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  1. I'm thinking of putting a cheeky fiver on Fernandes jointing somebody else on deadline day after our interest has been used to artificially jack up the price for the actual buyer.
  2. And that's a huge turd topping on top of a shit-cake.
  3. Excellent news. That's another load of stuff to add to the watchlist.
  4. Land of the Dead is a sequel to the Toy Story trilogy?!
  5. Moss is another fantastic VR game
  6. The glory of trench foot and mustard gas. Luvverly* *Certainly not luvverly!!
  7. Saw it again this evening. My thinking was "now I know what happens I can spend more time gawping at the scenery and spotting little details I may have missed first time around". This was true, up until the exact same bit that got me the first time. It's a masterpiece. Just superb.
  8. Instant Family. I love Rose Byrne. She's Wife chose this to watch this evening and my acting was superb when I protested that it didn't look like my cup of tea. It was rather nice. I called the plot beats all the way through but it passed the six laugh test, tugged on my heartstrings a couple of times and, goodness me, Marky-Mark was pretty good. 3 1/2 / 5
  9. So then, Wolves. Again. Thoughts about tonight. I'd like to think the win at the weekend will give us a bit of positivity to go out and get the win.
  10. Ah, that explains it.
  11. I can't access my 2019 review. All I get is a message saying that it's only available in select countries. I'm in the UK... Strange.
  12. I hope that the logo on the front can be rotated if the console is laid horizontally like you could on PS2 back in the day.
  13. teddymeow


    In cinemas from 17th January. Voices Of A Distant Star The Place Promised In Our Early Days 5cm Per Second Your Name And now this. Shinkai has quite the filmography! There's something about watching anime at the cinema / massive screen that I love. Reminds me of my teenage years when I went of random anime conventions and saw stuff like the Cowboy Bebop movie or Stand Alone Complex for the first time.
  14. That was lovely. The room I'm in seemed to get quite dusty as I was watching it. Also the bit after about was very clever.
  15. Not in the traditional action film sense. There's some slow pans over corpses and small nasty injury stuff but no bodies flying through the air missing limbs and Wilhelm screams everywhere.
  16. Blimey. I got home from the cinema just in time.
  17. 1917. Wasn't sure what to expect after the trailer as I saw all the big names and thought "looks good but maybe a bit starry". How wrong I was. It was raw, visceral, emotional, at times beautiful and at times horrifying. At the end I was a broken mess and the final scene will stay with me for a long time. 5 / 5.
  18. Just back from seeing this. It destroyed me. The last 10 minutes had me physically shaking and the final 20 seconds turned me from a weepy man to a full on bawling baby!! I had to sit until the end of the credits before I could compose myself, get up and leave. It was just incredible.
  19. Lighting and shadows will be better on the new tech. Denser foliage, improved AA. I really hope that mirrors in next-gen games actually work. The number of games this gen where you've stood in front of a mirror with no reflection.
  20. Venom Tom Hardy acting like a poor Chris Walken impersonator on a sugar high. Lacking that spark that's in the "Marvel proper" films but still good fun. 3 chomped heads / 5
  21. So, we've technically scored a goal...
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