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  1. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    I'm very glad that Virgin Media upgraded my existing TV package for free the other day as I now get ITV4 HD so I can watch the game tonight without straining my eyes. 😂
  2. Y'all know I'm a ridiculously huge fan of TLOU. It's my favourite game ever. I was planning on waiting until all episodes were available to watch and then binge the lot but,.with the first wp being up on Sky's YouTube channel, I thought, why not... 30 minutes in and I'm impressed, amazed, and, after "that scene" in absolute bits again. I had to pause it and go check on my children and make sure they were tucked in snugly in their beds. They did it! The crazy sons of bitches did it!!
  3. He was interviewed on BBC 5 Live earlier, if that helps?
  4. Right then. January: God of War Ragnarok - Platinumed Sackboy Adventure - Finished main story 7 games in my backlog... Nothing new started, nothing purchased. I'm going to finish Ghostwire next and then do Klonoa 1, then SIFU, then Kirby, then TLOU Part 1 platinum trophy and then Klonoa 2. I think. One gritty, one bright, one gritty, one bright. Mix it up a bit.
  5. Is it just me, or have MS got a bit stingier with the points recently?
  6. I think this sums up my feelings too. The setting and atmosphere are incredible but it is just a big, unimaginative zigzag across the map.
  7. teddymeow

    Edge #381

    Is the cover game some sort of trucking sim? Serious sunburn on those forearms.
  8. It's a Sqeenix game so it will be half price in 6 - 8 weeks.
  9. I remember saying a few years ago that I would openly welcome more 8 - 10 hour AA games. More Uncharted Lost Legacy sized stuff. Shorter games, smaller Dev teams, less time to make, potentially sold at a cheaper price. Surely a win-win?
  10. I enjoyed this quite a lot. Until the last 15 minutes when the full-on CG effects kicked in and a lot of the action felt a bit weightless and inconsequential. The cast were great, it was proper stylish. The fights were cool. It was just the end CG pulled me out of it.
  11. Rare Rewards doles out achievements pretty frequently.
  12. If I dropped hints around the house any heavier that I would really like one of these we'd have massive fucking holes in our floors!
  13. The Crater was bloody exceptional stuff. I'd happily stump a few Hacksilver for another DLC area similar to that.
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