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  1. I read somewhere that a consultant has to read the script, understand the characters, curate playlists, tweak the playlists, and suggest possible composers for it. (I'm actually glad it has nothing to do with trufflepigs, I loved EGTTR and thought they had pivoted into cutesy platformers or somesuch.)
  2. I thought this was wonderful. You only get to see it on Crushing difficulty. They played a prank on the actress during the mo-cap and left it in.
  3. I remember when online gaming was really just getting going properly (PS2 era say), I was so excited for what I imagined what be some sort of utopia of sporting gentlemanly online interactions. A load of like minded folk coming together to enjoy the games they love. Basically everything was going to be like Demon's Souls where players bowed to each other. In retrospect this was so naive I feel embarrassed remembering it. (I had no excuse really, IRC and Usenet should have taught me all I needed to know about people online)
  4. Funny, mirrors in games are actually smoke and mirrors as it's not a mirror at all, just a re-rendering from a different viewpoint though maybe that is what mirrors actually are in real life, makes you think *inhales deeply*
  5. I followed a link from one of those Stock tracker telegrams, so probably not smile. I did try Smile on my laptop, but it must have been too late by then.
  6. I got to see the blessed 'In Stock' text, but only got errors when I tried to add to basket. The struggle continues.
  7. I think the problem is the scammers already have the ultimate safety net - they can simply return the PS5 to the retailer unopened for their full refund. Aside from a bit of time spent, it's a no risk enterprise.
  8. They must be waiting until they get a restock of T-shirts.
  9. Yes, games were almost disposable, even at the time. You'd go into Woolworths, get your £1.99 Mastertronic game, play it for 20 minutes and if it was guff just stick it in the drawer never to be seen again. Covertapes were bulging with giveaways. (And that's to say nothing of the C90s that would get passed around in school). Such software cannot make up the centrepiece of your modern streaming service. Nostalgia only goes so far. To be fair, this kind of NES Remix style challenge mash-up they have layered on is about the only way you could consider playing them nowadays I think.
  10. Re Tee 1000 - On the other hand, maybe he just really dug Antstream and searched up us as about the only place on the Internet discussing it! I had quite positive impressions of it when I tried it a while back, but I haven't been back to it since. Life's too short to play silly games, as they say. As transformative and vital as the 8-bit semi-pro dev scene was to the birth of computer culture in the UK, some of these old games are just crazy bad. Actually playing them in 2021 on some high-bandwidth streaming solution seems almost Nathan Barleyish.
  11. I'm up for this! Loved all the LiS games so far. I'm glad it's not episodic. I feel being episodic hamstrings these games by repeatedly funnelling them to largely identical story checkpoints for the end of each chapter. Hopefully this will allow more story flexibility.
  12. What a crap queue. No little walking man, no estimated times, no clue as to where you even are in the queue. What, am I supposed to just sit and watch it refresh? *sits and watches it refresh*
  13. Persona 3 (original or FES, not P3P) only allowed you to control your main character, the rest of them just did as they saw fit subject to some simple guidance you set down. In fact this system survives in P4 and P5 though turned off by default (and simplified). I don't think it was popular as it got removed in P3P but I quite liked it. You just had to figure in what you expected them to do in what you did, added a nice extra layer to the strategy.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, bought as I liked Detention and want to support these guys. Shameful how they were treated by the big distribution platforms.
  15. Well, let's put it this way, he has to email them the verification code now.
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