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  1. Glad it wasn't just me...I think I had the same with a bamboo strike.
  2. IMAX Payne Play as a character who has to sit through several lengthy films in an IMAX cinema. What will hurt first? Back, bottom, neck or eyes?
  3. It was bloody great! Annoying that, having bought the game and the DLC before this "Ultimate Edition" means I have to pay again if I want Control PS5 goodness.
  4. My God I read that in the most Alan Partridge voice imaginable.
  5. Do you think Phil might call Jim and they'll have a conversation along the lines of: "What do you think to us both delaying our boxes until next year?"
  6. Poor Craig. A promising career cut short before it's even had a chance to show full potential.
  7. That's all well and good but the first thing I play when I unbox my new console (after the obvious settings and internet connection mini-game that comes pre-installed) is that big 1st party game that the platform creator has been banging on about because it isn't possible on previous consoles.
  8. Damn!! Big cajones to make that decision. As long as it ends up with the game being better. Time to change the thread title.
  9. Blimey Charlie, you're right!! There'll be some on here who are happy that you can remove the film grain.
  10. They're like the Wendy's of football club Twitter accounts.
  11. I do love me some "anecdotal evidence".
  12. No go for Sancho I didn't realise Dortmund had signed Jude Bellingham too. Weren't we after him too?
  13. Ghost of Tsushima I have earned all your trophies What game to play next? #haiku
  14. Man, him resigning sucks. Ignore the weirdo on the left - he was pretty starstruck when this photo was taken.
  15. Peter Stormare as the baddie? Awesome!
  16. Blimey Charlie!! That's obscene!! Just checked Amazon and they list one Coral Pink in stock at an eye-watering £285! Obviously a third party seller but still...
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