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  1. Easy guys! A SSFIIX "Tournament of Legends 3" Qualifier was held at Versus Fighting 2018 at Millenium Point, Birmingham last week. I was lucky enough to help run and commentate da ting. http://www.strevival.com/tol3 48 players including Legends. OGs. Wastemen. Winner of the qualifiers get to fight it out at Canada Cup in Toronto in October 2018. Players included Ryan Hart, Justin Wong, Orf (Multi time UK champ), Golcar Jack, Fuzzy and others. Was a mad tournament, every bracket had it's fair share of killer ST players. It also had it's fair share of nonsense! Full playlist available here: https://t.co/WgpojASHy6 - Fully Time Stamped in the description and first comment if you are looking for a particular match. Includes walkthrough video, interviews\commentary with Ryan Hart talking about the good olde days and Justin Wong talking about the ST\MvC Scene as well as some quick clips. Top 12 is an absolute must watch. Full Bracket Here: https://bit.ly/2OaqixS If you are interested in the SSFIIX Turbo Offline Scene, you can checkout Grand Master Challenge on FB\Twitter\Youtube. They are always running a tournament at most of the major UK tournaments on CPS2 arcade hardware. Bring your own pad\stick and you are on your way. http://www.grandmasterchallenge.com/ There was also another qualifier held at NLBC's "2 Old 2 Furious" on the weekend, match videos can be found on Team Sp00ky's channel on twitch. They also ran SFEX2 and CvS2 for those interested.
  2. Hey Guys Late notice, hope it's okay to post this here, myself and big man @Willei and a few other chaps are helping run a Tournament this weekend on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at the Nottingham Ice Arena\Motorpoint Arena! The event is being hosted by Nottingham's own FGC mandem, Robin Hoods! Would be nice to see some of the RLLMUK Krew here if they can! Guilty Gear Xrd Revalator 2! (PS4) Tekken 7 (PS4) Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - (CPSIII + Super Gun - Plug in any 360/PS3/PS4 Controller!) Super Street Fighter II Turbo X (CPSII + Super Gun - Plug in any 360/PS3/PS4 Controller!) Mystery Game >_<;; Full details available at www.fistofthenottsstar.com and registration is open on www.smash.gg/fotns Here's a trailer and ting Let us know if there's anything else you need to know. All matches will hopefully be streamed on the day, Twitch Accounts to be confirmed.
  3. Would anyone be interested in buying the JPN Volcanic Edition of SFV? My brother bought it for me as a surprise, but I was already a big enough fiend and ordred it myself. Just looking to cover my cost on it plus postage (paid for Fed Ex...) and postage out to one of you guys. £130.00. Comes with the Hot Ryu\Chun cover, 3 additional alternate covers for the game (in a sleeve) and the Vital Box. Vital Box contains a DVD, Art Book, DLC Codes. I will be sending out the unopened\sealed Playasia package to you.
  4. Cheers SeanR! Ah, at least it has the game bundled with it. Japanese version has some funky faceplates and a special outer sleeve and that's it. So are the new 1tb machines the ones to get or is there a reason to buy an older model\bundle? Just noting Stu's post above about the problems with some models having mechanical eject buttons? Anything else which is better\worse on newer and older models that I should think about before taking the plunge?
  5. Hi I'm going to be purchasing a PS4 soon for SFV. Is there a particular machine/model I should go out my way to get over the other? I can't remember which one I was told to avoid. Would like a white console if possible. Thanks Jassi
  6. My brother has a Venom stick which I'm just gonna borrow. My mate has lent me his Cronus Max so I can use my 360 stick with that. Works without the time out now apparently doesn't it? Something to do with connecting a controller via a USB hub? Ready to drop some Amazon credit on a PS4, but been holding out in case a SFV Edition of the console is released. Not sure why they have not announced one as of yet, Batman, MGS5, Destiny all got a special console and they are multiplatform. HMM! Been meaning to come on rllmuk to post FGC related tings since Rival Scenes in Leeds but argh! Bodied by life! Not long now...can't wait.
  7. Singho

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Same at the branch of HMV in Birmingham. But yknow the metal security pins they use...when removed do they damage the box?
  8. Anyone want to play campaign or team multiplayer? S1ngho Keep getting an error message at the moment trying to get into SWAT though.
