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  1. I dont think I can watch it tbh. The sheer fucking hypocrisy and evil on display will do my nut in I reckon.
  2. You gotta be doing a bit? Or you taken too much hot take pills today?
  3. I am struggling to understand after reflecting on it this afternoon. How was this made. Just how? I'm begging Lord and Miller to just release the 6hr series about how this thing got to exist and was created.
  4. Jesus wept what a fucking piece of art this is. My mind is boggled at what they have achieved here. 6/5
  5. Yeah finished it all on the weekend. Really enjoyed the series.
  6. Well that's me convinced. Fuck you Brooker you Hack. We ain't ever seen scanners ya dig. All the best Reese and Steve xxx
  7. Some of inside no9 is written much the same. It has highs and lows.
  8. It veered to the cheese again but I still cried and I bloody loved it. That Guardian article is just trolling it has to be. Unless they have no soul at all.
  9. I won tickets to a screening Friday night. But can't make it. So I've booked the day off and am going to first showing Friday morning instead. My first solo cinema visit since 1999 and a little film no one wanted to go see with me called The Matrix.
  10. Are you mad. That and peacemaker are fucking great.
  11. Pooorrtt taahhhlbutttt. Its even funnier when me and @Matt Defis actually start Sheening out loud. Our Aberbargoed once made 2 people laugh.
  12. Kiell's anger has made me laugh so much this series. Cracking episode tonight I thought.
  13. Goddamn show has made me cry every week. What writing.
  14. Brett is a massive fan of the Muppets. Cassidy typed wearing an Electric Mayhem t-shirt.
  15. Well this one didn't take any time at all. No 12. Ratchet and Clank rift apart. Cracking continuation of the series with the PS5 and Insomniac showing what their capable of. Somehow it runs at 120fps and has ray tracing. Enjoyed it a lot. Previously
  16. There's at least 3 of us now. What about that opening as well. It's bloody madness.
  17. Yes for a period of time. Then it's on apple only I believe.
  18. That would be awesome as Fractions recent Jimmy Olsen series is an utter delight.
  19. Just soooo fucking good.
  20. Well that was marvellous. Rebecca's speech and Nate with his dad. I got something in my eye. What piece of music was he playing?
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