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  1. It's rough this beta like , back to Warzone for me
  2. All about Streets of Rage 4 survival, gets the hooks into you it does , just one more go , 3 hours later .....
  3. Very MCDE this ... very nice mate
  4. Doom Eternal ps5 , been sat on this game waiting for the new update and glad I did as I'm loving it in 120fps
  5. Totally missed that release ,.looks like the switch version to me
  6. Wait what there's a 1up outrun ?!?
  7. Sweet Christmas that looks mint ! Absolutely onboard for this
  8. I had my covid jab sat morning , by sat night I'd started with the cold sweats and a fever so off to bed I went. As soon as I dropped off my mind started looping and did so for the remainder of the night and what was it looping , bloody runs of this. Anyway now I'm over that finally beat boss no.1
  9. This games got a proper hook to it , it's also making me feel like I'm shite at video game bosses. I've had to stop playing in frustration
  10. Alt fire to remove them don't you ?
  11. Got that first boss down to almost death in his third phase but I just couldn't learn his pattern. Don't think I found a gun over lvl 3 carbine , no idea what any of the pick ups really do even with description it's vague at best , with saying that tho I couldnt stop wanting to see more and had to drag myself to bed last night
  12. Reads like it's the upgraded ps5 version to me
  13. 've used Boss_Deals from ebay before they were bang on time , Monday is a Bank holiday too
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