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  1. I think it was for submissions to Sony from mid-July but ND had already done the work. Here it is
  2. So, if you buy PS4 Miles Morales and, at a later date, buy a PS5, you get a free upgrade to the PS5 version of Miles and can also pay an additional $20 to get the remaster of the original PS4 Spider-Man game as well. That's not confusing.
  3. I've been back on the PS4 version of this the last week or so and I'm one trophy away from the platinum. Just need to collect a particular thing and I'm done. Almost got the DLC finished too. One bloody hunter sun mission that I just can't get the blazing sun on. Can't wait for the sequel.
  4. That's more Frank Sidebottom than Freddie Mercury.
  5. Controversy in week one!! #UpsideDownCakeGate
  6. Smyth's apparently out the 1TB expansion up by accident. Priced at a £159.99. They've removed it now, of course.
  7. Outbreak Day is no more. The promise of "a lot of exciting things planned" makes me hope for a confirmed 60FPS patch for PS5 and the release of Factions Part II for PS5 launch. Also, I'd like the moon on a stick!
  8. Quite the business coup for Microsoft. Will be interesting to see if Bethesda games do come to other platforms. On the one hand you could argue that they'd be better as exclusives to bolster MS in-house releases. On the other, Minecraft still comes out on everything and MS make a shit load of money from it. Will they sell more Xboxes to people who want to play the new Doom / Elder Scrolls or more copies of those titles to owners of other machines? What does this news mean for Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo?
  9. Maybe the size of it is strategic. If all your space is taken up with the PS5 there's nowhere for you to put an Xbox
  10. Spidey & DLC on PS4 is about 65GB if I remember rightly. Spidey Remastered is 50GB on PS5. Even with that 23% reduction it's still a chunk of storage.
  11. I think you would buy the vouchers on one transaction and then go into your PS5 order and change the payment type to voucher.
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