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  1. Never played this before but a mate told me about the zero build mode and I'm absolutely loving it. Much more chilled than warzone and less technical than apex (which i do think is excellent)
  2. Muz

    Diablo IV

    Did they say this would launch on Gamepass?
  3. Slay the spire on ascension 1. I genuinely think I'll be playing it with a cup of tea and a biscuit when I'm 70
  4. Keep telling myself not to buy this so I don't lose my life again but am getting unexpectedly excited about a game I quit a couple of years ago
  5. I guess I'm the only one who's looking forward to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands more than anything else! (Elden Ring is on order and I've already pre-written my sales thread for it in Trading, having never played a Souls game before).
  6. The same bit took me ages and was an incredibly frustrating way to end a game I'd really loved until that point.
  7. This is an interesting one for me. I don't have much time to game these days and I'm really enjoying halo because i am finding it very relaxing going around competing bits whilst not having to think that much (playing on heroic). Having read the discussion on the grapple hook, it's immediately apparent to me that the major reason I'm not having to think is that i beat almost every encounter very easily because of the (almost infinite) 'ammo' of the shock grapple ability. I'm having fun but after a few hours the combat is feeling very repetative due to the strength of this ability/mechanic. I don't mind it too much as i get a maximum of an hour to play the game a few times a week however from an objective perspective, I can see it detracts from the quality of each encounter as I'm able to clear almost everything with a battle rifle and the grapple ability therefore not experiencing the variety weapons and encounters in a more unique way. Of course I could force myself to not use the grapple, not use the BR and not use the map for better exploration but those would be of my own design rather than the game (time constraints mean I choose not to though i do accept it's to the detriment of the sandbox on offer).
  8. Having never seen clone wars and only knowing the universe through the movies, can i dive straight into this or should I watch clone wars first?
  9. Muz


    Just got cotton reboot on the switch. Haven't played a game like this in years... Absolutely loving it!
  10. Am i playing a different game or am i just really shit at this? I must have died 50 times at the first boss
  11. I've been playing on easy and having a blast
  12. I needed a palate cleanser... Rinsed this a little while ago and uninstalled it but decided to download it again to have a quick go. I'm completely addicted again! Seems like they've updated the game quite a lot. Personally prefer this to enter the gungeon (love that too though)
  13. Can you send me his details as well please
  14. I was just about to pull the trigger but initial reviews have put me off. Having not played 4 or 5, I might pick up one of those instead. Be interested to hear impressions
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