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  1. Mentioned this before, but charm is great for bosses (especially redacted). It doesn't actually charm them (well it does, but only for a brief second) so you'd think it's crap but what it also does is interrupt their horrible attacks. Even the lowest level call does this, and it charges so quickly. Life saver! (There's also a boon that adds a random charm effect to attack. This is amazing)
  2. Prey was great. I always feel stress when trying to select the powers and weapons to map to quickslots, but this game was like "no problem man, they're aaaalll in there". It MUST be copied as much as possible.
  3. Certainly the oldest posters anyway Anyway, the best 'mod goes bananas' incident was back on GAF, when hated mod Amir0x wanted to win an argument so hard he went back and edited other peoples old posts, unfortunately for him as someone else was quoting them. But such was his pull that he didn't even get banned, just de-modded. He even got the jokey custom tag 'demodded but not denutted'. Turned out he probably should have been denutted as he was subsequently arrested for child porn offences.
  4. Look carefully underneath the plastic guide rail, you'll see the connector pins. They're clever little things, which is why it's so infuriating they ballsed it with the stick drift.
  5. Yeah, it's a good service. And actually you don't need PS+ at all (even to play online games!) Definitely shop around too, you can get cheap subs off CDKeys and the like.
  6. PS Now is their Gamepass. It's not as good, but if you desire a big library of banging games for a monthly fee, that's your thing. They need to expand that (assuming if they even want to compete head to head with Gamepass, though as a basic step it definitely it needs to start to encompass PS5).
  7. Ah, that name gave me enough to go on to google it myself, thanks. It refreshes each run LOL! I thought I would be spending something precious.
  8. He lost his mind falling down a Trump hole. Like, proper "Dominion Hugo Chavez" level bananas. I think he's under orders to not speak of it on LBC though on pain of losing his job.
  9. Silly question - but the thing you spend to reroll the rewards or boons - what resource is that? Either the Switch screen is so small or my eyesight so bad I can't actually tell what it is!
  10. Ah the intro to the second one there elucidates that off-topic is specifically non-gaming related, which is where the Turner chat comes in. I suppose they don't want to alienate people by paywalling gaming stuff but it makes it a tougher sell!
  11. I don't mean to be snarky (or not as snarky as I sounded there). I genuinely think having a premium article that is all about his appreciation of a Turner painting is a ballsy move as one of the first premium articles on a gaming site. I agree if you look at it through the prism of supporting a writer you like it's probably a fine way to get going, shows he's not gonna 'go commercial'. FWIW, I do think he's a very fine writer.
  12. Can't be, we don't find out what his favourite Turner painting is. Imagine that being the hook of their first premium article! Ballsy.
  13. First premium article is up: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-10-05-off-topic-a-forgotten-painting-of-a-world-gone-wrong Appears to be one of Donlan's trademark mind-blowers where he may or may not even get round to mentioning games (but that's ok). These were pretty niche already, putting them behind a paywall risks the only person reading them being himself I'd have thought! But perhaps there will be a perfect overlap between subscribers and Donlan fans.
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