  9. Characters are unlocked free in SFV. You could probably buy them on release with real cash if you can't wait or use your Fight Money to unlock them. Fight Money you would already be accumulating through playing the game so there's no reason why it would fragment the player base. The said there will be daily targets and tasks which can help people boost to get unlocks. The only thing they will probably charge for is costumes and not the characters themselves. Capcom are doing DLC right with this game. There will not be a Super or Ultra. Base game will just be constantly updated. Characters won't be locked behind a pay wall. So you could get this game three years down the line and have access to all initial 16 and further released characters, patches, stages.
  10. Oh man, Dhalsim looks so sick! I would have loved a 3rd Strike character to make their way into V...buy I guess they are saving Urien as an unplayable boss right!? Loving Dhalsim's aged and bearded look. So that is Bison, Ken, Birdie, Dhalsim and to an extent Charlie who have had a more then minor image change even as their default costume. Bearded Ryu should have been default, but you can't mess with the poster boy. Hopefully, other alts for Gief, Chun and Cammy depart a bit more from the classic look. Anyway, Dhalsim! Similar but heavier looking normals for his LK and MP. Some kind of dirty anti-air HP attack and his teleport into MK xx yoga flame is in. Also see he has a Necro styled crouching medium punch anti air. Arc yoga fire...probably punch strength dependant? LP for normal horizontal and MP/HP for arcing ones. Unless thats in addition and these are done with kicks. Yoga Blast anti air may have gone in it's place and the fact that he seems to have more anti air options. I saw he had an air yoga flame though which looked like it was activated during his V Trigger state. Man..it seems he's got so many tools! Hoverport V Skill. Flame carpet! Beast! Can't make out what his V Trigger did, it just looked like he sped up and could do the mid air yoga flame. Not sure about that Critical Art though. That set up in the video looks like you could dash back or under it. You must be able to direct for SFIV style Colatastrophe/teleport shananigans as otherwise, if you throw that in the corner, it will go right over their head. I love Dhalsim in IV, but I struggle with him in certain match ups. I recently switched to Ultra II which worked for a while, but unless I caught someone mid animation, they would always jump out of the Shangrila. Dhalsim looks like he's got so many new extra tools in this, can't wait to use him. February 16th can't come soon enough.
  11. Left it too late, registered things Pikmin 3, Mario Kart, DKC which went through fine. But Bayo 1, Bayo 2 and Hyrule warriors has expired? Any reason for the later games codes stopped working? Wanted to get a coin or CD. Can see I'm too late for coin anyway. Lost tons of points from GC era when they reset. Didnt link my Wii and DS stuff and missing the boat on the lot above. Nevermind.
  12. Hi I'm running low on GMP...is it advisable to sell off the processed materials? I've built my base up as far as i can...could do with getting better weapons!
