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  1. I'm going to watch it again tonight as the Google rental is good for 48 hours. 90 minutes is just a spot-on runtime for films like this. Any longer and you're too exhausted at the end!
  2. Just finished this. Utterly. Fucking. Glorious!! Loved every second of it. Just incredible.
  3. teddymeow

    PES 2020

    I've picked up PES 2021 Season Update for £2.99 on PSN and I'm interested in going down the Option File route to get as much real stuff in the game as possible. I've done some Googling but it all seems a bit scattergun with files for MLS, Europe, J-League, kits, transfers etc... Is the a one file download of getting the game as "real" as possible? Thanks.
  4. Yeah, I loves me an arcade racer!! Ridge Racer, Blur, Split/Second, Pure, Daytona, OutRun 2, Burnout 2, 3 or Revenge. Oh my!!
  5. I'm not planning on picking up a huge amount. Kena Lost Judgment Advance Wars
  6. If only Sony old you which exact type of screwdriver you need to install the SSD...
  7. Will she leave after a few episodes and be replaced with a different actress to keep it true to the OG series?
  8. Not sure how I'm finding this. The aesthetic of the world is marvellous. The music gives me real 60s Bond vibes. I'm just finding the controls a little sluggish (even at 60fps) and the ragdoll physics on the faceless goons is leaving me a little cold.
  9. The Cleaner. Written by and starring Greg Davies as a crime scene cleaner. Helena Bonham-Carter guest starred in the first episode and David Mitchell is in the second. We're finding it hilarious!
  10. Why are they called "video" games still now they aren't on tape?
  11. This'll be why normal folk still can't buy a PS5 at retail ..
  12. Weirdly, I had it pre-ordered on PS4 with Smyth's Toys for ages then, one random day, I received an email telling me the pre-order had been cancelled.
  13. I love big, narrative driven, single-player adventure games. I love that GamePass has encouraged me to try games I'd never usually give the time of day. I love that we have three console manufacturers all going about their business in very different ways and, despite the odd decision which may not be best for the consumer, they all seem to be doing quite well.
  14. Mine (that I'd forgotten about) is due Monday between 7.53am and 11.53am.
  15. Haha! Yeah, Wilson is 63 now so that'd be super impressive! Groff is indeed from those. He's very good!
  16. I think of them like a posh Snickers.
  17. Oh, I missed that. EDIT: Unless you mean the guy at the end? That's not Lambert Wilson though.
  18. I'm hoping that they shoehorn in The Merovingian into this one. Just to hear him swearing some more in French. It's like wiping your arse with silk! EDIT: The first three films are on Prime Video if anybody is feeling the need for a rewatch
  19. I feel like I'm contractually obliged to buy anything that Naughty Dog put out regardless of whether I've bought it before!
  20. Hopefully "we" get to play as the anti-hero too.
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