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  1. Hopefully they get some metrics from that.. is it only people in a certain level range that got it? A pity gesture. I think, from a dev viewpoint if the high level rewards are the ones you put the most effort into it would be pretty dispiriting if only a small percentage of people ever got them. And you can't repeat them or the hardcore will freak. (This is how the much maligned industry practice online pass saw its end by the way - they got the numbers that showed a ludicrously huge proportion of people never even bothered redeeming it, closing off a massive market of people who surely would at least have tried it)
  2. Question on Warzone damage - if you get the drop on someone (approaching them from behind), but you have a shit weapon that you know with their full armour they can just absorb the damage and lazily spin round and fill you full of lead at their own convenience, what's the best approach? Is it still always a 2-hit kill melee? Headshot?
  3. I saw similar, though the guy in mine managed to down the chopper (it was close though he only had a sliver of health at the end). Perhaps the gas should be like a slowly enclosing dome, affecting higher altitudes first?
  4. Guess OP is talking about this. It's very subtle as its only on screen for a moment, you'd wonder if it was even a mistake. Totally fits though.
  5. SozzlyJoe

    Google Stadia

    Good old DF. Truly the world will be back to normal when we shave that 14ms extra latency off Mortal Kombat 11.
  6. It is nvidia, a 1050 so no powerhouse but should be enough for this I imagine. I'll look into the drivers too, cheers.
  7. Hmm. Maybe. It runs about the same as it did on the HDD, though that could be a coincidence. I'll try to clear some stuff out see if it helps. It's frustrating as I had it running fine before, many updates ago, and they have made amazing leaps since in optimisation on other devices so I was expecting good results.
  8. Anyone getting weird stuttering issues on PC? What with the lockdown it's all hands to the pumps for Fortnite capable devices here at chez Sozzly, and I have a PC that should be more than capabale but does this weird thing of freezing for a second every so often, like a PS2 game loading off a bad disk. It's not network, and I don't think it's CPU related as when it is running it goes absolutely fine. I went through the absolute palaver of moving it from HDD to my overcrowded SSD and that made no difference either. Occasionally textures are really slow to load in, or the icons for the weapons. Anyone encountered this and solved it?
  9. Man, I got schooled in Warzone solos. Got to the last 10, then got taken out by a guy with a heartbeat sensor hiding in a stairwell. I spectated him, watched him do another guy the same way, he bounced up to the roof when the circle closed, sniped a guy on another roof, he saw some red circles on the minimap so threw a couple of grenades down and took out another couple of guys, dropped to the ground and got the drop on another guy, then it was down to 2, he called in a cluster strike on the only place he was likely to be. Victory. Humbling!
  10. LA Noir is already a trilogy by James Ellroy (and incredibly thematically similar). I wouldn't have thought sticking E on the end would be sufficient, but I guess it's fairly generic in the first place.
  11. Sudden cut to end title card - "Soji died on the way back to her home planet"
  12. I felt this episode fixed a few of the story glitches. The holograms all being versions of Rios because he picked the wrong install option was kind of hilarious. I guess he picked some dodgy language voices to differentiate them. And it turns out the Doctor woman got some concentrated burst of millenia old thought posion and it wasn't just a three second mind meld that totally convinced her. Similarly comedy villain Romulan woman is actually traumatised by the same so not as one dimensional. Raffi actually showed signs of being competent and not some soap opera reject. Still many ridiculous aspects though. How the hells do we swallow the coincidence Picard end up on the same ship as the one guy in the whole damn universe who would recognise Soji/Jeanne? A very odd show overall. But I am enjoying it.
  13. Well, plenty of games do have great stories, so maybe it is fair enough. But if it has been debunked and even Carmack has walked it back, why mention it? Just to have an excuse to rave about porn it seems.
  14. If it's like the new 'version' of Batman, then don't get your hopes up - it was literally just a new video filter! Should've called it "Batman - Colours All Wrong Edition". Still, great these games are back available to buy!
  15. That EG review is a bit embarrassing. I mean, arguably opening with a porn analogy isn't the best but at least it was based off an actual Carmack quote. When you find yourself drifting into actual descriptions of genitals banging together, and are still blathering on about porn half way down the review, maybe you should stop to take stock. (EG are actually my favourite reviewing outlet, hopefully this is just an aberration)
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