  13. Random non spoilery stuff I did over the weekend, including shocking attempts at stealth.
  14. Cheers for heads up...ordered at lunchtime, was dispatched shortly after!!!!
  15. I've just woken back up after VSF5. What a solid week, been meaning to get on here and post some thoughts but I've just not had a chance up until now. Work and life bodying me. Big shout outs to Thurrabred who came up from London to give us jokes throughout the whole tournament! Fist bumps to the RLLMUK KREW - JLM, Nu Skool, Brylark and Dig Dug. It was great to put usernames to faces...JLM, dat beard, I respect that. YOU ARE ALRIGHT MAN! If you boys are ever in Birmingham again, let me know, there's always time for some Street Fighting and chicken feasts at the Singho household. Gutted I did not see Brylark and JLM on the big screen when they were on there...I was at Nandos. >_<;; Also Dig Dug, you got me wrong. I did not say there was an easy way to beat Chun Li in Super Turbo. That's madness. Use Chun Li! Her standing medium punch and medium throw is GOD LYKE. Disgusting even. Don't ever play me if you use her though! Crazy weekend, way too much Street Fighter in a short space of time but it was bloody brilliant. Was playing casuals at home on HD Remix and USFIV. Then playing the tournament matches and casuals for USFIV on Saturday and Super Turbo from the late morning until mid afternoon. The Finals were brilliant to watch in the seated theatre at The Birmingham Rep. It felt special and there was tons of buzz and hype for the finals. Had a great time, best thing that came out of it was meeting all the new people I've seen on stream and read posts about here at good old RLLMUK. Also, my brother who has not played a fighter since CvS2 somehow got all educated up and shit by someone at the event and ordered himself a Venom PS4 stick and is currently waiting for a new stick and buttons to arrive in the post to mod it. As for my matches at the tournament, I've done the best I've ever done. The only other two proper tournaments I've entered were for 3rd Strike this year at Gutter Trash IV and V. I came out of those tournaments with 1 Win and 2 Losses. I was determined to do better at the very least, 2 wins and 2 losses and I managed to somehow do it for both USFIV and SSFIIX. Ultra Street Fighter IV My first match was against someone I've played a few times at Electronic Dojo in Birmingham. I am blaming my loss on the fact that this dude was in actual Vega cosplay, playing as Vega... Was sent reeling into losers which wasn't a great start. I was able to test out some Shangrila set ups that I had practiced during the week to see if they worked in actual matches against this Vega, so it boosted my confidence in continuing with it's use. Second match, I was shit scared of the Makoto match up thanks to the Goeman and Lyrical battles I've had here in the past so I was pretty much expecting to die. I bricked it when he checked my first HP with a MP, but then it seemed like he couldn't get any offence going. Took my chance and just went for it and took the Win. The third match...oh my. Against a Juri player. I got absolute bodied in the first round and thought I would not last very long after that. I looked back at Thurrabred who just gave me the look of "You are dead\Don't ask me\I don't know you!" However, he just seemed to crumble when I was doing what Dhalsim does best in the 2nd round, keep away. He had a few things that he liked doing, but I downloaded his strategy and habits within 2 rounds and managed to get through the rest of the match for the 2nd Win! The forth match, was against F4rhaan of Robin Hoods in Nottingham. My Shangrila set up failed at the end of the first round and I was just not ready for a Rose player. I got confused by the Ultra 2 into Focus Attack and then was not respecting the range on the Soul Spiral and had no real experience of spotting her medium kick overhead? I was gutted that I was out, but I don't think I did too badly considering my lack of match up knowledge against Rose. I don't know how I would have fared against the other two players this Rose player got through to make it into top 32, but I understand they were Goukifafa and The Janitor? Anyone? SSFII Turbo X I WENT UP FOR THE FIRST MATCH OF THE TOURNEY! I got on stream!...but it wasn't live...and also the commentary and audio on the official captures of my match was not captured due to some muting error. Luckily, my brother took a video so all was not lost. Went up against the eventual winner of the tournament first, I had no idea if he was any good or not and just went for it. Looking back, I could have been a lot more cautious and patient. I should have also thrown out some medium kicks to catch him jumping in or when he was close. Some close matches, not enough to clinch a game. Was kicking myself on those rounds...especially the final round where for some reason I thought I could Yoga Sniper him SFIV style... ...it just came up a little short. >_<;; The other 2 matches I won were fine and my 4th game was against the organiser of the Tournament. Did not do what was needed. I got scared of throwing fireballs, tried to make it a close quarters battle where I wanted to rely on crouching medium punch\hard punch as well as throw\nugi set ups. I also hesitated in going for a Super as I did not want to risk messing it up...should have as I died anyway. Probably should have gone for Gief against Balrog, but Dhalsim is no slouch in this match up either, just played it wrong. Shout outs to RLLMUK Lobby Crew 2008/2009! Best thing about this was I had no idea about these UDCPS2 machines. Get this. Custom made device which runs CPS1 and 2 Boards without modification on your TV. It has USB sockets so that you can plug in any controller or stick for 360\PS3...AND...instantly recognises your button layout. Every button check I did on various sticks were perfectly correct. WITCH CRAFT! Looking into getting one of my own as soon as I can. Had a great time, met a lot of nice people and I am deffo attending more FGC events. Looking to go up to Nottingham to some of their weekly\monthly tournaments as well as to SFO in Leeds for their upcoming Rival Scenes Team Tournament for 3rd Strike, Super Turbo and USFIV. Street Fighter V It was there. I played it. Birdie is KING. Too many people waiting to get on, couldn't be bothered to wait. RANDOM PICS
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