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  1. "We let you live. And you wasted it!" NG+ Ellie's Seattle Adventure done with all collectibles. Abby side starts tomorrow. I this game!!
  2. Would certainly have been a short game. "Abby, your Dad is dead". "Oh, okay". /Credits. Eurogamer interview Neil Druckmann - Super Spoilers!!
  3. It suddenly got very dusty in my living room too.
  4. The horses are branded "J" because it shows they are from Jackson.
  5. It's a huge game. Not helping itself by taking an age to properly get going. Icebergs move faster!
  6. You get grabbed as you finish using the bench. By setting the mines they get blasted as they run into the room so you don't actually get grabbed.
  7. I've just been a very bad Ellie. Got to the workbench in the apartment complex when you're jumped by WLF defectors and, knowing what happens, planted two trip mines in the room. It got messy!!
  8. John Oliver Can't Wait To Murder Robot Dinosaurs This makes me want a PS5 even more.
  9. I actually Googled "attack chicken". WTF?! I haven't had a coffee yet...
  10. Better than an attack dog. Cor, look at that detail:
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