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  1. RIP Sir Clive. You made my childhood a delight and brought games to everyone. I know we had Pong variants and Atari, but the Spectrum was important and it let me play a cracking version of Bomb Jack in my bedroom.
  2. New t-shirt arrived today. I know it's not for this movie but that doesn't have its own thread Redbubble if your interested.
  3. I do like that one. My copy of Providence by Alan Moore compendium arrived today. Never read it and only some Lovecraft so going to make more of it, by referring to the annotations and trying some Howard Phillip I haven't read at the same time.
  4. But am I doing anything other moving a cursor? I'm not berating Rez in any way, Christ knows I've bought it enough times. Panzer dragoon gives you more movement than Rez doesn't it iirc.
  5. Yup that's the one for me. Of course Gamepass means I don't even have to buy Forza or Halo.
  6. You could say the same for Rez to some degree, it's on rails you move a cursor and press a button. Still a sublime experience.
  7. Looks good and most importantly. Pizza dog!
  8. Deep evil voice That must be Calvagio. You should check out Clown Core on YouTube.
  9. No 20 of the year and it was a truly exceptional experience. The artful escape thanks to Gamepass. Try it it's so good.
  10. Just seen the credits. Was pretty special from beginning to end. I need more experiences like this. A good tale told very well with fantastic visuals and music.
  11. Tip. There's a control setting that allows you to access the ball after pressing jump when you are floating. Really useful that is.
  12. Oh my god just met Calvagio and when he spoke I laughed out loud.
  13. It should just be out of the box for you to collect. It was for me.
  14. Why remove 3 points? Kodama's too cute? Animation of too high a standard? Enquiring minds need to know.
  15. Anyone who liked this game has an open invite to my Chateaux to come smoke some herb and talk bollocks with me whilst listening to the soundtrack. Not joking. Give it a month and the psilocybin should be available as well.
  16. Rather enjoyed Surge. Think it helps that when someone is having a mental break their played by Ben Wishaw. But overall a good film. Though I expect many may hate it so YMMV
  17. I think the title gives the game away. Art full escape. I'm just in love with it and letting it wash over me. In fact I can't think of a game I've ever just left the title screen on just to listen to the amazing song.
  18. I don't see how that's a bad thing tbh.
  19. I can't understand how some are so positive and others are so negative about the whole situation. Could we consider a kind of forum cell to put the next poster who brings them up in? It'll need to quite durable mind. Rllmuks Duracell. We could help and be ever ready to report the offender's. I'll stop now.
  20. I really think the mods need to take charge of this situation.
  21. Time for a battery thread to be stickied I reckon. So it doesn't keep stinking up this one.
  22. Nightcrawler on Y button for support to bamf you all around the shop?
  23. Arse I've just remembered Insomniac don't give a shit about female staff and sexual harassment. I think I'm no longer interested in this now. Unless they sort themselves out tbh.
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