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  1. Hats off mate I love the game but can't finish half the stages
  2. FYI - Teams has an option to blur background should you ever need to.
  3. The heat sink the ps5 doubles as a grill for burgers ?
  4. Feel free to add me for MP MRHOODEDCLAW
  5. No crashes here on PS4 pro , couple of missions deep so far Story mode is a bit paint by numbers but it's teaching me how to fly the damn things
  6. https://www.gamesradar.com/amp/star-wars-squadrons-review/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. Payback is somewhere between shite and bang average and that's being generous
  8. Very have a re-up this morning if anyones still after one
  9. Believe there is a re-stock at Very now ha ha beaten to the punch
  10. id say its Hendo / Fabinho / Thiago starting midfield with Gini/Ox/Naby rotation as and when
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