5/5
  11. Just be careful if your dead dad turns up in the footage your restoring. If he does. I'd recommend stopping.
  12. I'm watching and going to stick some more on now cos i'm enjoying it as well and btw a couple of episodes are directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead of Resolution, Spring and The Endless fame.
  13. Mogwai - Cody https://youtu.be/Y3HIZICJQxo
  14. That's fair enough tbh and you can tell Covid impacted on the show imo. Gotta be honest though took me a while to recognise Poldark.
  15. Thank you I'm in intrigued and gonna watch it. Appreciate the detail.
  16. Yes I can hear you @robdood it's entire premise is weird on purpose and always has been. I've gotta be honest I've laughed out loud a few times with it. And I really wasn't expecting Native American Benedict Wong.
  17. @Robsk1 Mr Inbetween lost half a mark? Why? It's easily as good as Dopesick imo. @Boothjan Stay close 4/5 it's fucking tosh. 1.5/5 tosh I've had more well written bowel movements.
  18. I'm intrigued by the title can you give us a bit more though. A brief synopsis. What genre? Come on mun
  19. Blimey I'm rather impressed with Archive81 so far. Only on ep2 and still have 20 mins left. But liking the mystery. The cast are great and the aesthetic. And it's all a bit HP Massive racist. So I'm intrigued. Though if it starts bleeding into reality like Providence did then I'm out before I get my mind melted by the sight of an ancient eldritch horror.
  20. Goddamn waiting for a UK broadcaster to fucking pick this up and show it.
  21. So like Y4 is really bloody good. The first Revelation I mean I never expected to type that paragraph ever in my life. Then and I mean then!!! Chapter 2 start Amazing.
  22. Look a new Starcadian video Turns out he's done a New Album too called Radio Galaxy. This pleases me.
  23. I'm 3/4's through The Other History of the DC Universe by John Ridley. Very impressed and can see why it was so highly regarded last year.
  24. I think I ended up doing about 90 out of the total 110 odd or whatever. And ended up 50% completion rate by the time the credits rolled after about 35hrs I think. The story is great as you say but it's not the best in series at all. I too had to start 4 as was missing Kamuro after a short break. I suck at Table tennis just can't get the timing right. Darts is also solid in 3 and 4.
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