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  1. www.desertcombat.com The greatest game ever a free gulf war mod for bf1942 Enjoy!
  2. Is that the Usa version you just bought?
  3. Just watched this in Andy Tanners what a fantastic translation from 2d to 3d ! A marvelous package! and he aint too bad on it either wiv his cheeky combos!
  4. Play it on Gamespy it's free and fast as u like!
  5. Hey even the 34.99 is a bleedin bargain after u download Dez Combat! Trust me!
  6. Is it good?? From thevidos I saw itloooked ver unbalanced run people over stylie!
  7. 2 hours 22 mins to go Fuckin Yanks! Dam gaspin to play this!
  8. U got 0.7? I have been well playin the iraqis!
  9. Guys I am not starting a war but I will retiltle the thread to if you have never played this then!!!!
  10. We know these are amazing! U played this?? if not understand I am trying to get the people who have never heard of this to experience the most rewarding games of their lives! Of course I have Kaned the games you mentioned but they are no where near as rewarding and as deep, trust me!
  11. Before you judge let me just say that my favourite games ever are Super Street fighter 2 turbo x everything by Snk In other words top quality 2dfighters. I love the obvious racing games and I am a massive fps fan. But one game I can truly say is a breathtaking feast every time you play is Desert Combat the Gulf War mod for Battlefield 1942 which before I start is free, yep costs you nothing! The sheer scope of the game is truly astounding in simple terms it is an online multiplayer battle. The Coalition vs the Iraqis. The first time you play and whatch Harriers cluster bombing backed up by A10 tankbusters, oops one was just blown out of the sky by an Iraqui stinger!!.... It is just unbelievable! You have the choice of 6 versions fro special ops to infantry man all with their own weapons and attributes. But the range of Vehicles one can pilot, drive, fire, or command is where the game becomes a phenomenon. And each has their own identity and most of all realism. The physics of flyng a Helicopter are truly represented, get in if you dare but the joy of hovering straaffing and picking up injured teammates is astounding. And this true from Hummers to Abrams m1's, Hind choppers Mig 27's, and on and on! To become a master of the blackhawk, apache, or lil bird is where the game truly shines. This takes time but the rewards are far beyond gaming satisfaction. Fancy piloting an F16 and dogfighting a mig piloted by your opposite human opponent, swerving and looping to get him in your sights and fire a stinger to blast him out the sky! Dam the bastard bailed before I got the kill! 10 vs 10 0r 64 vs 64 depending on your pc's specs. Oh did I mention tanks, boats, planes apcs , gunships aircraft carriers subs, launches, bombers, mines, rocket launchers, smoke greanades, sniper riflres, and on and on. The latest version 0.7 has just released and it is perfect. This game was awarded the equivalent of the gaming Oscars by Gamespy and cleaned up. And it is no surprise but battlefield 1942 tomorrow download this and enjoy the best game ever made. See you online dj luckystrike one hell of a pilot and by christ I have enjoyed the practice!
  12. I totally agree with Andy here. As a painter myself I fully appreciate the quality in Japans art work, lets face it there are some very talented illustrators over here such as Wil Barras Mr Jago David Downton that have very strong links to the quality of line and application of media such as the best from Capacom, like Bengus and Akiman.
  13. Is this fashionable now? Develop a game get raided or hacked! it's all damn excuses I say!
  14. Come on guys support Snk Playmore or we wont have anymore games by them. I bought an Aes to to keep it going. Emulations ok, but at least support on the format that you own and is affordable.
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