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  1. I hadn't actually thought of that when I started the thread. Is it because those mirrors are tiny so they use less processing power? I hope it doesn't become a tickbox next gen. A bullet point on the box.
  2. Why is it most games can't do mirrors properly? As in, when you're playing and you stand in front of a mirror there's either no reflection or just an out of focus blob that's supposed to represent your character. I've just finished Uncharted 4 again and the mirrors in that give proper reflections of your surroundings. Gears 5, on the other hand, the mirror doesn't. It is purely a console horsepower thing? What other games do mirrors well? I seem to remember Prey (the newest one) had reflections.
  3. Frozen 2 Still as fantastic as when I saw it in the cinema. 5 elements / 5
  4. Watching 1992 Aladdin right now. My favourite animated, non-CGI Disney film. Robin Williams was just incredible in it.
  5. Just played an hour of Gears 5 and it's one of the best looking games I've ever played!!
  6. I mean. I do not have a Switch but the way things are going I might buy one. I want that Conduct Together for 89p but can't buy it because there's no Switch tied to my Nintendo account.
  7. Are you not able to buy eShop games unless there's a Switch tied to the account?
  8. Rented this yesterday on Prime Video as I'd promised the kids if all schoolwork was done and rooms were tidy we'd watch it. It is still bloody spectacular!! So much so that when I went to Sainsbury's to do the shopping for the next fortnight I bought the Blu-ray.
  9. JTTSP and Okami added to my wishlist. Neither is on sale for.long so I'm going to mull it over for a couple of days before pulling the trigger. Resi 3 in the post as well as buying Crash Team Racing and too much to play on Game Pass (and my PS4 backlog!!).
  10. Hey @Down by Law has your copy from TGC arrived?
  11. So just the (perhaps inevitable) delay of Ghost of Tsushima to come then?
  12. I know there are more important things going on at the moment but... I feel... Well... A bit...
  13. I hope mine turns up tomorrow. I've utterly.rinsed the demo. I need moar!!
  14. As does mine. I'm a little disappointed there's no cel shading in this thread.
  15. So after receiving an email from eBay on Friday telling me that my order had been dispatched from TheGameCollection warehouse I e just had an email from TheGameCollection to tell me that... Well... My order has been dispatched today. So which is it? The fact it hasn't arrived yet makes me think the eBay email was a bit of a fib.
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