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  1. Yeah, ditto. I appreciate spoilers, but someone just come out with it. How the hell do you even get a companion, any companion? EDIT: Actually, I think I need to go back a bit - I've never even got a sidequest!
  2. Yeah, maybe I am just burned out on it. I suspect my impressions after 20 hours were very different.
  3. I really enjoyed this, and Kassandra is great but paradoxically I think it'll be the last AC game I play. I used to love them for their historical tourism but it's kind of gotten away from that. I felt the sense of place in Ancient Greece wasn't there in that same way that it was for Renaissance Italy or Revolutionary Paris. It is all too spread out. The additional quests felt like padding, and weird padding. "Hey my favourite prostitute has a new best customer, will you kill him?" "Why sure thing!" "My wool shop can't make any profits, will you murder my competition" "Why certainly!" "Will you kill a few Spartans for me?" "Well, I'm a spartan and just won a war for them, but absolutely!" Even when they do something with a bit of flavour like staging a play or something, it just has to end with a load of people storming the stage and a big fight. To be honest, I think a lot of this is just its incomprehensible length burning me out on it. But if I was to pick up Valhalla I think it would seem like just a continuation, not a reset.
  4. Managed to get a win with the fists after many tries, hurray. I think the key to victory oddly was the 'charm' call which I had previously dismissed as being useless for bosses but is actually excellent as it interrupts their mega attacks. I feel like the game hasn't really been opening up since I beat it (4 or 5 times now). Am I missing triggering something? All I really have is the opportunity to do it again with added difficulty settings. I was expecting something a bit more.. I dunno. Transformative? I've been firing the nectar around, and everybody's just 'cheers mate' but nothing happens. Aren't they supposed to give me quests?
  5. The popular games seem to be all incredibly open ended sandboxes where you make your own fun. This probably doesn't resonate with us as we didn't really have those sorts of game when we were young as the technology wasn't up to it.
  6. I was a bit like this. My kid got into FIFA and I used to watch him play complete with 'advice'. He did something really silly and I was like "what are you doing?!" then he lost his temper at me and shouted "Why do you care?!" I was ashamed and felt bad and I was right to be ashamed and feel bad.
  7. Fascinating, @dumpster. Anyone ever looked into those online fruit machines? I span a few free tenners on them a few months ago and whilst fun I had to assume they were even more rigged than the physical ones - but maybe they aren't, if they are more regulated? That's where I got the 97% figure from. You never hear people talking about them, but there are so many providers of them so they must be popular. What are the scandals there? I know one guy was told he won the jackpot only for the firm to try to do him out of it (which he deliciously won in court) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/apr/07/online-gambler-wins-court-case-to-claim-17m-prize-after-betfred-refused-to-pay Hard to know if it could credibly be called a bug as all the news reports were frustratingly light on the technical details.
  8. I was afraid this might be skill based, but final screenshot shows mutiple currencies and energy! And importantly, a big plus beside one of the currencies so you can buy more! YUS! Monetisation is on point! (said no-one ever)
  9. I imagine that leads to a lot of ill-feeling when someone swoops in and takes 'your' jackpot!
  10. Yeah, back when he was occasionally a force for good. The industry response was 'So what, we say it pays out 97% and it does' but I think, like @ScouserInExile's friend, seeing how that actually works behind the scenes is too bitter a pill to swallow. I've often wondered if you could use emulation to make them 'fair' but I think they probably just aren't programmed like that. EDIT: BTW @mechamonkeythat virtual arcade looks amazing!
  11. Void Gore's unlocks were ok as a means of opening up the game, but a total failure when linked to the $$$ scheme. You'll be picking up money drops forever, even though they are practically useless. Still a very fun game, though did they ever patch the disappearing enemies on PS4?
  12. It's like Deadly Premonition, only made by people who aren't demented. Which is both a plus and a minus. But it has solid gameplay and a good story. Acting is fine, atmosphere is great, and it has some fantastic set pieces. What's not to like?
  13. What the hell! Explain the need to shoot down a passenger jet in such oblique terms that you need to ask to make sure they understand you? Why not just say it precisely? Would it be rude? I suppose anything that humanises the objective is a no-no. And then the kicker being you have no means of actually taking down a jet aside from a suicide mission? Wow.
  14. The most fun I had with this game was playing Far Harbour in Survival mode (I think the main game would be too gruelling this way). To be honest, I think you've gone the wrong way with the infinite ammo mod. With no challenge this game is dull, dull, dull. Actually, whilst I have the notion I disliked the game overall I do keep remembering good bits.
  15. When Quake came out on the Amiga back then (a real weird story behind that one), you really needed an '060 or PPC to get any sort of playable frame rate, but the forums at the time had people playing it at a literal 1 or 2 fps as a kind of strategy game or something, just for the sheer novelty of its existence.
  16. I played through this just recently on PC (it was free on Epic) as I loved Control and was PS3 only back in them days so I never played it originally and wanted to see what the fuss was about. Held up very well in that super-clean 'old game playing in a now ridiculous resolution' way, gameplay still felt good. (Also gave me some crucial backstory as to why XBox gamers are so obsessed with AA batteries).
  17. It didn't work that well in my experience, but it doesn't destroy the data on the PS4. Rather than try to do it all at once, you can do the transfer piecemeal, so you can bring that singular save over if needs be. Also you could put it on USB. Though given she's obviously only just started, is it that big a deal (Persona 5 joke)?
  18. It's a risky strategy, unless you are going to be engaging fully with all the replies and questions. But it looks like he wanted the Gamesmaster connection on the down-low. I imagine he enters the weekend a sadder but wiser man. Still, no such thing as bad publicity!
  19. The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper by Hallie Rubenhold is good.
  20. Sparkly logo is probably because they lost the colours off their buttons on the dualsense, to my mind a grevious error.
  21. Mine drift too, quite shockingly so, but I haven't got round to sending it back yet as I have a second one. I read somewhere that the patent for the style of potentiometer is held by some company called 'Alps' who insist on making every single one in the world themselves which is why every goddamn controller seems FUCKED at the minute.
  22. I've only ever owned Hitman 1 via PS+ and I was able to import the levels into Hitman 3, so hopefully.
  23. This for me, is the prime use of subtitles. Whilst still following the plot, you can skip through all that goddamn yakking. Ain't nobody got time for that! Especially in RPGs.
  24. In Our Time, the highbrow R4 discussion show with Melvyn Bragg had the most colossal spoiler for Assassin's Creed Odyssey (as in, one of the ahistorical plot points) which was quite unexpected to say the least. It was a program about Ancient Greece, but still. Unexpected! Melvyn's frosty lack of response to his guest bringing up a video game was amusing too. Anyway, nice news about the patch (although the loading is the killer not the fps). I'm past the main story but I'm still occasionally playing it. In fact I imagine I could wring another 30 hours out of it, and that's without the DLC. Not to complain about value, but I feel the game is just a little too bloated really.
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