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  1. Thanks for all your responses, I have been doing a bit of reading :S, sorting through stuff to see what I already have to play with the possibly to convert based on the articles sent. I didnt want to spend more than a £100 on this little project to be honest. From all your reading many different options but like some same PC is the best all rounder. But @dumpster I have a wii that I could change. so no real cost. Switch and PS4 mods? Good ? Available? @Treble - I most likely lean to PS1/2 then nintenod/sega, I have been monitoring a couple of sli
  2. Hello All, Hope you are well. :) I had a small but big question on what path to go down with emulation. I have a few old gaming systems that I want to pack away for space and use one single device to play those games. Main systems I would like to emulate, PS1,PS2,Dreamcast,WII,Megadrive,SNES There is a bulk load of different setups out there and recommendations and like anyone Id be after the most cost effective setup. I have looked at using a Pi4, I currently own a steam link, which I have read can be modified, The intel NUCs, or do you just get a second olde
  3. I have seen ff8 on the psn american store and i was thinking of getting it using a redeem code, but does anyone know of any issues that it wouldnt work on a european ps3 login?
  4. can you please add my gamertag (space is in my tag) Peter88 360
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