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  1. Yeah, I just assumed I was going to be endlessly directed around a vast map twatting trash mobs Dyntasty Warriors style but they are very much worked in as traditional tightly focused RPG encounters. Very pleasant surprise.
  2. Holy shit, this is so good! How is this so good? I am a Persona fan but had been holding off on this as I imagined it would be some lazy reskin with a totally out of place Musou battle system, but it all fits together so well. I'm only a few hours in so it might be the honeymoon period, but I am very impressed so far.
  3. Agree, definitely worth a read. I like how he played with the programmatic nature of it in creating his ever-changing NFT, where ownership gives you a stake to change something which to me is the only innovative part of this whole business. That actually sounded intriguing and something an NFT genuinely can facilitate even if we are still grasping at actual real-world uses for it.
  4. Lingo is indeed strangely compelling. Amazing how much tougher it is against the clock. And giving you the first letter should make it easier but seems to make it harder somehow as it cuts down your word space and you can't use your 'super words' like @brawk has above. I mean, how often really do you NOT get a Wordle word? I think a part of its appeal is making you feel smart.
  5. Well how I see it, there are two reasons to buy NFTs. In the benign scenario, it allows the artist and the purchaser to enter a kind of mutual understanding that signifies that the patron has truly 'bought' the piece (albeit to my eyes via a ludicrously over-engineered method) In the profit motive scenario, it's not about art at all, it's a speculation vehicle - the link between the NFT and art is notional anyway. To be fair, 'real' art is often about traded on this motive too.
  6. Yeah, that's a bit of a nightmare alright. Wireless would have been nice but single wire is very acceptable (particularly as I assume it's going to be a USB-C that pops straight into the front). Annoyed the PS5 is so stingy with USB slots though. Using PSVR1 uses near damn all of them!
  7. Donlan has me covered https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2022-01-06-looking-forward-how-does-a-game-spread-online Seems a legit take, it's the share button, and those little mosaics. You see one, it prompts you to look into it, and you're hooked. And now it's hit a critical mass.
  8. Unfortunately so. On the bright side, I've had to do this 5 or so times and everything has always come back ok. But for now, no more rest mode for me.
  9. It's the NFT you are buying and selling not the art. It might as well just be numbered. NTF #395,245 for sale, get it while it's hot! The image is the pretty (or not) picture stamped on the back of your imagined coin, or the funky hologram on your moon land deed.
  10. I have a suspicion that it is certain games that cause it, specifically Ubisoft ones. They never played well with rest mode even back on PS4 (the older ACs wouldnt even let you go into rest mode for some reason), and it seems to happen to me a lot with FC6 or AC:Odyssey on rest. No solid proof though. Or as speculated it could be certain external HDDs.
  11. Why has this got so popular all of a sudden? It's EVERYWHERE. Good to see we were ahead of the curve anyway.
  12. Never thought I'd say this, but I need some of those FW stability updates. Or is it just my PS5 that sometimes poops itself massively when coming out of rest mode, refusing to turn on and after forced restart having to repair all connected storage? (then has the cheek to scold me about not turning it off correctly)
  13. I caught a spolier for this on those goddamn google cards about
  14. Found another improvement.. For those playing the PS5 version, don't forget to use the activity cards to resume, it loads back into the game in seconds. Awesome! (Moot if you are using rest mode, but if not, it's easy to forget)
  15. You could NFT-ize games by having a torrent link to a PGP signed download, with just the decryption key in the blockchain. So that almost feels like a use case. But yeah, patches and all. EDIT: Though er... now I think about it for more than 2 seconds... anyone could read that info off the blockchain and download the torrent, lol.
  16. Narrator: He was not able to see the improvements I mean, I shouldn't underplay the boost to 60fps, obviously. But I'd have been miffed if I paid full whack for it instead of playing the PS4 version!
  17. Actually Mass Effect is a decent enough comparison as far as the real time battle system goes. Mostly real time, but you can pause/slow to do abilities on a cool down. It's only superficially like a souls game as although you are swinging big swords it's all tied to stats far more than raw skill.
  18. It's just an action JRPG. Depending on if you've played one of those before that'll mean either nothing or everything to you! Definitely worth a go though as it's so polished - if you ever wanted an intro to the genre you aren't going to get better than this.
  19. These are just rumours though, right? PS5S would be ace though. Fingers crossed!
  20. From reading back thread, it seems like turn based isn't, it's more 'semi auto' and sounds crap.
  21. Haha, ditto. I went to my FF7R install, selected 'go to product page', selected the three dots icon then picked 'Upgrade for PS4 users' (PS5 owners shurely?) then changed the dropdown to from from 'Game' to 'Game' and then Add to Library, then was able to select download. Great UX! Still, snark aside, pumped to get this now as it was going to be my Xmas game anyway. And as I have already played the first few chapters I will be able to see the improvements.
  22. Those hats weren't really 'there' though, were they, it was animus gubbins. Unity was such a hubristic project, they really over-reached. Like, it's as if someone said, pity we can't have fin-de-siecle Paris and the Eiffel tower and someone said "wow, so cool, let's just do that anyway" so they build all that for like one mission. Then someone else said "hmm, the nazi occupation was quite a key moment in Paris' history too" and they said "wow, so cool ok let's do that too". And then the insane crowd densities. Such a fascinating failure of a game, must have been a nightmare to work on, though I have a real soft spot for it,.
  23. I don't really remember the combat, you may well be right. It introduced the mysteries or whatever they were called (shamefully platform exclusive) which for me was a new and exciting way to tell the in game stories. They were expanded to great effect in Syndicate, genuinely very clever stuff and sad to see them dropped pretty much for the RPGs (where they would arguably have been a better fit!) I disliked Syndicate for a few reasons. I felt the time period was a little too recent, and the portrayal of the famous characters too comedic, and having Queen Victoria as as on the side of the 'assassins' was a bit of a jump the shark moment.
  24. I voted Unity as I loved the setting, and it was one of the last 'old school' AC games. But I have buyer's remorse now, on reflection that was a stupid answer and it was actually AC II. Back then it was still very fresh. I did like Odyssey/Origins but to me they were a too different type of game and suffered a bit from the bloat. Valhalla will probably be the first one I don't bother to pick up. I'm sure it's fine, but I'm burnt out.
  25. Fascinating how they weren't allowed to praise Oculus games BECAUSE they sponsored them. Sometimes things aren't actually as bad as they seem!
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