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  1. I bought Days Gone at launch - 1st party Sony title with a marketing budget - should have been right up my alley. I dropped it after a couple of hours. Wasn't until about a year later, once Bend had patched the fuck out of it, that I picked it up again and really got into it. At which point it was about £20!! Maybe if more games were released "finished" and not in need of constant patches to sort issues.
  2. Watched Tenet again last night after watching it on Friday for the first time. Superb!!
  3. I just wanted to say that the current thread title: "Osu! Tatakae! Oro 'n' Dan!" Is an absolutely sublime piece of punnage!!
  4. Late night tonight. Just finished Tenet. First watch through and absolutely loved it!! Not his best but Nolan is bloomin' marvellous. Shame the Amazon stream was full of awful artifacting in dark scenes. Will buy the 4K UHD disc. 5 inverted rounds / 5.
  5. Jesus, Sony! How difficult is it to allow for permanent alphabetization of the games installed? I don't want my installed games sorted any other way. I get separating out console storage / external storage but having to choose to sort it alphabetically when I go to the installed games tab. Every. Single. Time. Is an absolute PITA. Also, how's about letting users choose which tab is the default one? So, for me, it would be installed games. Y'know, so I can see what I can play straight away. I get it's only a couple of button presses to do but it's
  6. Update done. Controller update too. I went into something in settings "System Feature Updates" and it told me that I'd have to restart in order to use some new features but didn't elaborate on what those were.
  7. Bloody hell, do I really want Quavers now!!
  8. What a wonderfully pleasant result. I gave up at half time and ended up watching some Snackmasters on All4 - didn't even bother checking my phone for updates - so to see this after watching Michelin Star chefs trying to make Quavers was great!
  9. At the end of the day, do Sony care if they are raking in the big £¥€$?
  10. Just did this - code expires tomorrow. I though £61 from TheGameCollection was decent but, well, it isn't. Also ordered Judgment for £28 using the same code. Don't feel bad getting that now Deathloop has slipped.
  11. This is on PSNow from tomorrow. Only the PS4 version mind.
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