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  1. Yeah, I really don't know why they are bothering. I can't load any of the books right now to even check the price, it says it can't find them. Successful launch then!
  2. Had this on PS4, completed it once and would have really dived into it more but when I saw a PS5 version was coming out I shelved it as the load times were murder on PS4. Did they manage to significantly improve that at all for PS5?
  3. Spotify seem to be getting into the Audiobooks game proper (as in selling them, I know there are loads of unofficial ones on there already). Bit of a departure as they are not included in the subscription but are an add on purchase. But they've gone for basically RRP pricing, which means they are mostly 20 quid plus which is surely doomed to failure given Audible is basically never more than the price of a single credit.
  4. Streaming has a really slow startup time as well. Launching your own virtual PS3 and then the game is slooooow
  5. I remember some interesting activism around this method too - apparently if presented with a contract, you can write and and initial your own proposed changes for the other party to accept. The premise being that as the other party had dreamed up this 'open to auto accept' they would apply to these write in changes too. Even less likely to be enforceable, but amusing nonetheless.
  6. You'd have to ask why they keep doing it then, some cargo cult bullshit no doubt. EU needs to get on this, never mind stupid cookies!
  7. I wouldn't go that far, Extra is really quite good and has quite a lot of crossover with GamePass (though obv. doesn't get day one stuff in the same way). The shitness of premium actually drags it down by existing.
  8. If I was some sort of go-getter activist I would organise some sort of mass protest where everyone bought the latest blockbuster, announced they disagreed with the terms and conditions, and demanded a refund en-masse. Alternatively, make the CEO of the company sit down and personally record themselves reading the terms aloud, audio book style.
  9. Looks like I picked the right month to drop down a tier from Premium. I like the idea of classics and streaming, but I haven't actually made use of either in ages.
  10. Yeah, and now I remember it was GTA3 that was on before, VC was the Gamepass freebie. The ports are so mediocre it's funny to see them ration them so severely.
  11. Damn, I wanted to play Greedfall. Eventually. And GTA Vice City remaster has been on and left already, now it's on and leaving AGAIN. Still, you got to figure most of these will roll round again.
  12. That's interesting - I liked the first one a lot but was soon pummelled into surrender by the difficulty to the extent I was in no hurry to play the sequel. Might give it a blast if it is even slightly easier.
  13. PT was literally pure hype as we got the teaser and then they canned the game. But man, what hype! Everyone got stoked about this amazing reveal. I was so caught up in it. Wow! NORMAN REEDUS. I didn't even know who that fucking was and I was hyped. Can't believe Konami threw away all the solid gold marketing buzz. Only to crawl back, years later, with Bloober.
  14. sounds like he's been doing it for years though. The 'hard yards' he did for free for ages with great popularity, decided to do a Patreon to make a living out of it and learned the hard lesson that people are happy to consume for free, not so happy when money is involved.
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